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So, here's the shameless author's review after posting 50 chapters! And really, I'm giving myself a 5-star rating 🤣. It's not like I'm bragging or anything, I'm really satisfied with my story, and I especially love writing Tyler's and ML's interaction. So expect more flirting, banter, and crazy scenes. But of course, there will also be angst... And just so you know, my imagination's wild, as I've been told since my childhood. So, I'll be pretty innovative with the chapters. Just read and find out what crazy stuff I've written until now, and you'll know what I'm talking about. So, happy reading!


Awesome, fabulous, commendable...Its totally a system story of different worlds all together but still it has it's the unique storyline. It's the incredible storyline and author's writing style that is making this book great. I must congratulate the author for thinking and writing this good👍👍❤❤❤👏👏 I am hooked with Tyler and David. They are so a dramatic couple...I love them. David's persuading for Tyler, I am just getting that sweet smile reading about his antics for Tyler. Wow...It a nice change in the system story that MC is not gotten into accidents, and deaths and from the first chapter, itself story started at its actual point. BL readers must read this book. Your storytelling is remarkable, the storyline is unique, the choices of words are best, the MC and ML both are up to the mark...It is an amazing book. Everyone must read it once.❤❤❤❤😊👍👏


I am falling into another QT novel :waving while free fall: Anyway, good novel.So far so good. Right now I am waiting to see their past~~~ For now, takes this solid 5* from me, I will makes more review as more chapter is added,


This is novel is impressive. I love how the plot develops also I like how unique the MC and ML are. Even though the update time of the novel takes quite a long time it's very worth the wait ❤. What I like is how the author always put suspense at the plot. Basically it is simply Amazing. Loved it 😍💯


the novel is interesting and the plotlines were great... the only issue I have were the paragraphs that they were too big that the author can actually cut it down into miniparagraphs.. but overall, it is a good novel.


This story has a small element of a system that explains the main character's background, the story is original despite the setup and the unpredictable ML makes you want to come back for more. I'm very interested in finding out the future MLs interactions. The only thing I could complain about would be more chapters!! Good work author, please don't stop writing. Anyone who is looking for a BL should try this out. <3


Ah! definitely a must read for me! The story's description was good so the story also must be a good one, ah. I'll go on and read and change the review thereafter.


Loce the story, it’s cute and adorable and everything 😍❤️❤️ But I think the start of the story is a bit rushed, the story should have started a bit more slow so the readers could familiarize with the story. And have the details about the MC and his past in second arc or something, so it wouldn’t be confusing for those who are new to Qt genre. We haven’t gotten fully known about the MC and know he’s in love? We should get to know the workd and what it’s about before all the info we get from the first arc, other than that loved it❤️ Keep the good work Author ❤️😘🥰


Reveal spoiler


This is a really good novel. Although I don't have much experience on giving reviews but all I can say is that you did an amazing good bringing this novel to life!🤗 This novel so far only has 17 chapters but I already see it as my favorite to read. This novel is also unique in it's own way so I can say that this is a very original story. Keep up the good work!☺👍


There's 17 chapters right now. Yet, i love this story and really enjoy it. Great story. The thing is, i am the type of person who wants to enjoy the story really deep as if i am in that world. like a third pary or passerby. 😅 thus, i'm going to wait for bunch of chapters as i love to dive in the ocean. 😅


I have read many novels today and wrote many reviews too. What more can I say about all the brilliant novels I read? This is one of them for sure. I am not used to the villain being the "protagonist" I was laughing while reading this. It will definitely keep you entertained, and you can't forget what happens. You're steadily coming back to read the next chapter. This is definitely going into my library right now!! I would've loved more description in the beginning though. That's the only thing besides the obvious grammar recommendations. This is something I always recommend to everyone!! Good luck, I'm so excited to get back to reading this!!! I am the user called BellsandLexShow from the forum!!!!


Uwaaa this is a really great book indeed! :D I really really adore the MC, and of course, the male lead too LMAOO-- The concept is interesting, and it hooked me in right away! :D Writing-wise, excellent! No noticeable mistakes yayy! Great work, author! <3


I enjoyed it. The MC seems nice and the world is pleasantly deep. The Characters Are funny in a way and I want to see the relationship progress


I was not into BL novels, but this one is a cheeky book encompassing humor, a good story and an equally good MC. I laughed at the line where everyone choruses, "I love you, baby" making Tyler go mad. Lol.


I love the story. Fresh Concept, in the fantasy world with twists and turns. The characters are well written and I am loving the story so far. Keep up the good work author!!!


Even though I'm not really a fan of BL's but surprisingly found this read great. I've had reviewed many and in turn felt addicted to reading them for a good while now thanks to the authors capability in making them great! about these novel- fun loving, good portrayal of characters as well as well penned write up, no problem grammar wise cuz it's becoming a standard read more chapters will make this novel popular. The genres are a great perk Will surely get readers attention. Furthermore what I personally found great about this novel is the intricately designing of characters, the descriptive details on the narrative and the considerably thought out concept.


Overall good story. I like the idea of system that suddenly gets glitched. Complimenting with how the author goes about exploring the cause of the glitch by a fall-rise emotional arc Will look out for future chapters


Diving into this is really easy as the author just has really good language, the synopsis however doesn't do justice nor does the cover to this incredible book, if u could work on those its all you need. Tyler's journey in the first 5 chapters has only seemed to just begin but the story is truly indulgent !


This is an amazing novel, I haven't really been into system novels but this is a great one. I do like the character and how you introduced him into the story.