2 Chapter Two - The Male Lead Is Here!

Tyler stared at his phone in a daze for a long time until the call ended on its own. He heaved a sigh of relief and was just about to place the phone back when it rang again. The phone nearly fell on the ground due to shock!

"What the hell!" Tyler muttered under his breath and hesitated before picking up the call.

"Mr. Wilson?" Tyler asked coldly. According to the character settings, Tyler should have been confused and nervous, knowing David to be his rival in love. But he didn't want to follow the character settings anymore. He had stopped following it ever since the character restrictions were reduced.

Earlier, the system used to be strict. Once, he even had been forced by his system to act as a villain who had slept with the female protagonist. If OOCed, he would end up facing a severe migraine along with an 'error' sound continually, making it impossible for him to live peacefully.

That world became a deep shadow in Tyler's heart because he wasn't even sexually straight! How could he act according to his character and get his stick up for a girl? Instead, Tyler had to face severe consequences, and he later urged the system never to give him such a world again.

But recently, the system's power that would often trouble him had reduced a lot. It was like something had forced the system down. That meant he didn't have to face restrictions while playing a character ever again, and that's how he began to avoid the main characters at all cost!

At the same time, Tyler felt that he had started to go crazy. He stopped remembering things, forgetting many aspects of his real life. What was the cause of it? He had often thought about it and wondered if it was because of the system itself. But he shook his head. If it were just the system, it would have done this already years ago. Perhaps the real reason was something else. Since it was only Tyler's speculation, he didn't dwell on this anymore.

"Can we meet?" A husky voice sounded from the other side that was almost impatient that woke Tyler from his trance.

He thought for a while before directly pressing the hung up button. Shutting off the phone, he headed over to his bathroom to freshen up. While in the bathroom, he scanned the body's memories and realized why the male lead was contacting him.

This point of storyline included the part where the female lead had just started pursuing the male lead. David had figured out why Elsa was after him and wanted to find out more about her. Since she was Tyler's assistant, the male lead must have thought of approaching the man directly to enquire more about the girl.

But in the original story given by the system, David never approached Tyler for Elsa; they only met face-to-face in the end where the male lead got the villain behind bars. In the current timeline, David had hired a few detectives to find out more about the girl. Then why would the male lead approach him all of a sudden? Tyler's brows furrowed at that.

Then he thought of something. Maybe the story provided by the system didn't have enough details, or this little info was missed out. This thought relaxed Tyler's shoulders as he continued to scan his memories.

But as soon as he scanned his memories, Tyler was even more surprised by seeing extra information about the villain that wasn't mentioned in the outline of the story he had obtained from the system. For example—

The villain's father would care for his son even though he basically knew it was useless since the former hated him. He would rub the child's hair affectionately and kiss his forehead. Even his mother, who wanted to continue to use Tyler for her wishes, would hug him whenever he did something to please her. Since the mother wanted her son to acquire the business and learn more about it, Tyler did that without asking twice. His mother had told him to do this thing: how could he go against it? He was too small to know the realities of the world.

Even though the villain had never liked his father in childhood, he still attended all the business lessons. So the villain was powerful enough to protect himself, and Alex couldn't even touch his hair even when he grew up.

What surprised Tyler the most was that he and the villain had a common problem—both didn't like physical contact. He still didn't know why he had this issue, but over time, his case settled, and he could handle a little physical contact. But the villain had serious problems whenever someone touched him.

And this was all because of the psychological impact he had faced due to his father's and mother's death. They used to touch him all the time affectionately. So when the villain realized that the father he had hated the most was, in fact, a good person and even loved him, he felt guilty and immensely depressed.

His panic attack grew stronger after learning of what his mother had done to him. He felt a mixture of hatred and pity.

Tyler snorted at that. Why wouldn't the villain hate such a mother? She made his life miserable! Before he could continue to scan the memories of this body, the call came again.

It was from David again!

Tyler cut it off with a darkened expression on his face. The fact that this male lead was calling him gave him a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. It was because the male lead had never contacted the villain his entire life! He just came face-to-face with the villain only in the end when the latter had kidnapped Elsa.

This sudden contact gave Tyler a feeling of losing control over the situation, and he didn't like it a bit! It was either he still wasn't aware of minor details of the storyline, or something had happened recently to his system.

He had initially thought of ignoring the existence of the leads. But since the main male character was contacting him again and again, Tyler was reluctant to stay near this person anymore.

He was a person who never took any risks, always wanting to play it safe. Since Tyler was acting a villain, it wouldn't matter if he stayed here or not. The male and the female leads would get together anyway. Who would dare to kidnap the female lead if the villain wasn't in the story anymore?

He thought for a moment before making a decision. He would just pack his bags and leave the country!

"Are you sure, boss?" The assistant looked at Tyler in confusion. He didn't know what happened to his boss. Why did he suddenly end up deciding to go to a secluded island? This man even wanted to hand over his company to his cheap biological father, Alex Miller!

Tyler signed a paper and handed it to the assistant. "Send this to Alex, and tell him I don't want any money."

These words shocked the assistant. How could he do such a thing? Did his boss have a bag filled with gold or something? But on second thoughts, since the man was rich, he might have possessed enough fortune to live his life. Thinking like, the assistant reluctantly nodded and gripped the paper tightly.

Tyler, on the other hand, didn't give a second glance at the assistant's expression. He knew his actions were shocking, but he wanted to get away from here as fast as possible. That was why he booked a plane urgently.

It had been two days since he had received David's call, and since then, he had fired the female lead and prepared the papers to sell off his company. Along with that, he created many obstacles for Alex. If the latter were to become a CEO, he would face serious consequences! Since this biological father had done such a thing to the villain, it was Tyler's duty to get revenge for the poor soul.

After that, he bought an island using the system's money he had gained after transmigrating all these years and planned to spend the rest of his life there.

Just as he was about to send the assistant, his cellphone rang.

It was David again! Why was this person still after him? He decisively hung up the call. Just as he was about to leave his office, a husky sound rang in his ears.

"Can't you even pick up my call?"

Tyler stiffened and turned back to see someone standing at the door.

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This man had a playful expression on his face as he leaned on the doorframe. His eyebrows were raised, and his lips curved up to form a satisfying arc. He was taller than Tyler. But that wasn't why he froze. This person was actually David himself!

Why the hell did this man come here?

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