20 Chapter Twenty - Digging A Pit

The first thing that Tyler thought of was to check out recordings of the camera that he had installed on David. He was damn sure that this was the male lead's work. Otherwise, how would someone like Alex Miller, a cannon folder villain, would end up going to jail before even the female lead could be kidnapped?!

The main arcs of the plot hadn't even played a vital role, and the villains were already behind the bars.

Was this still the same story he remembered?!

Even thinking about him gave him a headache.

The fact that Alex was inside this prison was either the result of a butterfly effect caused due by the constant OOCing of David or perhaps the latter had himself done something to send the villain's biological father behind the bars. And Tyler's intuition told him that the last one was probably the right answer.

Tyler didn't wait any longer. He quickly collected the food and rushed toward his cell. After placing the plate filled with dull soup and bread, he clicked open the interface.

He had turned on the automatic recording application in the camera he had installed.

After opening, he played the recent recordings where David was doing his daily activities after Tyler went to the prison. But there was a little change. The male lead's expression that used to be filled with smiles was replaced with a gloomy face. He even often seemed to be in a daze.

Tyler frowned at that but continued to watch until Elsa came knocking on the door to David's personal apartment. At that time, the male lead was typing on his personal computer with a serious expression on his face.

Was Tyler still in the prison at that time? He tilted his head and realized that even though the court hadn't given him the punishment, he still remained in police custody for a week or so.

And they didn't let him get back to his work. He could only contact his assistant and tell him to handle the company effectively in his absence. Even though the assistant was nosy, he was a pro when it comes to handling media. So Tyler wasn't particularly worried about the company.

But David worried him the most. He was the most unpredictable guy he had ever met. Not even characters in the previous few worlds were as unpredictable as him!

Tyler sighed and continued to watch as Elsa opened the door and entered timidly. At that time, he could see a dark expression on David's face as he looked at a familiar girl.

"Why're you here?" This was the first time he heard David's voice turning so sharp that it sent a chill down his spine.

Then he saw Elsa gulping before she parted her lips. "David…"

"Mr. Wilson for you." Another cold sentence as he continued to do his work.

Elsa trembled, but she gathered herself quickly. "Mr. Wilson...I-I...I..."

"I can't hear you." He didn't even glance at the girl.

She gritted her teeth. "Mr. Wilson...I thought we...I thought we had something…"

"Quick miss Elsa. You already know how busy I'm!"

"I want to go out with you!" She finally blurted out.

David's fingers paused at that. He sent a sharp glare toward the girl before him and said, "So your feelings for me give you the right to forge evidence?"

"Huh?" She was stunned hearing that. The forging incident, she seemed to know very well about it. She tried to act naturally, but it only increased Tyler's suspicion.

Was this the girl behind the incident that sent him to prison?

"Looks like your ears aren't working well." David sneered and got up with a bunch of papers in his hand. Throwing it at Elsa's face, he said, "I know you only need my money. Sign these papers and get the hell out of my place."

The girl was surprised, and she couldn't move a single limb. She couldn't understand what was happening. Tyler could tell what she was thinking because he himself was confused as hell.

What exactly was written in those papers?

Soon, he got an answer. Elsa picked them up and read them one after another for ten minutes before she glanced at the male lead with widened eyes. "This...you're giving me your company?!"

"Not just company, but all my property except for the house I'm living in currently."

She froze. She indeed was after David's money, but she also liked his body. He seemed to be good marriage material. After marriage, she had imagined her friends becoming jealous!

But when she thought about all the money she would get after signing these papers…

Her grip tightened around the papers automatically as her mind decided for her. She instantly took out her pen and signed on all the papers without reading carefully.

After everything was done, she bowed respectfully. "Thank you for the business, Mr. Wilson." And she quickly left the house.

David, on the other hand, smirked. "Don't worry. You'll be cursing me in a few days."

"Huh?" This statement confused the assistant that had just entered the apartment. He had just found out that his boss was going to sell the company, and he was anxious as hell. So he couldn't help but hurry over to David's apartment. "Boss! You're really selling the company?"

"Yes." David got back to his laptop.

This made the assistant even more anxious. "But boss, what about your game with...with..." He didn't want to spell Mr. Tyler's name. The poor assistant didn't know how his boss would react after hearing that name. Perhaps his boss was selling the company because that person went to jail?

But David was calm, and even parted his like to speak out a few words of advise. "You should leave your job."


A dark smile formed on his lips. "That's because Elsa's life isn't going to be good."

The assistant was confused, but David patiently explained him. 

"Did you really think I'd be generous to her after what she did to Tyler? I created many stumbling blocks in the company." David's voice was cold at this time. "She dug a pit for herself after signing that paper. She won't even be able to sell the company to anyone else, and won't even be able to handle it herself. Her life will really be miserable. So you and your subordinates better leave the firm before that happens."

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The assistant shivered at this, and quickly decided to follow his boss's orders.

After that day, nothing major happened. It was just that David stopped going to his company, and remained at home 24/7. Even his assistant followed him to his personal apartment and stayed with him. It almost seemed like the small house had been transformed into a company.

It wasn't until two days before Tyler came to the prison that someone again knocked on the door. 

But as soon as David opened the door, Tyler was shocked to see a familiar face again. It was Alex!

"What're you doing here?" He heard a cold sentence from the male lead's mouth.

Hearing that, Alex pouted and hit his shoulders with extreme familiarity. "What? After selling out your company, you have decided to lower your sense of existence? Have you forgotten your only best friend?"

The contrast between the ages of the two of them was great. Where one was nearly thirty six years old, Alex had been above nearly sixty.

Still, the older one didn't shy away after saying he was the younger one's best friend.

But David frowned. "Why're you here?" He asked again, revealing a hint of annoyance in his tone.

Alex sighed and entered without permission.

Seeing this behavior, David seemed to have veins popping on his forehead, but he controlled himself. He wanted to know what this person had aspired to do. And he didn't have to wait longer because that man soon revealed his evil side.

"I want you to collaborate with me for killing Tyler."

Tyler's brows furrowed when he heard that. He knew it was probably his biological father who had forged the evidence, this sentence confirmed his suspicion. Thinking of this, he sighed.

If Alex were his original father, he would've felt heartache after hearing this sentence. But thankfully, this was just a character unlike him and David.

"Why're you so sure that I'll listen to you?" David crossed his arms around his chest, staring coldly at the man standing before him.

Alex smirked at that. "You would've already sent me to prison long ago after seeing that evidence. But it seems like you wanted Tyler to go to jail."

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