12 Chapter Twelve - Kissing The Male Lead?!

The office door was closed, and standing before it was a blonde-haired girl, looking extremely pitiful. Her longing eyes couldn't focus on anything other than the door in front of her. This girl was Elsa.

She suddenly clutched the files in her arms tightly as a dark emotion flashed in her eyes. But everyone else wouldn't notice this. They just saw the stains of tears on her cheeks.

Her red suit that ended before her knees seemed to have its worth. After all, the person she wanted to show off to wasn't present here. What was the point of wearing this kind of dress today? A bitter smile formed on her lips.

Where the hell did he go? The last time she saw this person was at the competition, and after that, he suddenly disappeared.

All she heard was the news that her company won the competition. She wanted to invite the CEO for dinner to congratulate him and gradually make her move! He would have indeed fallen in love with her!

But who would've thought that he would be harder and harder to see?

She perfectly knew well about the competition and the prize every winner gets. But what this girl was surprised about was that her CEO had decided to go with that extremely vile person named Tyler and spend a week with him! Couldn't he have taken her along to London? She would've helped him a lot! She was his personal assistant!

She couldn't help but remember how Tyler had stared at her CEO unblinkingly at the entrance. She couldn't help but squint her eyes at that. It was said that a woman's Intuition was always strong. And this time, her intuition told that there was something wrong with Tyler. He seemed to have been infatuated with her CEO!

She couldn't help but feel a sense of crisis dwelling deep in her heart. She couldn't let this happen and had to find a solution for this!

Just as she was engrossed in her thoughts, someone tapped her shoulders. It was her closest friend. "Elsa, why're you in front of Mr. Wilson's office?"

Elsa recovered her emotions as she smiled at her friend. "I kind of miss him."

Her friend knew everything about Elsa's crush on the CEO and smirked, thinking of that. "Oh? Why don't you just confess?"

She wanted to! At first, she had felt that David was also interested in her. But recently, his eyes only seemed to follow Tyler and no one else. This action of her CEO made her feel even more irritated! She couldn't help but grind her teeth in anger.

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After taking a deep breath to calm herself, she forced a smile and said, "I don't think he likes me."

"How will you know if you don't confess?"

Elsa thought for a while and concluded that this seemed to be a logical explanation. She instantly nodded and planned to confess to David.

After that, she walked over to her cabinet and had just turned on her computer when she received an email notification. A frown crossed her forehead as she clicked it open. Seeing the content of the email, her brows furrowed even deeper.

[Respected Ma'am,

How're you doing? I'm sure you're not fine. Your dear David has been ignoring you recently, hasn't he?]

Elsa gasped after reading this. Her eyes went wide in surprise. How did this person know that she wasn't happy after seeing David's indifference?!

Just who was this person? She clicked open the user only to see a fake email and pursed her lips. Maybe she should read the entire email again to figure out everything.

[I know why this is happening. It's all because of that vila man Tyler! He snatched your CEO and has even been seducing him behind your back! If you don't believe me, just look at the attached pictures! And if you want to do anything about it, just hit the reply button.]

There was no 'Regards' section below, and the email ended. But Elsa didn't think much of it and quickly clicked the image added beneath the text.

The image contained two people who fell inside the airplane. David was on the ground, and Tyler stared at the guy unblinkingly with a trace of blush on his cheeks. Even his ears turned so red that it could drip blood. David had his arms around Tyler, and he was also stunned.

Seeing that picture, Elsa felt like the ground beneath her feet had disappeared suddenly, making her sink deeper and deeper in her dark emotions. Tears welled up in her eyes at this. She felt an arrow piercing her heart.

It wasn't like she was in love with David, but this was a rich person! She had explicitly left Tyler's company so that she could make David fall for her! But what did the latter do? He attracted her CEO, making her plans fail! She wouldn't let this happen anymore!

But before anything else, Elsa wanted to confirm whether David was himself attracted toward Tyler or not. If no, then there was nothing who could stop her from snatching this person away!

After all, she was a girl. How could a straight guy be sane enough after seeing a girl approaching him wildly?! She had to confess to him and kiss him right before Tyler and prove that the CEO belonged to her and her alone!

If David responded, the latter wouldn't be able to do anything about it and would even be more embarrassed!

It was a perfect plan!

Thinking like that, Elsa clicked open David's schedule. His plane should've arrived. After seeing this, she turned off her computer and rushed toward the elevator. She would kiss him in the airport and see what Tyler could do!


Tyler had been ignoring David's presence and walked straight past him toward the exit of the airport. After seeing a familiar city, he sighed in relief, thinking he wouldn't have to stay with this person anymore!

He really wanted to sleep! And with David pressing him on bed with his heavy arms, he couldn't fall asleep for days!

He rubbed his eyes in exhaustion and yawned while covering his mouth. Sleepiness was obvious in his eyes.

"You didn't sleep last night?" David finally noticed Tyler's expressions as he walked beside him, dragging his luggage.

At this, the other person couldn't help but glare at him. This was all this male lead's fault!

"Why're you looking at me like that?" David paused and smirked. "Don't tell me you didn't sleep because of me."

But the other person walked faster and reached the front area of the airport. There were many people around them, and a few of them even recognized them. They snapped pics excitedly and gossiped.

Tyler knew perfectly well what they gossiped about. It was obviously something about the budding romance of Tyler and David! The same thing had also happened in the story he read, but the person was Elsa, not him.

How could this happen to him? Was the story still considered to be the same or different now that the entire genre was slowly changing into Yaoi?!

He rubbed his forehead, feeling tired. Maybe his decision to run away was better than staying to see how the storyline grew after the male lead OOCed. But who knew this was one of the worst decisions he ever took in his life!

Just as he was grumbling about the male lead and the story under his breath, he heard a soft voice of a girl, snapping his attention back to the present.

"Mr. Wilson!" Elsa stepped out of the cab and paid money, walking toward David. Everyone surrounding the male lead and Tyler became excited. There were even a few reporters around them who pointed their cameras toward the newly arrived girl.

They were just now shooting the grand entrance of Tyler and David and making up a plot of their romance for boosting the traffic! Who would've thought that God was merciful to them today? A new girl also arrived at the scene, creating another scene of 'love triangle.' The cameramen were excited at this and continued to shoot.

At this time, David tilted his head in confusion. What was this girl doing here? He could feel in the pit of his stomach that something terrible was about to happen, but he couldn't tell what. He glanced at Tyler's indifferent face and pursed his lips. Maybe he was overthinking.

Just as he was about to open his mouth to say something, Elsa rushed toward David and kissed on his lips, making everyone around them stunned.

Tyler froze seeing that. His indifferent and cold face finally reacted. It seemed as if something horrible had happened in his life that made me so anxious that he couldn't stand it!

The cameramen became even more excited seeing this. They diverted their cameras from shooting the kissing scene toward Tyler's expressions that seemed to crack every second. They even dared to zoom in on his face!

But Tyler wasn't sane enough to focus on those stupid cameramen. He was so shocked that he didn't even care about his expression anymore. For an introverted person like him, hiding his emotions deep inside his heart was the first thing he would do. But at this time, his heart sank deeper in the pull of the sea, making him harder to breathe.

What was happening? Why was he feeling as if David was none other than his lover, and he was cheating on him?! Why did he feel as if his heart was crushed ruthlessly by someone so much so that there was a lingering pain in his chest?

He was so engrossed in his thoughts that he failed to see David's expression turning darker and darker every second.

At first, he was confused about what was happening. It wasn't until someone kissed him that he woke up from his daze and realized that he hadn't reacted for ten seconds!

Realizing this, he instantly pushed the girl back. But before he could say something, he heard a noise as if something had fallen on the ground.

Stunned, he turned back to see Tyler's shocked expression as the latter lowered his head and picked up his luggage that had fallen, perhaps due to excessive shock, walking away as if nothing happened.

When David saw this, he couldn't help but feel his heart was stabbed with a knife. He even felt anxious.

He didn't focus on why he felt anxious, but he didn't want Tyler to misunderstand! He didn't want Tyler to think that David had a thing for the female lead!

After throwing a vicious glare at Elsa, he practically ran in the direction where Tyler went. It was the parking lot filled with either personal vehicles of the public or cabs. But when David reached the place, Tyler was nowhere to be found.

"He left," David whispered to himself and took a few deep breaths to calm himself.

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