3 Chapter Three - The Male Lead Is Acting Weird

Before Tyler could open his mouth, another existence appeared that he had never expected to see in this lifetime: Elsa. His glance darted toward the man leaning on the doorframe and toward this woman behind him, who was craning her neck to smile at Tyler. The latter pursed his lips and averted his eyes, rubbing his forehead.

The current situation gave him a headache. How could this happen? He was just on his way to leave the country. Why would they appear now!? This wasn't in the plot!

Taking a deep breath, he thought for a moment. Even if the two people he wanted to avoid came before his eyes, it didn't matter. He could still win the situation since he didn't have character restrictions anymore. The villain had mental issues due to which he needed the female lead. So he had to kidnap her anyway. But Tyler was different. He wasn't involved in such a mental condition where he would die without the female lead. So even if these people refused to follow the original storyline, Tyler didn't have to fear anything.

Thinking that everything was still under his control, he felt a bit of relief. His guarding stance changed to a welcoming gesture as he stretched his lips to form a forced smile. According to his character setting, this villain didn't like to talk to others. So it would be strange if the villain would act pleasantly at the appearance of someone who had snatched away his 'lover.'

Even though Tyler didn't have to act according to the character, he still preferred to do so in front of the main characters to avoid any strange suspicions darting toward him.

"I was busy." Then he coldly glanced at David and turned back to face his assistant, waving his hand at him.

The assistant nodded, knowing what he had to do. He clutched the paper tightly and started going toward the door. Just as he was about to pass the male lead, the latter stretched his leg to create an obstruction.

Seeing that, the assistant tilted his head. Why was this person stopping him?

"I came here to take this paper." David's smile reached his eyes as his gaze went at the paper in the assistant's hands. Taking away the paper, he flipped it open. "Let's talk business, shall we?"

Tyler frowned at this and snatched the paper away. "Why should I talk about business with you out of all people?" As far as he could remember, he was never involved with David's company concerning the business. The villain owned a software firm, Techno World, while David was the CEO of a gaming corporation, Softech Gaming. The two of these companies stayed far away from each other until the end of the storyline.

"You probably don't know." David coolly put his hands in his pockets and cocked his head. "I bought the Bookends Corporation."

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Tyler's eyes widened at that, and the paper on his hands nearly fell on the ground in shock. This firm belonged to Alex Miller! This small business used to provide content facilities to big companies like Techno World. The villain's father had worked with Alex without knowing anything about the latter's greed. But what was even more shocking was that the male lead had never bought this firm, even though Alex was his best friend. What was the use of purchasing such a small company that didn't have any guarantee of earning?

He stared at David for a whole minute with an open mouth. Why did the male lead OOCed, again? Tyler wouldn't have focused on this aspect if this hadn't happened twice in a day! This had never happened before! Was something wrong with his system?

Tyler felt his breathing getting faster due to anxiety, but his face was still calm. If you could look at his face clearly, you would see signs of anxiety: sweat drops dropping from the temples while he would bite his lower lips continuously, staring at a place fixedly in a daze.

David noticed this little reaction, and his lips curved up. "You have just sold your company to the owner of Bookends Corporation, who is, unfortunately, me, so I'd urge you to please co-operate until we decide to handle the company matters as you can see, I can't make a clone of myself."

But Tyler wasn't listening to this guy anymore. His eyes stared at the system box unblinkingly for a long time as he tried to find a reason for this sudden change in the male lead.

He first opened the character description of the male lead—

'David is a definition of tall, dark, and handsome. He is smart and the most unpredictable guy you ever meet. The best thing about him is that once he loves someone, he dots on them wholeheartedly.'

But the shameless system didn't stop there. It showed a pic of this guy without a shirt. Tyler could see the details of the abdominal muscles of David. Seeing that, he couldn't help but be flushed.

Tyler wasn't straight, and this was something he knew from the depth of his heart. How could he handle such a scene in front of his eyes? He quickly averted his eyesight and didn't dare to touch the character description tab anymore.

Coughing awkwardly, he tore the paper into pieces. Then he coldly glanced at the man standing before him. "The owner of Bookends Corporation hadn't signed yet, so this company isn't officially yours."

"That's too bad. I was actually interested in hiring you as a manager." David waved his hand and turned back. Just as he was about to step out of the room, he darted his head back, flashing a broad smile at Tyler. "If you're interested in doing business, you know where to find me."

Tyler watched the male lead going out with cold eyes. Elsa, who had been sticking to the male lead like glue, glared at Tyler. "You, stay away from him. Get it?" She said in a warning tone and rushed after the male lead.

Why did Elsa have to warn him before going? Did she know about the villain's feelings? In the original story, he didn't think Elsa had focused on anyone, not even the villain, while pursuing David. Tyler raised his brows when he thought of that. If she really knew about the villain's feelings, it would make things even more interesting.

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