13 Chapter Thirteen - I Need Your Help

Tyler opened his eyes for the fifth time and sighed in defeat. He lost. His mind kept repeating the image he saw earlier of David and Elsa kissing. Would the story finally go on the right track? Would the two leads become a couple again despite the male lead OOCing quite often?

If the answer was yes, Tyler should've felt relaxed and even relieved. But what he was actually feeling was a sense of loss, and he didn't want to dwell deeper in this feeling.

And now the situation had turned so much worse that every time he closed his eyes for sleeping, that image would end up sticking in his head as though someone had programmed it inside.

He rubbed his eyes, feeling tired. What should he do? He knew for the fact that he had an unnatural attraction toward this particular male lead. He couldn't accept this!

In the worlds before, he was attracted to the same gender, but he never had a sense of loss when the other person ignored him. This was the first time in many, many years he felt like this.

He couldn't help but ponder: was this also related to the past he had forgotten?

But he got no answer to this question. There was no one he could ask about this. A trace of emptiness spread in his heart, making him feel hollow inside. He wanted this feeling to go away.

Suddenly, he remembered he had installed a hidden camera on David. Without even thinking twice about the weirdness of his actions, he swiftly opened the system interface and stared at the camera scene before his eyes.

The male lead, who should be sleeping at this time, was busy typing furiously on his office computer. His brows furrowed as if he was in some deep trouble.

Upon staring at David behaving like this, Tyler frowned. Then he observed a slight change of scene.

The male lead, who was so tensed that his shoulders were stiff, suddenly relaxed. His hands paused while typing for a while, and his head darted toward the direction of the camera. His eyes were so intense that they could even melt ice.

Seeing that gaze, Tyler's heartbeat sped up quickly, and he turned the camera off. That was when he realized how stupid his actions were!

David couldn't even see the camera! What was the point of turning it off?

He face-palmed himself and clicked the on button again.

The face of David appeared on the screen, but he had resumed the previous actions. It didn't even feel like he had intensely glanced toward the camera's direction.

Tyler laid back on the bed and continued to watch the male lead working, but there was no sign of Elsa. Where was the female lead?

He remembered this point in the storyline. The villain had used some methods to make David so busy that he wouldn't even have time to call his personal assistant. So the villain approached Elsa behind his back and went to her house to appease her into coming back to him.

But the two only argued for a long time, and the female lead ended up realizing that the villain had deliberately created the obstacles so that he could get an opportunity to contact Elsa when she was alone.

He remembered that at this time, after coming back from the London tour, David would be too busy to sleep at night. And after getting rid of the villain, Elsa would come rushing at David, trying to make him feel at ease. The relationship between the two of them would grow even more, and she started living with the male lead after that.

But Tyler could see none of these things happening at this time. David was alone, struggling with his business.

Wait, he was playing the villain, and he didn't even do anything to make David busy! Who had acted like this and taken up the role of villain instead of him?!

The storyline had become so messy that Tyler was getting a headache.

"Maybe I should just ignore these people and keep an eye on them from a distance."

Just when he was about to turn off the camera, he saw David stretching his hands and approaching his phone to make a call. Suddenly, a loud ringing noise broke the silence of Tyler's dark room, causing him to jolt.

He could tell it was David. Who else would dare to call him in the middle of the night?!

But Tyler still dragged his feet toward the phone and picked it up. Before he could even say something, the other person cut him off. "Let's cut to the chase. I need your help."

Tyler raised his eyebrows and turned back toward the camera. David's expressions were crystal clear. He seemed focused as he intently stared at the computer screen. There was also a touch of exhaustion in his eyes.

Seeing that form of the male lead who had always been bugging him, Tyler felt a hint of sympathy in his heart. Even though this person had been OOCing, he never created trouble for Tyler.

The arcs were still intact, but the female lead was missing. It seemed as if Tyler had accidentally taken up the role of the female lead instead.

Should he help the male lead? If he continued to help him, he would really become the other lead! He really didn't want this! He was already attracted to this person. If he were to spend more time with him, he would end up falling for him!

Just as he thought of saying no, a flash of David and Elsa kissing in the airport appeared in his mind, and his eyes darkened.

His lips parted, and he automatically blurted out. "Okay."

Even though this was risky, he couldn't bear the thought of the two of them together.

He sighed in defeat. This time, it seemed that his heart won the struggle.

There was a hint of surprise on David's face, but his expression recovered soon to coldness. "Alright. Meet me at my office first thing in the morning."

This time it was Tyler's turn to be surprised. He had thought that this person was already shameless, so he would perhaps urge to see him at midnight! But who would've thought the meeting time would be in the morning?

When Tyler recovered, David had hung up the phone and resumed his work.


A smile formed on David's lips as he glanced at the camera that suddenly went offline for the second time today and leaned back on his seat. Despite being so tired, he was still happy.

The problem that had suddenly occurred in the company was just a small issue, and he could've used other means to solve it quickly and effectively. But he instead ended up choosing the long route, attracting Tyler's attention.

This was David's primary goal, to begin with!

The more Tyler was attentive to David, the better it was to fulfill his aim of coming into this world!

Just then, there was a knocking sound on the door, and David recovered his former serious expression, continuing to type. "Yes?"

"Boss?" A person with silver-rimmed glasses spoke, hesitating before entering the room. "She's still outside."

David's eyes darkened in an instant. Why wouldn't this girl leave him alone?! He rubbed the bridge of his nose in irritation and barked an order. "Call the security."

"But sir, if you don't mind, can I ask you something?'

"Shoot." He resumed typing on the computer at lightning speed.

"Sir, we have faced a problem. Our investors want us to release the game before the deadline. And if you kick miss Elsa out—"

"Do as I say, or you'll be the next." He didn't even lift his head to say this.

When the silver-rimmed glasses man heard this, he subconsciously shivered. He remembered how that lady was kicked out brutally from the company, and she still stubbornly said that she wanted to talk to his boss. Did she have a death wish or something?

"But boss, we need more help at this time to capture the person behind this."

"I already know who it is!" David sneered in his heart. Of course, he knew this. How could he not when the fact was related to Tyler?

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"You do?!" The man was so surprised that he practically squealed. "Then why aren't we doing something about it?"

"It's none of your business." Basically, David was too busy getting Tyler's attention to deal with worthless cannon folder villains.

When the person heard this, he trembled again in fear and instantly closed the door. His boss would usually be playful, but when he was serious, he would be even more domineering than hundreds of Mr. Smit combined! Yes, he had seen Tyler Smith before, but his boss David was even more fearful when he was serious!

And miss Elsa seemed to have offended both of these people. He suddenly felt a trace of sympathy in his heart for the girl and walked away toward his own booth. He would advise everyone to stay away from that girl in the future!

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