10 Chapter Ten - I Shouldn't Have Traveled With Him!

Tyler marched behind David with a blank expression on his face. He just knew he shouldn't have believed this vile person so easily! When he remembered how he had to feel embarrassed in front of so many people like that, a trace of blush crept upon his cheeks, and he glared at David's back.

But the other person acted like nothing happened. He just whistled and dragged his luggage behind him, casually glancing at Tyler. "What are you standing there for? We're getting late. We only have five hours before our meeting."

Tyler threw another glare at David and walked past him. He didn't want to talk to this guy at all!

Everything started about six hours earlier. At that time, he had already boarded the plane and was heading over to his seat when David caught his hand and said in an unhurried voice, "Sit with me?"

Tyler had question marks over his head hearing that. They were already going to see each other's faces for many days already. He, at least, needed peace of mind by going to his own seat.

But before Tyler could ignore David reasonably said, "Look, there's a couple who wants to sit together, and one partner is beside me while another is beside you. Don't you think you shouldn't separate them?"

His voice wasn't low. Everyone heard it, and they directed their gazes at Tyler. He could feel some people scoffing at him for separating the lovers. Tyler gritted his teeth and forcefully nodded. What choice did he have other than agreeing?

But before he could even step toward David's seat, some people came rushing toward him from behind and pushed him with so much force that he fell. And he wasn't the only one who was impacted by this. Since Tyler was standing right before David, the latter also fell with him.

After a few seconds, the person who hit them had an apologetic face, but Tyler wasn't focused on that. What was buzzing in his mind was only a single line, 'I'm on the top of David!'

When he remembered the Greek God-like body of this male lead, he blushed even more. He really didn't want to have such thoughts, but he couldn't help it! It had been a hundred years since he last got laid in one of the worlds!

But what was even more embarrassing was that Tyler even got a reaction down there, and he even knew David could also feel it because the latter's body suddenly froze! How embarrassing!

When Tyler was busy in his mind, he heard someone clearing his throat. "Mind getting up? Please?"

That was the moment Tyler woke up from his daze and hurriedly got up, escaping to his own seat. He didn't care about people's gazes anymore. He just wanted to hide his face for six hours!

At that time, he hadn't noticed a complicated expression on David's face that was directed at himself. The male lead simply got up, lowered his head, and walked toward his seat while thinking about something.

He had a frown on his forehead, but this kind of expression couldn't hide the blush on his cheeks. He patted his cheeks and took a deep breath as if he had just taken a decision. He simply glanced one more time at Tyler and closed his eyes to fall asleep. No one knew what he was thinking about.

But Tyler hadn't noticed any of these reactions of David. He was busy hiding his face under his chest, cursing David unlimitedly. This person acted more like a villain than the male lead!

Back to the present, Tyler was still not over that incident, but it seemed that David had already forgotten it. For some reason, he felt irritated after seeing this.

But his cold expression hid everything. Others couldn't figure out what he was thinking just by seeing his face.

By the time they reached the hotel, it was already 5 am, and both of them were dead tired. But there was another trouble waiting for them as soon as they reached.

"What do you mean you don't have two rooms?" Tyler wasn't a talkative person to start with. The fact that he had such a big reaction meant that this matter had made him feel even more irritated, so much so that he couldn't help it but speak out this long sentence. The manager of the hotel felt awkward at this.

David, who stood behind him, couldn't help but let out a chuckle.

Tyler turned back and glared at him sharply, making the male lead cough to hide his laughter. Then the former faced the manager again and tapped the table with his finger. "What kind of hotel is this? Check again!" He couldn't believe this! Coming to London with David was really a bad idea!

This person had the nerve to drag him to the plane only to make an apologetic face to say that the company Flybird had actually not prepared another room for them! And the reason was, Tyler's assistant actually managed to tell the judges that his boss won't be coming behind David's back. So they just canceled the room for Tyler without even telling either him or David!

But he couldn't help but blame the male lead for this. If this person were just following the character setting, none of these things would have happened!

The manager was terrified under Tyler's intense gaze as he averted his eyes, not wanting to deal with this person anymore. Why were guests so domineering these days?

He wiped the cold sweat off of his forehead and tapped a few words on his computer, but the result was the same. All the rooms were booked. His hands shook slightly as he raised his head hesitatingly. "There really aren't any rooms available," he said in a small voice.

When Tyler was about to explode in anger, David grabbed the man's wrist and apologized to the manager. "You're scaring the poor guy."

'And who's fault was that?' He wanted to retort but swallowed back his words after seeing the pale face of the manager.

He sighed and nodded his head. "Fine. Take us to our room."

For some reason, David couldn't help but feel pleased at this sentence. He even hummed a song behind Tyler and entered the elevator. This trip really wouldn't be in vain. He was sure of it!

But the cold guy beside him was unaware of the male lead's thoughts. He only stared at the elevator door closing before shutting his eyes. He crossed his arms against his chest and waited.

When they reached the room, the manager's face regained some color seeing the domineering person following him silently without making a sound.

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For some reason, he felt like the person behind the domineering one was more reliable since he could control such a cold person easily! The manager subconsciously moved closer to David and cleared his throat. "Please enter. And if you have any issues, don't hesitate to contact the front desk!"

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