16 Chapter Sixteen - Baseless Rumors

Tyler frowned at this. It took him a little while to remember who this Mr. Miller was!

Wasn't this the person who was supposed to be the biological father of the villain? Alex Miller?

But before he could open his mouth, the male lead cut him off.

"Really? And what's Mr. Miller's idea?" David smirked. "Mind telling us about it, please."

The person who asked the question shut his mouth. But this kind of question had already made most of the anchors present at the scene curious as hell. So, someone else raised up his mic and asked, "Mr. Wilson, weren't you acquainted with Mr. Miller?"

"Yes, so what?"

"I have heard that you backstabbed him and stole his project while grabbing his company forcefully."

David raised his brows. Where were these people hearing such kind of rumor? But he wasn't disturbed. He had purchased the company officially and even had documents about it. He was ready to show these documents right now, but he wouldn't.

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At this moment, he had a hunch that the cannon fodder villain was perhaps about to make his first move. So he just wanted to observe what the other person aspired to do.

But before he could do anything, Tyler spoke in a cold voice. "What evidence do you have that David snatched the company from Mr. Miller?" He paused and squinted his eyes. Sweat beads formed on the anchor's forehead hearing that. "He has official documents to prove every one of you wrong. If you people would continue to talk about such baseless rumors, it's better to stop this conference!"

David was surprised after seeing this person's protective gesture. Suddenly, this scene overlapped with a scene from his memory that had occurred years ago.

At that time, Tyler had been similarly standing at the back of the stage, while a similar conference was going on to promote a new project worldwide. Back then, there were some baseless rumors about David, but the other person had similarly defended him, without holding back.

Tyler's expressions were also similar. His brows wrinkled as his cold eyes glared at the anchor with extreme hatred. His knuckles were visible on the back of his hands.

Seeing this, David leaned back on his seat and smiled. 'This person didn't change even after forgetting about his entire life.'

But David didn't continue to dwell on his past even though it gave him a nostalgic feeling. If he didn't finish his goal of coming into this world soon, something terrible might happen. Perhaps Tyler could even…

He sucked in a deep breath. No! He shouldn't even think about negative things! Tyler was still alive, right beside him! After taking a few deep breaths, he calmed himself and looked coldly at the anchor.

"How much money did the other side give you to ask this question?" David asked bluntly.

"I-I…" The anchor was stunned. He couldn't say a single word!

"Was it a million? Two million? Or perhaps ten million." David continued to ramble bluntly like this and even ignored the shocking expressions of other anchors around the conference hall.

"I didn't…" The anchor weakly protested, but he couldn't refute. He had actually taken money from someone through an email! But his only mistake was that he hadn't verified the news before asking this question! He gritted his teeth. "Mr. Wilson, please don't say things like this. We aren't that unprofessional to blame you for something you hadn't done."

"Oh really?" David laughed dryly. "Mr. Whatever your name is anchor, I know how 'professional' you guys are! So don't even think about tricking me!"

"Now you're just insulting my profession!"

"Yes, so what?!" David glared at the person. "What will you do?"

He couldn't waste his time anymore! He had to make the plot pace faster than now! That means if the story was originally going to end within two years, now it should end within a year!

He had done his research in this world anyway, and he couldn't get more information about the situation unless and until this world ends. And the conservation that had happened just now with the anchor was his way to directly warn the villain and force the arc forward.

Tyler was stunned when he heard that sentence. But he didn't think much about it. It was David's habit of going against the storyline, so he didn't think about the plot anymore. He put his hand on David's shoulders. "Calm down, comrade. I'll handle this."

There was a smile on Tyler's face that made the male lead feel nostalgic all over again. What was more surprising was that this person even used the same dialogue to pacify him as he had said back then!

David stared at the other person for a long time. He didn't know why he was thinking of the past so much these days. Perhaps he would have to finish this mission and go back soon.

On the other side, Tyler had already turned toward the anchor and watched the other person with his cold eyes. So he failed to see the male lead's expression.

"So, Mr…" He paused and squinted his eyes to see the nameplate of the anchor who had asked such a question. "Mr. Thomas, I would like to kindly ask you to walk away. We really don't appreciate people who like to believe baseless rumors." He paused and looked at his wristwatch before continuing. "If you don't leave this hall within five minutes, we will kick you out."

After that, Tyler didn't say a single word and gestured to the person beside him to continue. David shook his head at this dominating attitude and glanced at the anchor, who was still trembling and stood in a daze at the conference hall.

"Guards!" Seeing that the man still didn't move, David called out to the security. "Take him out."

The anchor finally woke up from his daze, and his complexion paled. He quickly said, "Don't! I'll go!" And that person collected his things and hurried out without even glancing back.

People standing across the hall started murmuring. They couldn't believe Tyler would be so ruthless! But he did what was right. The anchor was too naive to think that those rumors were true. He should've done his homework!

Thank God that the other anchors had prepared beforehand, and didn't dare to ask about such fake rumors. They wiped the cold sweat off of their forehead.

After that, they continued to ask questions related to the game and when it will be launched officially.

"Within six months." David suddenly answered.

Tyler raised his brows at that. According to the storyline, the timeline for finishing this game should've been one year. But then, at that time, the villain hadn't collaborated with David. So it shouldn't be surprising to see that the game will be finished within six months.

When he thought of this, his shoulders relaxed, but he didn't have any intention to answer queries of people surrounding them.

Suddenly, one of the anchors raised his head and said harshly, "Mr. Smith, did you kill your parents?"

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