6 Chapter Six - A false Rumor

"Boss, why're you standing here?" The assistant had just arrived at the venue only to see his boss standing at the front door without moving. He seemed to be staring at something, but the assistant couldn't tell from the back. At first, he didn't want to interrupt his boss, thinking the latter would get angry and just fire him. When he remembered how Elsa was fired recently when the boss didn't even explain his reasoning, cold sweat formed on his forehead. But his boss didn't even seem like he was hearing him. Just as the assistant was about to say something, some people behind him made a sound of impatience. He turned around only to find a few people waiting to enter the venue. After ten minutes, there was a big line of angry people already standing behind the assistant, glaring at his back. Finally, after contemplating for a while, the assistant voiced out his thoughts.

Tyler snapped back to his senses and turned around to see a line of people already boring a hole on his back with their sharp and angry gaze. He pursed his lips and hurried away, still eying the male lead from the corner of his eyes.

He wouldn't have stared at the male lead in a daze if the latter's actions weren't so excessive. David had changed so much that he didn't even refrain from giving the cold shoulder to the female lead. Tyler got confused because of this since the male lead should be head over heels for Elsa in this period.

Tyler just stood there and watched the male lead actively ignoring the presence of Elsa. The latter acted relatively ignorant of the matter and continued to stick to the other person shamelessly. Tyler frowned at that. There was a limit to OOCing, even for a character. And David seemed to be transformed into a completely different person.

But he hadn't realized that his action of standing in the middle of the door would anger so many people. Tyler just sneaked an apologetic glance at the people behind him and walked toward his stall. This venue was like a big hall filled with multiple boxes like a telephone booth attached to each other with an opened door. The only difference was that these boxes were bigger than the normal.

He expressionlessly walked over to the stall and silently turned on his computer.

The assistant was watching the actions of his boss and stayed silent. He was actually curious about why his boss was staring at Mr. Wilson, who was not far away from them. At first, he hadn't realized that his boss was eying that big shot who wanted to buy their company. But he saw his boss continuously sneaking a glance at Mr. Wilson. After this, the assistant understood that his boss was standing in the middle of the door only to stare at this person. But why?

He tilted his head, and his glance darted toward a familiar female colleague. He knew she had joined hands with the big shot after his boss had fired her. But his boss clearly refused to tell him the reason behind it. The assistant's eyes narrowed as a spark of gossip ignited in his heart. Did his boss have a crush on the female lead, and he only realized after she was gone? If yes, then that reaction of his boss at the main door was reasonable.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt like he was a genius to be able to realize such a big secret. He couldn't wait to help his boss so that he would get a promotion! He carefully glanced at his boss, who was busy putting up the game, and sneaked over to the side of Softech Gaming's stall.

Along the way, he had already formulated a plan in his head to help his boss. He would tell the girl about his boss's feelings! Then, he would urge her to meet his boss and plan a date. If this plan would become successful, no one could stop him from getting a promotion!

With a wide grin on his face, he approached the stall only to see that there was no sign of Elsa at all! He frowned at that. She was present here just a while ago! How could she disappear so fast?

Just then, a cold voice entered his ears. "Are you here to find miss Elsa?" David typed something on his computer and raised his eyebrows after seeing this person. Wasn't he Tyler's assistant?

Seeing the cold gaze that was icier than his boss's, the assistant wiped the drops of sweat from his forehead and licked his lips. "Yes, I wanted to give her a message from my boss." And get them together already so that he could get a promotion!

"Oh?" The actions of the man suddenly stopped, and he stood up, cocking his head. "Mind tell me about it? I'll forward it to the miss. She's my assistant, after all."

"This…" Could he trust this person? But when he thought about his possible promotion, he felt that there were certain risks he should take for becoming a successful person! He thought and steeled his heart. "Boss wants to date Elsa officially."

One second passed in silence, and the clock kept ticking, but there was a pin drop silence in the stall. David stared at the assistant for a long time before parting his lips. "Just this?"

"Yes." Why did he feel like Mr. Wilson's expressions became suddenly strange, as if the other person was trying his best to hold his laughter? The assistant tilted his head for a while, but he ignored such a thought. Why would this person laugh at such a statement? He was clearly doing a good deed!

"Okay." David coughed to hide his expression and waved at the assistant. "You can go."

The assistant nodded and turned back. Just as he was about to walk away, the same cold voice sounded again.

"And don't run off with your overly imaginative mind. Someday, your cold boss might fire you out of anger." His voice was full of amusement.

The poor assistant didn't know why David was acting this way, but he ignored it. Big shots of the modern world were always unpredictable. Just look at his boss! He first had decided to sell off his company but suddenly decided against it when Mr. Wilson wanted to purchase it. Wasn't David a better option than Alex? Sometimes he couldn't understand what was going on in his boss's mind. Shaking his head, he walked over to the stall and got busy with his work.

Time passed, and the break was announced. All the company owners or individual participants stretched their legs and got up, leaving their assistants standing back at the stall. This was the lunch break. The bosses would be eating while the assistants had to look after the project.

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But just as Tyler was about to take another step toward the cafeteria, someone stopped him. He wasn't even surprised anymore. "What are you doing here, Mr. Wilson?"

The other man smiled like a fox and tilted his head. "I heard a rumor and wanted to clarify my confusion."

"Speak," Tyler said impatiently. He hadn't eaten this morning, and his stomach growled due to hunger. But the person before him was still stubbornly stopping him!

David passed him a can of apple juice. "We can talk while drinking. I wouldn't want your stomach to disturb us like this."

Tyler's hands that were about to take the can paused after hearing that blunt statement about his hunger before he hurriedly snatched it. After drinking half the can, he wiped his lips and gestured to David to continue.

The male lead's eyes were filled with amusement seeing Tyler's embarrassing expression. He simply parted his lips and said, "I heard you wanted to date a certain rabbit in my company."

Tyler didn't know what this person was saying. He narrowed his eyes. "What're you talking about?"

"Oh? You don't have a crush on Elsa?"

Tyler's eyes widened when he heard this. So this was the rumor this person was talking about? He clearly didn't have a crush on that girl and even made it clear with his actions by firing her that day. Then why was such a rumor spreading around freely like this? He frowned and asked, "Where did you hear this?"

"A certain fly from your company walked over to me and happily shared this rumor." The man glanced at Tyler's stall briefly before he said, "Say, Mr. Smith, do you want to go on a date with her?"

Tyler looked at this male lead with a complicated expression. If the male lead was normal, he would have been jealous and acted coldly toward the villain after knowing about such a rumor. But David wasn't normal anymore. He even came to Tyler to tease him about it!

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