17 Chapter Seventeen - A Murderer?!

David glared at the anchor standing among the group of people. Why do these people keep coming to point fingers at Tyler? But before he could call the guards, the anchor opened his mouth again for the second time.

"I have evidence!" The anchor shuffled out some papers from his pockets and threw it arrogantly on the stage where Tyler and David were sitting. "These are the forensic reports that were never shown to the public."

David narrowed his eyes at that. As far as he knew, the villain of this world had never killed his parents. Then where did this evidence come from?

He slowly picked up the paper and read it carefully. At a single glance, he could tell that this was forged by someone. But before he could say anything, he heard a "ping" sound from his system in his mind.

'This was unexpected.' David thought as he casually opened the system interface while pretending to go through the paper with a frown on his face.

So it looked like David was reading the paper, but he was looking at his system in reality, which seemed to be similar to Tyler's and invisible to everyone. Even Tyler couldn't tell what the latter was looking at.

Tylera just furrowed his brows and kept glancing at the paper. Even he could tell that the paper was forged. He thought that David would realize this and bring guards to throw the anchor out. After thinking like this, Tyler relaxed his shoulders.

What he didn't know was David was having an inner conflict after he read the information from his system. Finally, after making a decision, he heavily put down the paper in his hands and closed his eyes.

He couldn't show his emotions to anyone, especially Tyler. What he was going to do was not something he wanted. Instead, he was forced to do this by this stupid system!

Thinking of the information he just read, he gritted his teeth. It seemed he had no choice but to send Tyler to jail!

When he opened his eyes, no one could see through his turbulent emotions. But Tyler could see that David swept his cold glance at the anchor and for a moment, he could feel a killing intent oozing out from him, but this person soon recovered his expressionless face and parted his lips.

"Guards!" Soon, many people with rifles in their arms arrived before David. The latter took a deep breath and stood up from his seat. Pursing his lips, he said, "Call the police."

Tyler didn't know what the other person was going to do, but he had a terrible premonition in his heart. This person couldn't be thinking to act against him at this time, right? But when he thought of how good the friendship between them was, his shoulders relaxed.

These days, he had seen the male lead acting childishly with him. He would always try to use immature methods to gain Tyler's attention. The latter would always helplessly let the other person do anything he liked.

So he was confident that David would never betray him. But Tyler was doomed to be disappointed this time because as soon as the police arrived at the venue, the next words from David shocked him to the core.

"There's a murderer among us." David threw the papers at the police as if it was something he didn't want to touch anymore. "Take Tyler Smith away."

There was a commotion among the anchors. This exchange was recorded well by the reporters. The cameramen were watching everything unfolding with widened eyes.

Did Tyler really kill his parents? Otherwise, why would this person take this step? It seemed like the owner of Techno World was really a bad person. This was very critical news! The reporters seemed to have hit a jackpot by coming here for this interview!

On the other side, Tyler kept staring at David with a trance-like expression on his face. He still couldn't believe what was happening. Wasn't their relationship good? Then why did David act like this?

He knew the male lead wasn't really a character of this world, but a person like Tyler. He had deduced this after spending so much time with the male lead. Even though the male lead's character and David seemed to be similar, the two people were still different.

Since David had never gone against him, he had lowered his guard against this person. He had even actively protected David by throwing out that reporter who was speaking about some baseless rumors.

But now when Tyler needed the other person's attention, the latter just backstabbed him without thinking twice.

This aspect seemed to send a wave of sharp pain in Tyler's heart. He lowered his head to hide his expression. He felt like crying, and he didn't even know why.

It wasn't like he was in a loving relationship. The two people were just friends, and nothing else. Of course, he was just feeling one-sided attraction for David, but he knew the other person would never look at him that way.

That's why he had kept his feelings locked inside the deepest corner of his heart.

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But why did he feel like his heart was torn into millions of pieces at this moment after David chose to backstab him? This person was someone who should've supported him at all cost just like a lover. And such a person had betrayed him.

Tyler couldn't even breathe for a moment.

This world was temporary. So it didn't matter if he spent the rest of his days in jail or somewhere else. He had spent his days in the worst situations in the past while transmigrating. If this was what David wanted, he would fulfill the latter's wishes.

Tyler didn't care anymore now. All the emotions of bliss that he had felt these days because of David after spending his time alone in so many worlds became painful memories.

The action of David was so unexpected for Tyler that he didn't know how to react. But it made him immensely depressed.

So he simply stood up from his seat and walked toward the police expressionlessly without looking back at the male lead's face. That's why he failed to see a pained expression on the other man's face.

David didn't want to do this, but this was the fastest way to save his friend. But he still remembered the expression on Tyler's face that almost screamed how worst the latter felt when David made this choice. That expression pained him so much that he almost wanted to tell Tyler the truth!

But when he thought about the information he read, he curbed his emotions and retracted his gaze. He couldn't back down now when he had already taken this step!


After a week...

Tyler sat straight in the criminal's seat wearing a loose grey colored shirt and pants. He almost felt like a fool to trust someone like David who would OOC without any reason.

How could he believe that the other person didn't have any hidden intentions? He had easily trusted the other person without trying to figure out the truth.

But why he was sending Tyler to the prison?!

This kind of evidence could be easily considered as real by the characters from this world. But Tyler could easily tell it was forged. He had dealt with many such documents in the past worlds, so he knew what the forged papers looked like.

And he could tell even David wasn't that stupid to consider this evidence the ultimate truth. If David were someone similar to him who was used to transmigrating from one world to another, he should be able to tell whether the evidence was real or fake.

The latter could have saved him easily, but he instead turned Tyler to the police. And now, he was standing in the public court as the judge was reading the same document.

Was this his punishment for trusting someone like David so easily?

A sarcastic smile formed on his lips.

The judge silently closed the paper and handed it to someone. "The evidence proves that Mr. Tyler Smith has indeed killed his parents. As per the record, the man had traces of poison in his blood while the woman was strangled to death. And as per section 408, 409, and 577, Mr. Tyler Smith is sentenced to death within seven days."

The term "seven days" rang in his ears as he stared at the judge dazedly. He knew he could've just used unnatural means to save himself from this death penalty. But did that really matter?

He was exhausted both mentally and emotionally, especially after what happened with David. He didn't have any heart to live in this world. He wanted to get out as fast as possible. And it was better to go to jail anyway.

At least, he wouldn't have to face that male lead.

Thinking of this, he sat back and closed his eyes silently. This was the best technique to avoid the association of this kind of two-faced person because he couldn't bring himself to trust the latter ever again!

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