7 Chapter Seven - He's Asking For Dating Tips!

Tyler glared at David. "It's a false rumor."

The other person's face was filled with disappointment, and he sighed. "And here I thought I'd do a good deed by getting two lovers together."

Tyler simply pursed his lips and ignored the male lead. He would deal with his assistant after going back to the company. First, he had to fill his stomach.

He took a plate filled with some dishes and another can of juice before heading over to an empty seat. Just as he was about to take a seat, another person joined and sat before him.

Who could it be other than David? Tyler had an urge to kill this person. "What are you doing here?"

The man's actions paused, and he innocently looked at Tyler. "Eating." He suddenly smirked. "Do you want to be with a certain someone? Perhaps a girl working in my company?"

Tyler was going mad in anger, but his face remained expressionless. If he continued to stay with this person, he would end up suffering from a migraine. He simply took his food and found another seat.

But the man still followed him and sat on the opposite seat.

Finally, Tyler couldn't stop himself from blurting out. "Why are you so free to talk about such kinds of rumors now and then?"

"Otherwise?" The man chewed his burger and said, "Elsa is a natural beauty. Any man can fall for her."

Tyler pursed his lips and ignored him.

David, on the other hand, was enjoying this. He had never thought teasing Tyler would bring so much happiness to his heart. So he simply took another bite of his burger and continued. "Say, Tyler, if you're really not having a secret crush on her, then are you gay?"

Tyler stiffened. How could he say it just like that?! This was a secret that he never wanted anyone to know, not at least in this world! This was his personal matter, and he was going to leave after finishing the story timeline! Yes, this was what usually happened. Every world he would come would have a fixed timeline until a story ends. But this rule had only troubled him even when there were no restrictions. It was because he had been to a cultivation world before, where the timeline was supposed to be a thousand years longer. But sadly, Tyler no longer remembered how he had dealt with such a prolonged torture. Back then, he had to follow the character settings, and unfortunately, the villain he was playing had been a flirt. For a cold guy to continually think of flirty words was an arduous task. It was as if Tyler had suddenly been asked to give a poetry exam, which was a sore point even for him. Fortunately, he no longer remembered traveling to such a world.

In the current world, only two more years was remaining, and he wanted to live peacefully. So what was the point of sharing such an intimate secret with unknown characters?! Tyler glared at David but didn't answer. He instead asked a question. "What about you? Why aren't you attracted to her? If she's so attractive, she should have won your heart already. But from what I see, you don't seem to like her at all."

This time, it was David's turn to freeze at this statement. Then he frowned as if he was contemplating the words before he finally took a deep breath and smiled. "So what if I'm not? What are you going to do about it?"

Tyler ignored this person and got up, throwing his plastic white-colored plate in the dustbin.

Just as he was about to go away, someone grabbed his arms all of a sudden. Tyler was caught off guard, and he was about to fall when his hands gripped the table. His heartbeat accelerated by this time, and when he calmed down, he glared at the person. "What's the matter with you?"

David rubbed his nose in embarrassment, and he quickly released Tyler's hands. Then he scratched his head, trying to come up with some words. "How about you give me some tips about how to fall in love? I mean, you surely have experience with it by…" He suddenly paused as if he was just about to blurt out something but stopped himself at the last minute. "Just a few tips. That's all I need."

Tyler dangerously narrowed his eyes at that. This behavior of the male lead seemed to give him a headache.

Is there a story where the main character roams around the villain only to ask him dating tips?!

Just what was this male lead thinking all day long? Tyler couldn't help but curse this person in his heart and walked with giant strides toward his stall. This time, David didn't follow.

After ten minutes, everyone assembled in the hall, sitting in front of their laptops. They quickly turned on their gaming interfaces as the judges made their way toward the stage. The host soon came forward and greeted with a broad smile on his lips.

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"Let's welcome our judges! Since we have already introduced them this morning, I won't waste time with it. They will check your games directly!"

The judges team consisted of three people: one woman and two men. One of them had a bald head, and he looked too arrogant, while the other just pushed up his gold-rimmed glasses and walked without glancing at anyone. The three of them stopped before the first stall and gestured to the participant to play the game.

Every laptop was connected to a projector. So if someone were playing the game, others in the hall would be able to notice everything.

They stopped only for five minutes before heading over to the next stall.

Three hours passed like that, and the judges checked all the stalls in the hall before they whispered the decision to the host.

Tyler watched the scene with a bored expression on his face because he knew his game was unique. It wasn't that he was arrogant and proud, but instead, he could see the surprise in the judges' faces. Even the gold-rimmed glasses guy raised his head and stopped for more than five minutes before his stall. He had also earned gasps and claps from other participants seeing the projector.

But what surprised him even more was that David's game was as good as his. Everything, including graphics and innovation, was above the level of everyone. Tyler frowned for a while at that. He remembered reading in the system about the game David's company had created. Although his game in the story wasn't that great, it attracted the judges' attention. He clearly remembered the game description well, but why this project created by David seemed to be a better version of that?

But when he thought of the unpredictability of this kind of male lead, Tyler couldn't help but feel helpless. He shouldn't be surprised anymore by such behavior. So he simply chose to ignore the male lead's actions and watch the show. He crossed his arms around his chest and looked at the judges.

"There's a pleasant surprise for you guys!" The host suddenly became excited after hearing the result given by the judges. "There's a tie between two people this year! Can you guess who these people are?'

Tyler raised his brows at that. He had a faint hunch in his heart that he didn't want to admit.

But he remained silent. Everyone was as silent and surprised as Tyler at this time.

"It's Tyler Smith and David Wilson!"

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