1 Chapter One - A New World

Birds chirped on the branches outside a window on the third floor. The voices of honking were heard in the background, mixed with the sound of ladies bargaining with the shopkeepers on the other side of the road. It was a normal world with fairly common people roaming around.

But one person wasn't 'normal.' It was the man who had just opened his eyes in an apartment. The sunlight coming from the window appeared on his face as he squinted his eyes to take a good look at the room.

Shielding his eyes with the palm of his hand, he let out a frustrated sigh. He slowly put his hands down and glanced around coldly. This was yet another so-called world, and he was sure that he would be a villain again.

A cold glint flashed across his eyes at that. He hated the thought of becoming a villain who was meant to kill everyone.

It had been many worlds ever since he had been becoming a villain. He already lost count and had even forgotten his name. But he liked to call himself "Tyler" because that's the earliest person he remembered possessing many hundred years ago.

Getting off of the bed, the first thing he did was to check out his appearance. After approaching the mirror, he saw a youth standing before him wearing an average white T-Shirt with a slogan, "Sex is everything" on the chest.

What the hell? What kind of design is this? Who wears such a thing?

Muttering curses at the owner of this body under his breath, he pulled the shirt above his head and threw it away. After that, he looked at his appearance again and nodded in satisfaction. This was the type of body he liked.

His build wasn't bulky but slender with muscles on his abdomen. That meant this the owner of this body used to perform exercises before he died.

Then Tyler looked at his eyes. There was a hint of blue shining around the dark orbs, making these eyes unique. Every time he blinked, the eyelashes would touch his cheeks, creating a beautiful picture of this young man. The blonde hair even enhanced the handsomeness of this person.

In short, Tyler was certainly satisfied. This was the only source of pleasure he had aside from sipping one or two bottles of alcohol. He liked watching appearances of the characters he had become.

After gawking at his body for a while, he shifted his gaze at the system menu that had been blinking for a long time. He pressed the red notification button on the top left corner, and a document opened.

[Welcome to the "Falling for a Goddess" storyline.

This world revolves around the setting of a CEO/Billionaire romance. David Wilson is the male lead of this world.]

He was thirty-five-year old, owner of a small business, but that wasn't the most surprising part. The most shocking part was that this David Wilson was the best friend of the biological father of the person Tyler had possessed this time—Tyler Smith.

Tyler raised his eyebrows at that. The name of the character was the same as his. That was interesting. He shook his head and continued to read the storyline of this world.

[Both of them will fall in love with one person—Elsa Brown, who just passed her exams in the commerce field.]

What a typical storyline! Tyler rolled his eyes and continued reading.

Like all others, this story revolved around the villain, Tyler Smith. The poor guy had a very tragic background. His mother was the wife of one of the topmost business people about a decade ago, but unfortunately, she didn't love him.

Instead, she was in love with another man—Alex Miller. On the wedding night, the woman drugged her rich husband and spent the night with Alex, and thus, Tyler was born.

So this person wasn't actually the son of this super-rich dad? That explained why it was said earlier that the male lead was the Villain's father's best friend. After all, David and Mr. Smith never interacted with each other. Tyler pursed his lips and continued reading.

After he was born, the woman whispered hateful words about her husband in Tyler's ears, making him think that his father hated him. She wanted to dig a crack in the relationship of this fake father and son, urging Tyler to take over the family business.

Later, as Tyler grew up, the CEO realized that this son wasn't probably his. He was angry at first but then thought it wasn't Tyler's mistake, and he loved this little kid, so he decided just to let things go even though the latter showed him only indifference.

He even drafted a will to give his everything to this son who wasn't his own flesh and blood. Later, Alex became greedier at the thought of this massive inheritance under his son's name and killed his lover's husband.

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When Tyler's mother found out about this, she didn't know what to think. To be honest, she didn't hate the man enough to kill him. She just wanted to satisfy her lover, Alex.

Then she realized that her lover had more than just a lousy personality and wrote a letter telling Tyler everything about his identity and killed herself out of excessive guilt. At the age of eighteen, the young man became an orphan.

Tyler raised his brows. Such a cliche story, but where were the male and female leads? They hadn't entered the plotline yet!

[After that, the young man was dealt with a huge blow to his fragile heart and felt so guilty for his behavior towards his father that his excessive guilt-tripping and anxiety developed into something more serious, and he started getting panic attacks.]

This was the background of the story. Tyler clicked the next page, and there was a detailed storyline of what happened after four years.

Basically, the villain had attended a few counseling sessions but failed to improve his mental state. Only when he met the female lead, who had come for the interview in his company, was he able to calm his mind.

He really wanted to go out with her, but due to his tragic experiences, he had become aloof, and he couldn't express his emotions freely. So he just silently kept helping the female lead, forgetting all about his pains caused by Alex.

But then, the male lead entered his life. This person was a flirt and playful and had just come to the business party at the Villain's company but ended up attracting the female lead's attention.

The girl left her job at the villain's company and joined the male lead, David Wilson. She effortlessly pursued him and successfully married him after two years of relationship.

During this period, the Villain's mental state deteriorated sharply, and he even tried to persuade Elsa to join his company, but the latter was blinded by love and refused.

She even thought that the villain had other intentions and just scolded him in front of the public.

After that, the Villain's heart cracked even more, and he slowly blackened. He wanted to cure his mental instability, and since the female lead could save him, he would take her by hook or by crook.

So he kidnapped her and shut her off in a room where only he could enter. She remained blindfolded for almost three months.

Here, David was very anxious when Elsa disappeared. He had turned the entire business world upside down. Later, his best friend, Alex, who was even more troubled by his biological son's rebellion, knew what had happened because he would watch everything behind the scenes.

He knew his son had kidnapped Elsa. So he wasted no time in telling David about it. Not only that, he even put up a few bad words about this son of his.

The male lead angrily went to the villain's place, got him behind bars, and saved the female lead.

After reading such a story, Tyler simply turned the transparent box of the system off and laid on the bed, staring deeply at the ceiling. This story seemed a little familiar to him, and he didn't even know why.

He furrowed his brows, trying to figure out the reason behind it, but he still couldn't tell why this storyline felt familiar to him. He had been to many worlds, and he had never felt like this before.

But he could tell that something was happening with his body. He was slowly losing his memory and his sense of existence. He didn't know why in the world he was here.

Tyler wanted to get out of this type of thinking, but the fact that he didn't have any goal in life gave him a hint of fear.

Just as he was thinking about his life, the cell phone rang. Tyler picked up and almost dropped the phone in shock.

The caller ID: David Wilson.

Why was the male lead calling him!? This wasn't in the plot!

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