19 Chapter Nineteen - What Was Alex Doing Here?!

Tyler flipped the coin in his fingers, playing with it continuously with a frown on his forehead.

It had been a few hours since he came to this prison. After the lunch break, they took all the prisoners to the field for work. Everyone was supposed to enter the underground tunnel and dig out the coal. This wasn't the first time he had done this kind of thing, but he hated the fact that David was the one who led him to this situation.

Was this what he would get for trusting someone so easily? He still didn't know why he had decided to believe David despite knowing that the latter was suspicious because of his constant OOCing nature.

What was the thing that drew him to that man? Was it the fact that he hadn't gotten laid for many decades? Or perhaps his soul had recognized the person playing the role of the male lead in this world?

Doesn't that mean Tyler is familiar with David, or whoever the person playing the role is?!

And if he was familiar, then why did that person decide to backstab him like this?

This was an already established fact that David wasn't just a character of this world, but someone who was used to transmigrating from one world to another. Thinking of this, Tyler had already put down his guard against that person.

But why did the latter do this to him? Did he have any hidden intentions for which he had approached Tyler?

If so, was this intention good or bad?

Tyler continued to frown as his mind kept making assumptions. But no matter how much he thought, he couldn't reach a conclusion.

A heavy sigh escaped his lips. He might as well just stop thinking about him.

But no matter what he would do, he couldn't not think about David. Every second in silence would remind him of the days that he had spent with David creating a game.

He still remembered a banter that had occurred between the two of them a month ago just because of Tyler's perfectionist nature and David's lazy attitude.

"Just see!" David had pointed the output on the screen at that time and laid back on the couch. "It's taking ages! And the scene is still not finished!"

Tyler rolled his eyes but didn't say anything, snatching back the laptop and keeping it on his lap. His fingers typed constantly on the laptop. He ignored the person who had just leaned toward him to point out the output on the screen.

It wasn't his nature to speak as many words as David would within five minutes. He rather believed in showing his efforts to prove a point rather than talking nonsense.

But clearly, David's nature was completely different. He kept babbling about how unfair it was to waste so much time on a single scene.

The entire game was still waiting for them! If they kept going with this speed, it might take them decades to build such a game.

At one point, Tyler got a headache due to constant talking, and he made a mistake.

Just as he pressed enter, the entire screen turned black, and the code was automatically deleted. Tyler stared at the screen for two minutes stupidly and then lashed out at David in anger.

"Look at what you've done!" His face was red as he glared at the other person sitting leisurely on the couch inside Tyler's house. At this time, the male lead had even brought his luggage to stay at the other person's home for a long time, and the latter couldn't do a single thing about it.

Whenever he would reject this proposal of staying together, David would just, in turn, bring the game in the conservation.

Being a perfectionist, Tyler knew that if they stayed together, they could finish this game within the shortest time possible.

But who would've thought that David would end up creating more troubles? Just like how his blabber managed to give Tyler so much headache that he made a gross mistake.

Now, who was responsible for that? Of course, it was David. Even the latter was most likely aware of his mistakes, but instead of apologizing, the corners of his lips stretched to form a sly smile.

"Who told you to listen to my nonsense when you knew you'd make a mistake?"

"You—" Tyler couldn't find the correct words to describe his unhappiness. So he shut his mouth and continued to type. But who knows when David obtained sympathetic blood within his veins. He instantly snatched back Tyler's laptop and typed a few words and said with a grin, "All done. Check it out."

Tyler frowned but glanced at the screen only to see the scene that he was working on was finally finished with accuracy. He gaped at the screen in surprise and then glanced at David, who was grinning widely.

"No need to say thanks."

And Tyler really didn't say thanks because of which the latter again started blabbering about how unfair it was for Tyler to not appreciate his efforts.

But Tyler was busy thinking how David was even smarter than him to solve the issue within minutes! Back then, Tyler had seen the male lead from a completely different perception. But who knew the latter would end up backstabbing him like this?

Now that Tyler thought about it again in his prison, he couldn't help but feel a stabbing pain in his heart. Those days were a gem for him, but even thinking about it made him feel as if someone was slashing his heart with a sharp knife.

Another gloomy sigh escaped his lips. This feeling was way worse than how exhausted he felt back then before he met David.

Of course, he was able to meet many characters in the previous worlds, but no one could even reach the 1% of smartness that David shared with him. Almost every single one of them was well-defined characters without any sign of uniqueness.

This was the first time in decades or even centuries that he found someone who was a real person like him.

How could he not feel sad knowing the other person had hidden intentions? But he knew there must be a reason behind this. The other person mustn't have such a petty personality. He was smarter than the normal characters he had seen.

But Tyler couldn't help but feel twisted pain in his heart when he thought of that man backstabbing him.

Why was that? He could only blame it all on the crush he had on that person.

Just then, the bell rang again and a familiar robotic voice spoke through the speakers.

"Prisoners, you can head over to the cafeteria for dinner, and come back within half an hour. If you're late, please don't blame the officers for being strict."

Then, Tyler decided to head over to the cafeteria. During lunch, he hadn't wanted to sit among the criminals, so he had taken his food back to his cell to enjoy his food, which was rather tasteless.

But this time, he thought of spending his time in the cafeteria. Since he was already here, he would get more information about this prison. Perhaps that would give him a hint of a reason as to why David chose to send him here rather than saving him.

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Just as he stepped his foot within the cafeteria, he noticed someone familiar. Seeing that person made him feel so shocked that he just kept standing at the door and staring at that person with widened eyes.

The person seemed to be around his old age. Wrinkles formed around his neck and eyes as whitish blonde hair fell on his forehead messily.

It was Alex Miller—the supposed biological father of the villain of this story.

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