9 Chapter Nine - We're Going To London together?!

Tyler gnashed his teeth in anger, seeing David standing on his doorsteps with his hands in his pockets, staring at the closed door with a smile on his face.

This male lead! Why was this person always giving him a headache? Tyler rubbed his forehead and exhaled before closing his system interface. He calmly stood up from his chair and unlocked the door, only opening it by two inches.

When David saw a certain someone's eyes squinting at him, his smile widened even more. He rubbed his palms together and said, "Aren't you going to invite me inside?"

"No," Tyler replied coldly. His eyes sharpened even more.

But this person outside the house had shamelessness written inside his bones. He wouldn't give up! He shook his head and shrugged. "I just wanted to give you the prize you deserve. Who would've thought that you would treat your guests like this? It can't be helped. I have to teach you some manners." As soon as he said this, he pushed the door roughly.

"Hey-" Tyler had just opened his mouth when he felt someone's force against the door, making him stumble back and fall on the floor.

Just when David walked inside, his smile widened. "That wasn't hard, was it? You just had to invite me in." Then a frown crossed his forehead. "By the way, why are you lying on the ground?"

Wasn't this because of him?! Tyler wanted to say something but choked on his words and could only turn his face to the side, ignoring a specific arrogant person in his living room. He got up and prepared to sleep, ignoring the existence of the male lead.

Who would have thought that David would come marching behind him in his bedroom? Just then, Tyler pushed the male lead outside. To his surprise, this person even stumbled back and gripped the door frame as if caught off guard. Then he made an expression as if he was about to blame Tyler for something. "You should walk carefully; otherwise, you would really end up injuring someone!"

"Get out of my house!" Tyler didn't think he had said enough, so he opened his mouth to warn David again. "Right now!"

"Okay, chill." When the male lead saw Tyler so angry that he looked like a cat whose fur was erect, he took a step back instinctively and gave an awkward smile. He never thought that Tyler could look so scary in anger. He licked his lips and said, "I just-" he didn't know how to explain, so he scratched his head, "-Our flight is in an hour."

"What flight?" This time, Tyler's expressions suddenly changed from furious to confusion. He even tilted his head to gaze at David with narrowed eyes.

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"We just won the competition, and we have to leave for London tonight."

Tyler stared at David as if the other person had suddenly become crazy. Hadn't he told his assistant already that he wasn't attending? Then why was David still troubling him? He turned back toward his clothes cabinet and shuffled out his dark blue nighty. "You can go alone. Why did you come to my place just to tell me this? The door is to your right. Please, get out." His actions clearly screamed, 'I'm not going to see you out, just find your way out and shut the door on your own' kind of feeling.

David pursed his lips and stood there like a statue for an entire minute before an idea flashed in his head. He smirked and said, "Say, Tyler, your actions make me feel suspicious of you. This should be a pleasant opportunity for your business, and yet, you're rejecting it. Why? Are you planning something else, or is it because of me you're rejecting it?" Then he laughed suddenly. "It looks like our Mr. CEO is really sticky. Otherwise, why would you reject such an offer just because of me?"

Tyler stiffened at that. Recently he had been so focused on David that he almost forgot about the world setting! He had already decided to follow the plot, even though it had started to go astray for some reason. His primary goal was to find out the reason behind such a disturbance! Why was he then so focused on the male lead alone? Last time, according to the plot, David and Else should be going to London for the collaboration thing, but that part changed when David and Tyler were going together. Since the plot itself was starting to OOC, he had to doubt every character involved!

After frowning for a while, Tyler relaxed his shoulders and hesitated before saying, "I'll pack the bags. Wait outside."

Just as the male lead heard this, a big smile flashed on his lips. He was even pleased with Tyler's reaction. To him, it looked like he knew exactly which button of Tyler's he should press to get an amusing reaction out of him.

After closing the door, Tyler leaned back on the door while rubbing his forehead in irritation. How could he be so careless? He shouldn't be so immersed with only one person and judge him without any evidence. He had always had a habit of reacting without thinking whenever something risky happened. And in this case, he had developed a subconscious reaction against the male lead. Whenever David would approach him against his character settings, he would automatically react negatively. Now when he seriously thought about it, it would rather be better if he would go with David.

In this way, he could figure out what was wrong with the male lead! He would try and use many schemes secretly to test David's personality. He had read the storyline and already knew how the male lead of this world should react to everything. Even if David wasn't really the male lead but someone else like Tyler, it wouldn't matter. He could figure out the reality anyway with his keen eyes! He knew even a professional actor wouldn't be able to act like someone else for days continuously!

In his heart, he felt like his idea was very good, but he didn't realize that David was currently staring at Tyler's door with an indescribable expression on his face. The corners of his lips raised and went wider when he thought of something and leaned back on the couch, crossing his arms against his chest. He said to himself, "Looks like this cold person is still the same. It's very easy to make him agree to whatever I say."

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