14 Chapter Fourteen - Give Him Back!

It was early morning when the sun had risen just a few hours ago. Shadows of everyone seemed to be slanted as people continued to jog across the street. But at this time, there was a certain girl who kept staring at the big building before her eyes without blinking.

The corner of her eyes had turned red, and there were dark circles around both her eyes. But she continued to stand there as if nothing else mattered to her.

She was none other than Elsa. This girl was obsessed with a certain male lead and wanted him all for herself. She wanted his Greek God-like body and his money as well.

But who would've thought that this vile person, Tyler, would enter her life once again?! He not only drifted her David away from her but also turned him gay!

Even thinking of this made her blood boil. She stood up right here all night after the boss kicked her out. But no one dared to talk to her. The people who she thought were good friends ignored her presence.

It was a good thing that the person who had emailed her that day replied fast and even took appropriate actions! Now the boss of Softech Gaming was so busy that he couldn't even sleep at night!

She felt terrible for doing this to David, but when she thought of how she would get him back after dealing with that vile person, her eyes darkened.

Elsa knew that if David weren't busy, he would surely make matters worse, and her aim at getting revenge against that vile person wouldn't be fulfilled. So this was her only chance to deal with Tyler once and for all!

When she thought of this, her heart calmed down, and she retracted her gaze. After taking a taxi, she uttered a familiar address and leaned back on her seat.

She had gone to Tyler's place before, but this time, she was going for a reason. This was to warn him and give David back to her!

If he still didn't listen, she would send him to prison under a fake **** FIR! Let's see who David would choose: the person who raped his former assistant, or the assistant who was wholeheartedly in love with him!


At this time, Tyler had a verbal argument with David on the phone.

"I don't care. You're not coming, and that's it." Tyler said once again after tying up his tie as he put on his bluetooth speaker in his ears.

"Why? Are you afraid I'd do something?" David teased as he combed his hair and picked up his bag.

The other person's eyes became red in anger. Veins popped on his forehead as he gripped the phone tighter. "Why do you want to come to my place instead of the office?"

David pursed his lips. He had a premonition that something bad would happen if he failed to see Tyler today. And his intuition had never been wrong!

But this wasn't something he wanted the other person to know. "Of course, it's to relax while working. Weren't you exhausted when we were boarding the plane? It seemed to haven't slept in days!"

This guy still dared to speak about it! Tyler's eyes became icier at this. Wasn't he tired because of David?

But just as he wanted to say something, someone knocked on the door. Hearing that, he was about to turn the phone off when David suddenly spoke in a rare serious voice. "Don't hang up."

"Why?" Tyler was confused for a moment, but something suddenly occurred to him. The male lead was busier the day before, and now someone suddenly knocked on his door. Was it the person who took the villain's role when Tyler got busy focusing on the male lead?

"Just trust me. Keep it on."

Tyler didn't say anything but turned on the recording function and went to open the door.

At this time, the villain should be approaching the female lead and warn him. But it seemed someone had approached him instead. Would this person be considered as the temporary villain?

If yes, then he might end up saying something unusual to create trouble. So it was better to take precautions and record everything.

Just as he opened the door, a sharp female voice said in anger, "How dare you? You demon!"

"Elsa?" A trace of confusion appeared in Tyler's eyes. She was supposed to be the female lead of the story. And she had also kissed David at the airport earlier. Even though that scene had imprinted itself in his mind somehow and didn't flush out no matter what he did, he still believed that the storyline should be going according to the plot this time.

He still had doubts from last night when he couldn't see Elsa's face, and instead, David called him, asking for help.

But the storyline shouldn't change that much to turn Elsa, who was the original female lead, into a villain.

When Tyler thought of how David had continued to OOC and still hasn't backed out yet, he sighed. If there were such a male lead present in this world, anything was possible.

Tyler was calm after thinking of everything, but Elsa was just as angry. Upon seeing his cold and expressionless face, Elsa got so mad that she could vomit blood.

How can a person be so calm even after causing such havoc in her life?! She even lost her job because of him!

She instantly grabbed his collar and glared at him. Today, she wouldn't let him get away no matter what!

Tyler was stunned seeing her actions. "You—"

"Shut up!" Her lower lips quivered because of her anger. "Give him back!"

"Who?" What was she talking about? Tyler frowned and suddenly had a vague idea. She wasn't talking about David, was she?

"Don't play jokes on me, Tyler. I know you very well! You're a beast in human skin! You knew I wouldn't come back to you, so you thought of doing a heinous crime! Why did you do this? Huh?"

"What did I do?"

"What did you do?" David and Tyler spoke at the same time. His voice sounded in his ears, making him realize that a third person listened to this nonsense.

When Tyler thought of this, his face couldn't help contort a little before gaining back his cold and icy appearance. That guy on the other side of the phone had perhaps deliberately asked that question. He knew perfectly well what Elsa was talking about.

Even a dumb person could tell what had occurred in the female lead's mind! Still, he wanted to confirm before his hunch before he could do anything.

"You don't think David's bent, do you?" Tyler suddenly heard something falling on the other side of the phone as if even David had become so surprised by this question that the thing in his hand fell on the ground in shock.

He ignored the male lead and stared at Elsa, who grew furious. She swore that if she was as strong as Tyler, she could've killed him on the spot!

"Hah, look at this man. Why are you trying to be naive after playing your part?!" She took out a piece of paper having a color print of something and threw it at Tyler's face. "Don't tell me this isn't you."

This pic was of the day when Tyler had fallen on David. Back then, the former was even thinking that the other person was attractive as hell. Tyler was stunned when he looked at his own blushing face that gazed at David, and the male lead, whose ears had turned red.

Anyone who would see this particular image would think that the two people in the pic had just started their romance!

No wonder Elsa thought Tyler had stolen David from her. But how did she get this pic?

"Where did you get this?" His brows furrowed as he glanced at Elsa.

"You don't have to think about this!" She spat and glared at Tyler. "You better get away from him, or else, consequences would be worse."

"Tyler, listen to me." David's voice suddenly sounded from the other side, quickening Tyler's heartbeat. The latter had never heard his voice ringing so intense in his ears. It almost made him blush, but he controlled his emotions. "Keep her busy until I come."

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He couldn't ask why. He didn't even know what David was going to do because he couldn't ask him! For the first time in his life, Tyler wanted to say something but couldn't!

And why would he need a male lead's help? He was completely capable of solving the issue on his own! He was even recording the call so that he could have evidence if Elsa did something!

"What if I say no?" Tyler said to provoke the lady and see what she would do. Normally, he wasn't the person to take risks, but this time, he was prepared if something would go wrong. He could even deduce and imagine in his mind the things this female lead could do to achieve success today.

And she really started doing "something" right there.

She smeared her lipstick and tore her sleeves, smirking evilly. "Then I'll send you to prison."

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