4 Chapter Four - Doing Something Different!

Tyler couldn't sit still after meeting the main characters. He waved at his assistant, gesturing to him to leave him alone, and opened his system interface. A transparent box opened before him, showing multiple sections such as home page, about the world, character description, shopping, and notification. He clicked on the shopping section and purchased a hidden camera. This was the place he had used to buy that island. Thinking of the coins he wasted to purchase something like that, Tyler felt somewhat bitter. He had purchased something with his personal money, and it was still a waste!

He sighed and clicked open the camera. Putting the name of the male lead, he sat back on his seat and watched the main characters stepping out of the elevator with squinted eyes.

He didn't want to use a private camera since he didn't even want to indulge in the plotline anymore, but David's behavior made him feel suspicious. He had an intuition in the pit of his stomach that something had happened, and his life would certainly change after this, just like how the restrictions had suddenly disappeared one day.

He tapped his finger on his thighs, but the two characters just walked and entered the car. Tyler hesitated before deciding to keep the camera outside the car. The people inside should have some privacy. After all, he didn't want to see the couple kissing inside the car.

Just as he was watching this scene, the assistant knocked on the door. "Sir, the investors are here."

Tyler nodded and sat back before closing the system window. He still didn't know whether he should follow the plot or not. This type of male lead made him feel like the latter was nothing but trouble. He didn't want someone to suddenly stab him on his back just because he didn't pay attention to the male lead. So it was better just to follow the plot and wait.

Thinking of this, his body relaxed as he opened the world outline again.

According to it, the female lead was going to attend a gaming contest to represent David's company. Many companies would create multiplayer online games, and the best one would be sold to millions of people on the spot.

The villain was also a participant. He didn't get involved. After all, he wanted to attract the attention of the female lead. He had thought previously that the female lead had approached David because of his skills in creating games. So the villain wanted to show off by winning this contest. Unfortunately, he couldn't make the game on time and lost terribly. Even the female lead had given him the cold shoulder at that time.

Tyler tilted his head for a moment and thought. Creating such a game was a piece of cake for him.

After experiencing so many worlds, Tyler had gotten an unlimited amount of skills. In one of the world's, he had been a hacker who was supposed to destroy a company. The male lead was also the CEO, who was utterly defeated by Tyler. But later, the main characters stood up on their feet again and killed Tyler. That was the time when Tyler had faced a tragic death due to the system restrictions. He couldn't OOC because of it and was forced to follow all sorts of roles.

This made him irritable and ruthless while playing his roles. Fortunately, it all stopped, and the last few hundred worlds had been nothing but a vacation for him. But he felt exhausted because of this endless vacation. It was good to have a rest, but without any goal in life, he felt that he was almost useless. He didn't want such a life anymore.

But these were the worries he couldn't share with anyone. Even though he was tired, he would still choose a peaceful life over tragic deaths in countless worlds without having control over his life.

But now, when suddenly the male lead had started to show traces of OOCing, Tyler couldn't help but feel slightly anxious. He didn't know what kind of results this change would bring.

Tyler opened the camera interface in the system and watched the male lead dropping off Elsa before driving in another direction.

Since the male lead wasn't willing to follow the storyline, Tyler would also do something different. He cracked his knuckles and turned toward his computer, typing on the keyboard. He would create a game that would make the entire world kneel before him!

The assistant knocked again. "Sir, the meeting?"

"Cancel it," Tyler said coldly without taking his eyes off of the computer. "I'm doing something."

"But sir," the assistant said awkwardly. "Those are the investors. How can you say no to them?"

The man stopped typing and glanced sharply at the person standing at the door. Seeing that stare, the assistant couldn't help but feel cold sweat forming on his forehead. Just when he thought his boss would fire him for disturbing him like this, Tyler parted his lips and said, "Tell the investors that I'm going to bring them a fortune soon. They just have to wait for the news."

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Hearing this, Tyler got busy with his computer, leaving his assistant confused. The latter tilted his head. He couldn't understand why his boss would say something like this again, but he didn't dare to say anything to his boss. He feared that if he were to anger Tyler like this, he would soon lose his job. Taking a deep breath, he went to send this message to the investors.


After dropping off Elsa, David reached his villa and parked his car. He got out of the car and locked the door before suddenly darted his eyes toward the sky. It had been a while ever since he felt as if someone was peeping on him.

If the invisible camera were a person, it would have been frightened to death by that intense stare of the male lead. It was because David was staring precisely at the place where the camera was hovering in the sky. Unfortunately, Tyler was busy creating his game and didn't see this little activity.

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