5 Chapter Five - The Male Lead Is Stripping!

Tyler stretched his legs after a few hours of work and got up to pick up his phone. His phone continued to ring occasionally during his work, but he ignored it. Now that he was free, he would take a look at the notification screen. Just as he unlocked his phone, most of the notification was filled with the messages of the male lead. Many texts expressed his remorse toward the broken business deal, and David also randomly kept sending selfies.

With a dark expression on his face, Tyler deleted all the messages without even looking. He didn't know what this male lead was thinking! Why would he go against his character settings all of a sudden? A vague thought flashed through his mind. It couldn't be that the male lead was possessed, right? Then Tyler shook his head at that. The probability of that happening was negative. It wasn't like he didn't want to consider this possibility, but because he had been transmigrating from one world to another for hundreds of years. Nothing like that had ever happened yet. Why would a ghost possess the male lead in this kind of romantic world setting?

Pursuing his lips, he got back to work and only stopped when he had created a basic outline of the game he would develop. It was already late night, and he ordered pizza for dinner.

'I haven't seen what the male lead was doing at this time, have I?' Thinking of this, Tyler pressed the camera interface in his system.

Just as the window appeared, it showed an image of someone just opening the door and walking out of the bathroom with only a towel around his waist. David's whole body was covered with droplets of water as he continuously wiped his hair with another towel.

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Seeing this scene, Tyler was stunned. His throat went dry as he swallowed a lump of saliva. Just why did he have to open the interface exactly when the male lead had just taken his bath? Even the heart inside Tyler's chest had started to thump louder. His ears were red when he found himself turning the interface off.

After that, Tyler rubbed his temples, massaging his forehead a little. That's why he had always tried to keep a safe distance from the male leads in the past worlds! But now, he couldn't just let the male lead roam around and do anything the latter wished to either. He wouldn't be able to feel at ease.

He waited five more minutes before pressing the interface again. This time, David was sitting before his laptop on the bed with a towel around his neck as wet hair stuck to his forehead. The man had already dressed up as he continued to type something on the laptop. But he suddenly stopped and looked in the direction of the camera.

Tyler's heart skipped a beat. David's gaze seemed intense for a few seconds before he walked over to the table and picked up his phone, which was also kept in the same place as the camera.

Seeing that the male lead wasn't really looking at the camera, Tyler's shoulders relaxed. The small item was invisible, so it wouldn't make sense for this character from the book to find out the camera from the naked eyes.

Right then, David raised his phone, snapped a selfie, and tapped a few words on his phone.


Tyler's phone rang, but he didn't have to unlock his phone to see who it was. He looked at the man, who was standing with a big smile on his lips. Tyler's face turned darker. This was merely useless! The male lead seemed to have nothing to do except for troubling him like this. But he stubbornly watched the camera feeds. Tyler couldn't pause it just because the male lead was doing some stupid stuff.

But before he could do anything else, David threw his phone, put away his laptop, and started stripping. Seeing a person only in his boxers, Tyler's eyes widened, and he quickly turned the camera off.

Damn that male lead. Why did he like being naked all the time?!

He should just do his work and forget about the male lead for the time being. The current goal was to win the game competition. Thinking of that, he got up and went to the bathroom and prepared to sleep.


A month later…

Sun rose high in the sky as birds chirped on several branches. This was the time when Tyler would usually wake and look outside the window before heading off to the bathroom. His house was on the third floor of the apartment, and a giant tree could be seen in the courtyard. Several big branches hung from the trunk. One of them was even plastered with Tyler's bedroom window, making it difficult to open it. So Tyler had just ignored it.

But today was different. There was only an hour left before the final submission of the game, and Tyler had single-handedly created a game that had the capability of winning millions of hearts!

To finish his project, he had spent an entire night typing on his computer.

After finishing everything, he stretched his hands and got up to freshen up. Finally! After so long, he could finish this game. Let's see who could criticize this piece of work!

Out of habit, he opened the camera interface in his system to take a look at the camera. The other person was typing on the computer screen as well in his office. He had suited up as a jacket hung on his chair. His furrowed brows looked completely different from his playful personality. This scene was constant even after Tyler was down with his daily morning schedule. He simply turned off the camera and took the keys, walking toward his car. He ignited the car engine and drove to his office.

It had been a month, and Tyler had already jotted down the details of when David would like to strip off his clothes. He wouldn't even think of turning off the camera at that time! After confirming the schedule, Tyler could tell that David had the habit of sleeping without clothes, so he would never turn on the camera after ten at night.

Although Tyler wanted to know why this male lead behaved like this, his guard gradually lowered little by little. The other person hadn't done anything other than sending constant selfies, which Tyler would end up deleting.

Since the other person didn't want to make Tyler's life difficult, he would also not care whether David was following the plot or not. He was fine with anything as long as he could get his peaceful life.

But Tyler was careful not to miss out on a single detail of the male lead's life since the other person was so unpredictable. He even had a hunch that David would suddenly appear at the venue!

After arriving at the venue, he texted his assistant to be present as well. This was an important day, and many major companies would come. But Tyler didn't care about it. He didn't even belong to this world in the first place!

Tyler got out of the car with his laptop bag and a pen drive on the other hand. Just as he reached the door and entered the exhibition hall, his steps paused upon seeing a familiar face standing beside the female lead. It was David! He massaged his forehead that was aching due to this unpredictable person.

In the original novel, the male lead couldn't attend the exhibition and sent the female lead as a representative. But the reality was different as Tyler could see David standing before his eyes.

He was right. The male lead had ignored the plotline again!

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