15 Chapter Fifteen - The New Game

Tyler didn't stop the girl. Instead, he crossed his arms around his chest and narrowed his eyes at her. He had already prepared himself at this time with full proof evidence. So he didn't need to be afraid of this girl.

Elsa continued to mess up with her appearance and glared at Tyler before picking up her phone. "Hello, police?"

Before she could say anything, Tyler snatched the phone and said, "I want to file a complaint against a girl." He paused dramatically and glanced at her. "Well, she is trying to use fake evidence to turn me in for 'raping' her." He stopped to listen to the other person and said, "Elsa Brown...Alright, I'll listen to you."

He cut off the phone and squinted his eyes at the girl. "Now, your plan should've failed. What will you do?"

Elsa was stunned. Her plan did fail after this. She wanted to tell the police that Tyler had raped her.

But now that the police had already heard how she was just going to lie, how could they trust her again? At this thought, she couldn't help but be angry.

She felt so shameful at this moment that she wanted to dig a hole in the ground and hide there forever. Not only she failed to warn this man for going to David, but she also was unable to throw this person in jail!

Just then, a thought flashed through her eyes. Yes! She still had that person sending her that email! She could contact that person again and ask him how to handle this situation!

Thinking of this, she calmed down and quickly snatched her phone back. "Do whatever you want, Mr. Smith, but remember, I'd seek revenge."

But Tyler simply waved his hands, indicating her to go away.


A month passed just like that. David and Tyler cooperated not only for solving the technical problems of Softech Gaming but also created a game with Flybird in London.

Their cooperation in London was fruitful, although they had to take several trips to that place again. But Tyler didn't want to repeat the same mistake, so he took charge of booking hotel rooms every time they would go to London.

Today, on a bright sunny day, there was going to be a conference to spread the word about the game that they created with Flybird. Since three big companies were involved, the media was excited.

Even a beginner in the gaming field knew about this, and they anticipated the day of the conference to hear more about the game.

Finally, this day was here!

One of the avid gamers was among the anchors who would be taking questions during the press conference. He pushed back his specs and rubbed his palms excitedly.

Today, he would finally see the two male Gods who were creating havoc in the gaming world!

Just then, the crowd silenced, and the sound of footsteps echoed in the room. Two familiar people entered the stage and stood at the center, gazing at the media with narrowed eyes. One of them smiled and walked a few steps ahead.

"I'm David Wilson, and we are here to announce the trailer of our game that might change the entire future of the modern gaming field!" The crowd of people gathered to take questions cheered. And the anchor who specifically came to observe these two people couldn't help but stare at them with glistening eyes.

They will finally show the trailer! He still couldn't believe this!

On the stage, Tyler pressed his lips in a thin line and continued to watch the crowd coldly. He had no intention to speak today. Since David liked talking so much, it was better to let him handle the process.

After a brief introduction, two attendants came forward with a VR at hand. David wore it and took the remote control in his hand. "Start the game."

Everyone was excited. The crowd silenced and focused on the big screen behind the stage. Suddenly, the screen flashed, and a name appeared in the middle: An ancient warrior.

After pressing the start button, a figure appeared on the screen with an ancient warrior dress-up covered with metal plates for protection, a bow and arrow hanging on his back, and a sword on his hand. The figure looked so real that it almost felt like a real person, not something created by David and Tyler.

This character was standing in the middle of the forest, and a "start" button hovered in the middle. David quickly pressed the button, and the scene changed.

The warrior on the screen jumped and landed on a platform by twelve enemies. On the top, the anchors beneath the stage could see HP, weapon, and life signs of the character, while on the other hand, there was a menu section on the bottom. You could also enter the inventory to select or purchase weapons.

David controlled the character on the screen and made him walk toward the first enemy. This was a bulky man standing at the leftmost side of the screen. Then, the dialogue appeared:

"Are you ready for a PK?"

He clicked yes, and the scene changed again. This time, two characters were standing face-to-face. But before David could start playing, Tyler suddenly voiced out his thoughts. "I want to fight you."

David's eyebrows shot up at this, and he swiftly turned toward the other person. These days, the two of them became good friends and would often engage in multiplayer games at home while working.

But the game they created was unique with VR effects. That meant they could see everything on the screen from the character's perspective if you have a VR machine. But he didn't expect that even Tyler would be interested in playing such a game.

But he couldn't be more delighted hearing this. He nodded, and one assistant came with another VR machine. Tyler wore it and took the controller at hand.

The latter didn't know why he was so compelled to play this game. Perhaps it was because this game had a touch of futuristic design that felt a little familiar for some reason.

To be honest, he had stopped suspecting David's identity. Even if the latter wasn't really the male lead, but someone else like him, he still hasn't done anything to mess with Tyler. Instead, all the male lead wanted was to spend more time with him.

The last time when big changes had occurred in the system, Tyler had suddenly started to feel as if he had lost a lot of power. He initially feared that if David would continue to OOC in front of him, he might even die of exhaustion. But nothing like this happened.

Instead, Tyler was still continuing his peaceful lifestyle. So he simply lowered his guard around David. And he was finally able to enjoy his life after spending so many decades alone. He was pleased to find someone who was similarly as smart as him.

After selecting the multiplayer mode, Tyler was the one who controlled the bulky character, while David had chosen a warrior.

"Let's see who wins," David whispered without glancing at Tyler.

"You better watch your back," Tyler said, turning his face toward the screen. He couldn't deny anymore that David's company was giving him pleasure, at least while playing games.

But he would also frequently sneak a glance or two at the male lead's God-like body and blush while thinking of perverted thoughts.

If it were a month before, he would've had trouble accepting such a thing. But when he thought about the male lead's personality, he realized that he was worrying about nothing.

David was a straight person, sexually! So it doesn't matter if Tyler had any feelings for this guy or not. The other person wasn't likely to be attached to him anyway. This particular thought made him relax his guard around David so much so that the two of them became good friends by this time.

He was even habitual of David's OOC issue!

The entire audience could see two players on the screen fighting with each other. The warrior used two swords while the bulky man used his fist to fight.

At first, the warrior swung the sword, but the bulky man dodged it and hit a punch toward the warrior. But the latter had faster feet. He quickly backed up a few steps and used a few sword moves.

Tyler was stupefied seeing that, but he quickly recovered. Even though he had used futuristic technology in this gaming project, David's ability to learn the new language and coding was faster than ever. Even within a month the two of them were able to develop a small trailer of this game.

The characters continued to fight until Tyler won the game. He smiled and took off his VR machine. Glancing at David, he said, "I won, again."

David shook his head. "Why do I always lose to you?"

"Maybe because you don't practice."

"Or maybe because I don't have a habit of playing games all the time."

"Then why do you own a gaming company?" Tyler knew this person wasn't likely to be the real male lead of this world, and it was perhaps the character settings that allowed David to own a gaming company. So he was somewhat surprised to find out that the real person beneath this male lead's garb didn't like playing games.

David smiled awkwardly and scratched his head. "Well, that's because it's beneficial."

After finishing with the game, the two of them sat on a chair beneath the stage and allowed the press to question them.

But the first question that someone asked was rather conspicuous—

"Did you two steal Mr. Miller's project?"

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