11 Chapter Eleven - I Can't Sleep!

Tyler ignored the male lead behind him and basically treated him as an invisible person. For example, he took out his things and assembled his laptop, phone, and other personal belongings on the table, not giving any space to the male lead.

This was his way of getting his revenge secretly against David for not booking two rooms before dragging him to London. After that, he didn't even sneak a glance at the other person and went to sort out his clothes.

Taking out a towel and nighty, he slipped inside the bathroom before the other person could enter. But who would have thought that just as he stripped off of his clothes, there would be a knock on the door?

He stopped and glanced coldly at the door before treating it as if nothing happened. He wouldn't give this person a chance to enter this bathroom no matter what!

"Tyler, I know you're listening." The voice paused for a while and sounded again. But this time, his voice seemed as if he was controlling something. "If you don't open up soon, I might end up spreading my juice right here in the bedroom."

Tyler's eyes widened at these shameless words. Couldn't he say anything when Tyler wasn't inside the bathroom? Why would he urge to open the door when he was bathing?!

He glanced at the toilet and went out of the shower, glaring at the door. He silently unlocked it, rushed toward his shower, and covered himself with the curtains.

After doing all of these things, he leaned against the wall and said, "I opened it. Get in." But he thought of something and couldn't help but add. "If you do something funny, you're not using this toilet anymore. I don't care where you find a washroom to relieve yourself, just not here."

At first, he had thought that the man outside would retort and make a joke or something, but who would've thought that David would pause unnaturally for more than a few minutes and say, "You know what? It's not that urgent. You can take your bath."

Tyler frowned and glanced at the door, then shrugged. Whatever, it was the male lead who would be suffering, not him. Still, he quickly took his bath within five minutes before wearing the clothes he brought and opened the bathroom. Without even glancing at David, he went toward his laptop and turned it on.

This time, under the pretext of working, Tyler turned on his system interface and glanced at the character description, ignoring the naked picture of David.

'The male lead liked to eat pizza in the mornings, coffee during work, and is a person who loved to work out every day after waking up. He seems playful to the people he is with, but deep down, he would be aloof, and no one can tell what he's thinking just by watching his expressions. He might even be planning something behind other's back with a playful mask on his face. He's manipulative the villains, but for his friends and lover, he is the person they could depend on.'

Manipulative…playful…doesn't it seem to be the description of how David is?

Tyler frowned and thought carefully. Even though the male lead was always OOCing, his personality didn't change. It could be that this person was acting like that so that Tyler couldn't doubt his identity. Then this was an excellent chance to judge him.

After that, he closed the system interface and started doing the regular CEO work of his company before shutting off the laptop.

Just as he had laid on his side of the bed and covered himself with the quilt, the bathroom door opened, and a shirtless David entered his eyesight, wiping his hair with a small towel.

Even though his lower region was covered with another big towel wrapped around his torso, Tyler couldn't help stare at this man unblinkingly for a minute before he regained his composure.

He hid his face inside the blanket, curbing his urge to scream under the covers. How embarrassing! His cheeks still had a pinkish glow, and he was sure that the guy had seen him gawking at his face. And now he assumed that David would just end up flirting with him to make matters worse!

But who would have thought that this person would suddenly become a gentleman? David cleared his throat after getting dressed and said, "I'll head downstairs with my laptop. I have some work." And he quickly left Tyler alone with his thoughts.

Tyler's frown deepened as he stared at the empty bedroom for a long time before closing his eyes and falling asleep.

Outside, David was also frowning for some reason as if he didn't know what to do. A trace of helplessness had appeared on his face but quickly disappeared after he reached the dining room. He should just work and leave Tyler alone for the time being. That guy was embarrassed enough already.

Five hours later, Tyler had just opened the door of his bedroom when a sweaty male lead entered the bedroom with a tracksuit and towel around his shoulders. He suddenly remembered the character description.

Doubt began to enter Tyler's mind. Was David just acting? Or was this his real personality? He simply couldn't tell. So he thought he would just wait and see what happens.


Five days later…

An exhausted Tyler walked out of the hotel dragging his suitcase behind him. He didn't want to think about David anymore. That sly fox!

He was just as manipulative and flirty as the character setting had mentioned! It was just that the person who was supposed to receive this treatment suddenly changed. In the storyline, the female.lead was supposed to be on the other side while the male.lead was flirting!

When he thought of all the nights he spent with that person with a wolf-like personality, his entire face flushed in embarrassment.

The first night, when Tyler had finally slept on his bed, he heard a shuffling sound beside him, and soon, someone laid down right next to him! Who could it be other than David?!

But Tyler had ignored him as David's words that he had said before he agreed to go to England were ringing in his mind. That he shouldn't be so focused on this person too much.

Tyler thought he would just curl up at the corner of the bed and treat the male lead like a ghost. But who would have thought that the next morning, he would find himself in the other person's embrace?!

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David had securely wrapped Tyler in his arms so tightly that the latter couldn't even move. His chest felt like it was about to suffocate.

What the hell was this situation?! He used all of his force to separate the male lead's hands and rushed toward the bathroom. After closing the door, he could breathe normally, and veins popped up on his forehead.

Even though he knew David must have done this in his sleep out of instinct, he was still angry! At this moment, a thought suddenly flashed in his mind.

Didn't something like this happen with the male lead and Elsa too in the story? The series of events were the same, but the female lead changed to the person who was supposed to be the villain.

How can this storyline become so messy?!

And was David doing OOC or not? He was baffled. It seemed at first that the male lead was doing OOC, but now, the results of David's actions brought about such a significant change that Tyler couldn't help but suspect the system itself!

He didn't have any memory for a hundred years. So he couldn't tell what this system was!

He was still confused, but he endured it to find out more about the storyline. It was clear for now that everything started from the moment David began to OOCing.

But that was just one night. Tyler had to endure the suffering of being in someone's warm embrace the entire night, and he couldn't sleep a wink! How could he sleep when someone with that kind of body would wrap his arms around him?

And most importantly, there wasn't even a couch in this hotel room! He couldn't even get another place to sleep at night, so he just endured.

He could have just hacked into the hotel's server and booked himself a room, but he didn't want to leave his trail behind. He had done something like this in a world and suffered consequences.

Tyler didn't want to deal with unnecessary headaches other than what was already forced upon him in the form of an OOCing male lead and a destroyed plot.

By the time they had to get back to America for the conference, there were already dark circles under Tyler's eyes. He looked dead tired and didn't want to think about anything anymore.

Even though he was smart and had an excellent brain, he still needed sleep to work! And without proper sleep, he couldn't focus on keeping an eye on David at all! This was a terrible idea! He shouldn't have come with this person!

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