18 Chapter Eighteen - First Day In Prison

The environment of the prison could be considered gloomy. Not many people were allowed to stroll around the main gate. Only a few trustable guards and the chief of the prison himself would appear at the entrance once or twice a day to check if anyone was escaping or not.

The entrance was also normal: a big iron gate with wires adorning the boundary wall. There was an open space, and anyone entering the iron gate would have to walk at least for five minutes to reach the main building with ten to fifteen floors. The only thing that looked like a shed near the big iron gate was a small room with only one chair. A guard would be stationed there for the entire day.

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It was a very dull place.

But today was different. It was because a world-famous CEO was going to appear!

Techno World had developed varieties of software that even a few guards of the prison used daily. Now when the owner had been implicated to have killed his own parents, everyone was shocked.

They didn't know how to feel. Tyler Smith was one of the role models for these people who always appeared to be indifferent and cold in front of people across the world. Not even a beautiful lady was able to move his heart.

But Tyler's fans who had seen the conference and followed him regularly could tell that this indifferent person only smiled before David. Unfortunately, this kind of friendship couldn't grow into something different because before that, the news that he killed his parents had appeared!

Now the situation was, even though a few guards and the chief knew Tyler was a murderer, they still wanted to take a glimpse of his face. For them, this kind of personality had always distanced himself from the public. So the number of times they had seen his face could be counted on fingers!

They were all gathered right before the big iron gate with a small door on the right. Their eyes were practically glistening as they stared at that gate and waited for the arrival of their role model.

It didn't matter if this person had murdered his parents! They were still his fans!

They didn't have to wait longer because a moment later, someone opened the door.

The first one to step inside was the police officer in his dark blue uniform. He had a firm grip on handcuffs tied to a wrist. And the first thing they saw after the police officer entered was a fair pair of hands.

Soon enough, a person with roughly made blond hair and blue eyes stared at everyone present indifferently before lowering his eyes.

The fans present at the scene gazed at this person with widened eyes.

This was really Tyler Smith himself!

Guards and the chief gathered there couldn't stop themselves from getting excited. Their eyes shone in delight upon seeing a familiar face. It didn't matter if this was a murderer. For them, Tyler was a genius!

The chief was the first one to take a few steps forward and stared at Tyler for a long time.

The latter felt so uncomfortable with this kind of gaze that he had to pinch himself for controlling himself. He feared that if he were to get angry at this time, he would really end up committing a murder!

"Mr. Smith, we welcome you aboard!"

"Yes! I hope you will have a good stay!"

"Can I take a picture with you?"

Almost every single person started blabbering in front of Tyler, giving him a headache. He couldn't understand the thinking process of these people.

He was clearly a so-called murderer. Then why would these people still follow him and even snap his pictures!

Even seeing their excited face gave him a headache. It seemed like they had forgotten the fact that he was here for punishment, not to enjoy a prison life!

"I'm a prisoner. So I'd appreciate it if you guys keep it down." He finally parted his lips and said coldly, not being able to take it anymore.

Hearing that voice, everyone standing around the entrance quieted down.

The chief coughed awkwardly. "Guards, take him to his cell."

Tyler nodded and relaxed. He was partially happy that he would be leaving this world within the next seven days. The remainder of David would make his heart twist in pain. So it was better if he wouldn't see that handsome yet backstabbing face ever again!


Tyler had been resting in his prison room until noon. His room was a perfect definition of a gloomy scene. There were bars on one side while the other three sides contained walls. Only small ventilation was provided on the uppermost part of the room.

Even the toilet didn't have walls to protect his privacy! Just a small curtain, and that's it!

At this time, Tyler was satisfied thinking that he didn't have a roommate yet.

But the prison was too silent. So silent that he couldn't help but think of a familiar person.

To be honest, he had forced himself not to think of him. He was already aware of his feelings for the male lead. And now when he was betrayed like this, he couldn't even bear to hate David.

The days they spent together while creating the game were a gem for him. He wouldn't forget such a happy moment even after passing through thousands of worlds.

It was a pity that David had chosen to backstab him like this. There must be some reason, and Tyler was sure of it. But he didn't want to misplace his trust again. He didn't even know if he could believe that person if they came face-to-face again.

Thankfully, Tyler was confident that after getting rid of him in this world, he would do everything in his power to stay far away from the male leads. Even if David was someone like him who would transmigrate from one world to another, Tyler didn't care.

He just simply wanted to survive for now.

'But what after that?' A small voice spoke his inner thoughts in his mind. Tyler frowned at this. Yes, he indeed didn't know what he would do after surviving.

Only David had been able to bring back that excited and blissful Tyler. Otherwise, he would always remain gloomy, waiting for something to just end his lonely life.

He felt suffocated in his chest at the thought of David again. He grimaced.

"Why am I thinking of that bastard?" Tyler muttered to himself. Just then, the bell rang and the prison door automatically opened.

"Prisoners are free to wander around the base and have lunch. Remember, if you fail to return to your prison on time, you'll be executed." A mechanical voice spoke through the speakers.

Tyler sighed and jumped off of his bed. He might as well take a stroll to take his mind off of that man.

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