2 Always Be an Ordinary Classmate

Except for Bai Mao, we came to the living room, meeting up with the rest of our classmates, and all other guests, our class were allocated together since most of the places were filled with guests from the entire upper class in Hengjun City.

Today might be Zhao Qingshi's birthday party, but it also a political banquet for the Zhao family. Almost all the top celebrities in Hengjun City had been invited, I saw countless people who I didn't know wore gorgeous dresses walked back and forth, the graceful figures were particularly striking.

Zhao Qingshi was no doubt the most beautiful woman at the moment, no matter how many other beauties among the guests who attended the birthday party today.

She put on a white dress that showed her complete body curve, the soft hem revealed Zhao Qingshi's different charm from the past. Her exquisite and beautiful face made her the focus of the audience and attracted the attention of all the male guests. Even the women showed different eyes, some were envious and some were jealous.

"Shier is so beautiful today." An Zhishui couldn't help but exclaim.

In addition to Zhao Qingshi who was the focus of everyone, there was also a person who was tightly surrounded by a group of people. That was Zhao Qingshi 's father, Zhao Shi, the mayor of Hengjun City, those people around him were naturally his political alliance, or potentially to be.

Zhao Shi had obviously drunk a lot of wine, his face was glowing red, his suit and leather suit was in a little mess, the top button had been released, and the tie had some distortion, even so, it did not lessen his prestige or the people around him.

At this time, a man from the crowd walked towards Zhao Qingshi elegantly and said, "Miss Zhao, you are gorgeous, can you give me a chance to pursue you?"

This man, although he was very young, he wore expensive clothes, and one could see the confident smile on his face. His background should not be inferior to Zhao Qingshi, it's because there were lot of guests at the present and many people praised the beauty of Zhao Qingshi, but he was the only one who expressed his love directly to Zhao Qingshi.

"Who is he?" I looked at Luo Suohun.

He knew that I had a crush on Zhao Qingshi, so I naturally understood why I inquired about the man, he said, "Someone from Beijing, his family name is Wang."

"Does Zhao Qingshi have acquaintances from the capital?"

"I don't know, but the essence of this banquet is that the Zhao family is looking for the political alliance," Luo Suohun continued, "I heard that Zhao Qingshi's father, Zhao Shi, is preparing her to become a bride of someone from the capital, therefore, he invited many men from there to participate, looking for fiance to Zhao Qingshi. "

Hearing this, I had an inevitable loss in my heart, girls like Zhao Qingshi could only have men with a family that had a higher status than hers. Although I knew from the beginning that the distance between me and Zhao Qingshi was irreparable, at this moment, I still hated my weakness.

Luo Suohun didn't feel my loss at all, he said, "This is also the reason why my old man sent me to Qingming College, hope I can poach Zhao Qingshi, combining our family, but this Zhao family don't even look at our family at all. I don't even think there is any male in Hengjun City that Zhao Shi held in regard to become his daughter's future husband."

Every guest who came today gave her gifts, and the students in the class sent gifts ranging from tens to thousands, and those rich and powerful sons even gave expensive gifts. All kinds of famous brand bags and shoes were piled up like a hill, and a sweet smile hung on her face politely thanked everyone.

There were many men who had expressed their affection to her euphemistically, and among them, the young master Wang from the capital directly proclaimed his intention. However, in the eyes of her father, she was just a cargo for exchange.

The goddess in my heart was just a ticket to catch power.

"Look, who's coming?"

Suddenly there was a commotion in the crowd. Everyone focused their eyes on the door. At this time, a young man entered with a large bouquet of roses in his hand, wearing an evening dress that obviously sent out his noble identity, with a pair of gold thread eyes, the whole person reveals a refined and elegant atmosphere.

He looked not much older than me, perhaps in his early twenties.

"That's Qi Hemei, he even comes!"

"It seems like today, Zhao family will sail on the big ship."

Hearing many discussions, I asked Luo Suohun again, he was also a little surprised, and replied, "Qi Hemei, one of the four major families of the Qi family's young master, really did not expect Zhao Shi to invite him. "

"So, he is very powerful?" I asked, pretending to be careless, but actually marveled at Luo Suohun's indifference, I knew he did not have interested in power at all, he didn't even know the full name of the previous young master Wang, and now he was only a little surprised at Qi Hemei's appearance.

Luo Suohun said, "Oh yeah, let's just say if Qi Hemei stomps a couple of times, he can make Hengjun City shake a few times."

I continued to ask, "How is he compare to Zhao Qingshi's father?"

"Incomparable, no matter how powerful Qi Hemei is, he is just a college student. Zhao Qingshi's father is the mayor after all, but if Qi Hemei is in Hengjun City, he can often represent the will of the Qi family, this is the existence of one of the four major families in the country."

With the appearance of Qi Hemei, the brothers and sisters who were present all showed shocked eyes. Although everyone was the second generation, there was rank among them. At least most of the families of the brothers on the scene were not comparable to the Zhao family, many of them came here in a hope to be fancied by Zhao Qingshi or Zhao Shi, and then used their influence to rise up.

(Second generation mean sons and daughters of the rich family in China.)

Young Master Wang from Beijing saw Qi Hemei, and there was fleeting jealousy in his eyes. He was a well-deserved protagonist at this banquet, although his family was not the top family in Beijing, he was still a big man in Hengjun City, no one dares not to please him, so at this banquet, he had been touted by countless people like the moon of the stars, even Zhao Shi had always favored him, but after Qi Hemei came, he immediately became nothing.

Zhao Shi, who was quite drunk, immediately opened the crowd around him and strode towards Qi Hemei. This person always appeared calm and majestic, but at this moment he was panic, hurriedly approached Qi Hemei at the distance.

"Haha, did Young Master Qi also come to attend the girl's birthday party? Strange, how come I wasn't notified?"

Facing the most powerful man in Heng County, Qi Hemei didn't show any humbleness, using a completely equal tone, he said, "Uncle Zhao, I and Shier have known each other for a long time. It's impossible for me to miss her birthday."

"Really? I don't know the girl have a friend like Young Master Qi, oh, ashamed, ashamed as her father."

Zhao Shi said with an embarrassed tone, but there was an obvious joyful color mixed into it.

At this time, Zhao Qingshi also walked to Qi Hemei's side, smiling softly, with a hint of awkward tone, "Hemei, I don't expect you to come..."

"Sorry, something was delayed on the road." Qi Hemei might apologize, but there was no real sorry in his tone as if telling them that they were already lucky that he even attended at all.

Zhao Shi blamed his daughter, said, "Girl, you invite Young Master Qi without telling your Dad, otherwise, Dad can make more preparation, fear this party regarded as a joke by Young Master Qi."

Zhao Qingshi cleverly smiled and said, "Sorry Dad, Qingshi used to meet Hemei while visiting Beijing, last time specially invited Hemei to attend the birthday party, but Hemei has always been a busy person, Qingshi doesn't expect him to really come."

Qi Hemei handed the rose flower in his hand to Zhao Qingshi, with a charming smile, he said, "Shier, it's your birthday, I will attend regardless anything, happy birthday, I hope you will be beautiful forever."

"Thank you," Zhao Qingshi smiled sweetly and accepted Qi Hemei's flowers.

At this moment, Qi Hemei took out a box from the roses and gently opened the box, which contained a shiny diamond ring.

"What a big diamond, so beautiful," even An Zhishui exclaimed, although the diamond had always been one of the girls' favorite things, this diamond can make this fierce miss who had seen the world felt shocked, it seems that Qi Hemei was indeed carefully prepared it.

Qi Hemei knelt on one knee, lifted the box with the diamond ring in front of Zhao Qingshi, and said, "Shier, I have always liked you, I hope you can accept my love for you."

Zhao Qingshi's beautiful face suddenly became ashamed, after a moment, nodded cautiously and gently said, "Ok."

Qi Hemei stood up with a proud smile and put the ring into Zhao Qingshi's finger, and then embraced Zhao Qingshi in his arms.

Zhao Shi saw his daughter held in the arms of the young master of the Qi family, and her daughter's face was also a happy smile from the heart, he laughed with satisfaction.

Everyone on the scene automatically applauded. I also applauded with them, but my heart was extremely bitter.

Just now I actually felt a little sympathy for Zhao Qingshi, thinking she was just a ticket for her father, but then I realized how ridiculous it was, how could a smart girl like Zhao Qingshi put herself in a helpless situation?

No, this was within her plan, she had already arranged everything, whether she or her father, both would have a happy ending.

Zhao Qingshi's hand was on Qi Hemei's arm. I didn't know whether it was intentional or unintentional, her pair of full breasts rubbed lightly on Qi Hemei's arm from time to time. I watched my goddess's face full of happy smiles. It was no longer the polite smile when dealing with guests just now, but a genuine smile from the heart.

The most eye-catching girls in the audience, and the most distinguished guests in the audience, came together in this glorious banquet, wasn't it perfect?

It's just that in the future, she and I would always be just an ordinary classmate, nothing more...

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