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Pyopey is a popular web novel written by the author Pyopey_Serah, covering ROMANCE, ADVENTURE, LOVE, SCHOOL, FEMALE LEAD, PRINCE, ROYAL, NINJA, SKILL, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 1.2K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 1 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 4 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


SYNOPSIS There was a deafening silence in the private hospital room which consisted of only two people; a man and a woman. The woman shoulder shook continuously as she tried not to succumb to the agony that bore down heavily in her heart. “Eva,” the man called the woman name lightly. “Take heart dear, we will think of a way to get pass this ordeal,” the man tried to soothe the lady. “Thor -” a slight pause, “This is the fifth time -- fifth time, aren’t you getting tired of this repeated cycle?” Eva asked. “Of course I am, one minute they are alive and the next minute, they are gone - dead. But, don’t worry, I will come up with a solution,” Thor voice sounded reassuring. “You better should or I …” … Two years later A baby cry filled the room; her cry was so loud that it reverberated round the room. After many hours of labor, Eva finally gave birth to a baby girl. Both the man and the woman were left alone with the exception of an ordinary couple that came in through the secret passage when everyone left. “Pass the baby to me, Eva,” Thor stretched forth his hands. “No, I can’t let her go, she looks so fragile,” Eva held the baby closer to her bosom and a soft sigh escaped from the baby mouth that was dozing off. “For the last time, if you don’t want her to be dead like the others, give me the baby,” Thor insisted. “But, we haven’t christen her yet, Thor, she will be nameless,” Eva weakly protested. “She won’t, we will give her the name that we’ve agreed on earlier, now, pass the baby to me.” Eva finally conceded and passed the baby to the man. “Won’t her name make her stand out, I mean …” “I know you are trying to buy yourself more time with the baby but that is not going to work,” Thor said, turning around to face the couple. Surprisingly, both couple knelt down before he got to their side. They showed respect to the man as he arrived before them. “My king,” the kneeling figures chorused. Not bothering to respond to their greeting, he instructed them, “Take her away, we’ve already discussed everything in details and I am sure I made myself clear.” The couple nodded, finally standing up, the woman collected the baby and they left immediately, passing through the secret door; taking the princess away from her birth parents, so that her life will be preserved and hidden from the enemies. *** Taken away as a child because of the threat to her life, she was raised by an ordinary looking couple living far away from the palace. When she clocked eighteen, she was deemed of age and demanded for. Arriving at the palace and having little to no experience with dealing with the royal assembling and etiquettes, she had to find her footings and on top of that, has to fend off the attack on her life, find the person that was behind the death of her siblings and who was continuously poisoning her parents coupled with dealing with the lecherous guy who claimed to be a prince but isn’t and when trouble came brewing, she fell in love with a poor man that seems to know nothing about what is happening apart from taking care of his cat and cooking delicious foods, he had simply forgotten who he really was.


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My first time of writing a review. I decided to write a little review. So far, this will be one of the stories that I have taken seriously and I want to start and finish it completely.


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