1 Pursuit of Salvation: Blood

A deep breath in, a deep breath out. He moved a hand to his sword's sheath, laced with sky blue threads, with the symbol of his village, Obsidian's Thorne, in the center. He drew his blade "Rupture" and held it up to the sun, the blade's reflection falling on the ground, making it start to burn. It had been polished to perfection. Daggers, vials of poison, a short sword and a throwing axe, all the possible equipment he could have was prepared for him. For Tyr to take on the monster of monsters, The Xantira.

Gusts from beating wings, bullets of wind spray from its mouth. A humanoid figure walks out of the lapping flames, eyes devoid of humanity, and an endless void. The smell of death was all around it, with it almost being plausible to the soul. Face continually warping

Tyr's eyes opened, and looked at the Sun, before running into the forest, screams of support

Coming from the people of the village. The people that were left…..

"Let's see if I can find it before it finds me." He said while trudging through the muddy forest.

A few moments later, Tyr heard multiple howls, which he identified to be wolves, in a circular formation, surrounding him. He instinctively moved his hand to the inside of his fur coat, before immediately removing it, knowing that he couldn't waste this on them. He closed his eyes, and analysed the situation. One cry was louder than the others, so the chances are he was the leader. He immediately turned to the wolf in the circle that would be the far opposite from the top dog, and dashed that way. Approaching the beast, he drew his short sword and his dagger.

The wolf opened his jaws, but Tyr jumped upwards, and threw its dagger at its eye, causing it to enter disarray, before stabbing straight through its chest. He quickly retrieved his weapons from the body before retreating for a while, then hiding in a bush of berries. He splashed the whole lot of them onto his face and head.

Growls came from the direction that he had come from, and running his way was the pack of wolves, angry at the loss of their prey. Most of them inspected where he stopped for a while, before turning back. One, however, lingered behind. It prowled left and right, sniffing the ground meticulously, before it arrived at the bush. Tyr's eyes clouded over his eyes, gripping his dagger in anticipation. The wolf stayed there for a few moments, looking him straight in the eye. It's eyes quickly lit up, as it pounced at its opponent. Tyr was completely prepared though, as he immediately stabbed his two daggers into the sides of its head, silencing it.

Unfortunately, he had been baited into the wolf's track. Tyr heard a rustle off the plantation behind him, before two furious beasts leaped at him. His eyes widened, before he turned to face his opponents, crouching on the floor. Just before they got to point blank range, Tyr sprang forward, right under his attackers, appearing behind them. After making contact with the floor and rolling, he swiftly stood up and drew his longsword. Looking at the wolves, who had reached the ground, he quickly threw one of his daggers at the one on the left, then immediately dashed at the one on the right. Wielding his long sword with two hands, he cut down to the right. The wolf caught the slice with its mouth, teeth rattling and shattering under the pressure. However, Tyr unexpectedly let go of his sword, causing the wolf to completely lose its balance, before he quickly pierced the head of the wolf, killing it.

At that point, it seemed like all the wolves came

out the woodwork. 2 normal wolves emerged from the forest, but one which seemed almost twice as large as the others roared loud enough to make even Tyr shiver, before it dashed forward. Tyr picked up his long sword, and wielded his shortsword in the other. He smiled "What a wonderful warm up before I fight the fight of my life!"

He dashed straight at the leader, but then immediately changed direction to the wolf he had thrown the dagger to, which was currently jumping at him, and skewered it through the chest. One of the rushing wolves attacked him at his side, but Tyr cut down with his long sword, cutting the shoulder of its front left leg, before slicing upwards again, cutting of its head.

While he did that though, the leader of the wolves stretched out its front limb, and slashed downwards with its claws, causing blood to start leaking from small cuts in his side. Tyr jumped backwards, sheathed his short sword, and put his other hand on the hilt of his long sword.

The two wolves charged, wary of jumping after seeing half of their brethren being caught that way. Tyr gripped his sword hard before releasing a combo of a great many sword slices, making many cuts appear on the weaker wolf, and some on the stronger leader, slightly pushing them back. He immediately strides forward, cutting down at the leader, but the leader darted out of the way. They weren't the target though, as Tyr sliced his sword to the left, cutting into the side of the other wolf, making it bleed out and die speedily. The leader immediately saw an opportunity and in his weak position, clawed at the wrists of its enemy and knocked the blade out of his hand. With his enemy's mouth open though, Tyr low kicked his adversary before taking out a vial of poison and throwing it down they're mouth. Making a makeshift bandage out of the surrounding greenery, Tyr climbed up a tree and rested his eyes.

Some time later in the night, a spectre switched from four legs to two, stared up at the tree that Tyr was sleeping in, and leapt upwards, a sadistic smile swarming on its face.

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