1 Chapter 01: Quest To Fix Mistakes

In the year 4001, Somewhere on Earth:

In a battlefield covered in red and dead bodies' of outer gods, ancient devils, and ancient dragons

A boy was standing in the middle standing with the help of his sword who even though wasn't looking injured outside he had already used his energy and even give away almost all his life force just for this fight

The boy looked like an extremely handsome man probably in his mid-twenties with quite a good muscular build and as well as a good height of over 6 feet. He has long messy black hair reaching down his shoulder blade and shiny red-colored eyes with a charming aura of his own

[Would you like to accept the reward now? Yes/No]

The black screen that appeared in front of him had golden text written on it and a purple lotus design on the right top corner

"Yes..." As he said that he falls to the ground as he already used all his life force energy now barely awake

[The reward for the quest will be given in 3... 2... 1...]

Before it hits 0 the boy already died with a thought before his death 'Please... let me fix my mistakes... Vishnu'

[*Warning: Someone break the rule of the Shakti]


[Error. System authority is not high enough to punish the person who breaks the law]

[No action will be taken against Vishnu and just will be reported to another administrator]


In the year 2048, South Korea, Seoul:

In a messy room with bedsheets somewhere else, bed somewhere else, books somewhere else, bookshelves not even in the room, and clothes everywhere but in the closest someone. A boy was sleeping on the bed with a book on his face and his t-shirt revealing his abs

The boy opened his eyes and threw away the book on his face and sat up on the bed and he looked exactly like the person before just a little younger

"Does... fixing my mistakes mean I will be sent back to the past?" He said with a voice cold as nitrogen

His hand suddenly touch his smartphone and he looked at it "What date is today..." He grabbed the phone and check the date: 31/01/48 5:30 pm

"A day before the Purple Lotus Era...?" He sighed softly "Great... I can't even use the system to check my status now-"

As he said status the same screen from back then appeared in front of him expect it had pink lotus in the corner and not purple lotus

Name: Kim Chin-Hwa

Age: 20

Class: Supernatural

Title: None

Gold: 00

Level: 01 | XP: 0% | Rank: F


Strength: 91 | Agility: 89 | Defense: 95| Resistance: 95 Prescription: 86 | Luck: ??? | Shakti: 100

Attribute Points: 00


Power Manipulation - Lvl 1 (EX)

- Power Replication (Mastery 0%)

Ever Growing Body - Lvl 1 (EX)

Blessing Of Vishnu - Lvl 1 (EX)

- Eyes Of Vishnu (Mastery 0%)

- Control Immunity (Mastery 0%)

- Authority (Mastery 0%)

- Library Of Gods (Mastery 0%)

- Enchanted Charisma (Mastery 0%)

Heaven Breaking Luck - Lvl ?? (EX)

Weapon God - Lvl 1 (SSS+)

[Chin-Hwa is the first one to use the system. 500 gold as a reward will be given to him]

[Impossible Achievement: Primordial User]

Chin-Hwa used the system even before it was announced in the world. It is impossible because the system is locked by Narayan for everyone until Shakti officially announce it

Reward: Title "Primordial User" (+10 all stats)

[Many Gods looked at this impossible scene with their eyes filled with curiosity]

[Many Gods are suspicious of Kim Chin-Hwa]

[Totally 10,000 golds are sponsored to Kim Chin-Hwa by Gods]

[Vishnu laughs at all the Gods who are curious about Kim Chun-Hwa]

[5000 golds are sponsored to Kim Chin-Hwa by Vishnu]

"Why the fuck- so many notifications... close everything except status" Every message other than the status screen disappeared

He sighed and looked back at the status screen with the same face as a professional gamer who just got killed by a hacker in a live stream "What in the name of Holy Devil is this!?"

Name: Kim Chin-Hwa

Age: 20

Class: Supernatural

Title: Primordial User

Gold: 15,500

Level: 01 | XP: 0% | Rank: F


Strength: 101 | Agility: 99 | Defense: 105| Resistance: 105 Prescription: 96 | Luck: ??? | Shakti: 110

Attribute Points: 00


Power Manipulation - Lvl 1 (EX)

- Power Replication (??)

Ever Growing Body - Lvl 1 (EX)

Blessing Of Vishnu - Lvl 1 (EX)

- Eyes Of Vishnu (Mastery 0%)

- Control Immunity (Mastery 0%)

- Authority (Mastery 0%)

- Library Of Gods (Mastery 0%)

- Enchanted Charisma (Mastery 0%)

Heaven Breaking Luck - Lvl ?? (EX)

Weapon God - Lvl 1 (SSS+)

"Why do I have all stats over 90 and 3 EX level powers and one SSS+ level power!? Who is in charge of this? I need to have a chat with him or her" He was breathing heavily after yelling that in one breathe

It was obvious to have that reaction because even in the last life he just had one EX power and all stats just at close to 20 and luck being at 50 which is considered are very good numbers considering he was just a Rank F level 1

[Vishnu chuckled childishly looking at Chin-Hwa reaction]

[5000 golds are sponsored to Kim Chin-Hwa by Vishnu]

[All the Gods who are watching Chin-Hwa is confused]

[10,000 golds are sponsored to Kim Chin-Hwa by Gods]

He sighed "Close it" The screen disappeared and he laid down on the bed

'Well, considering my last... I mean future life. It is just a joke...' He sighed in disappointment while thinking that

"System is there any <Dungeon> or <Gate> close by?"

[No there is not since it is locked by Narayan until the official announcement]

"I see... can't I get a special pass? request it by using a thousand gold"

[Okay system will send a request]

[Request was instantly rejected]

"I- okay... I will just train myself until the official announcement or whatever" He sat up on the bed again and sat on the lotus position/ mediation position with his eyes closed

He slowly focused on his breath and went into the meditation state and connect to the Shakti

Shakti: Literal translation meaning Power or Divine Energy is the purest form of energy which makes everything. The energy is pure at first and then refine into different kinds such as outer chakra, aura, mana, ki, qi, etc. for easy, safe, and stable use but for a supernatural like Chin-Hwa...

'People mostly use Shakti after refining it but since I am a supernatural class just like my last life... I can use it in pure form although it will be hard, dangerous, and as well as unstable it will be far stronger than normal users'

He concentrates the Shakti from inside him and as well as surroundings into his heart area but he wasn't doing it in physical form but in spiritual form

He started to store the Shakti on the heart and as he did it started to pump Shakti throughout his body using spiritual veins increasing his Shakti and physical capabilities by carving a portation of F on his spiritual heart representing his Rank

[Kim Chin-Hwa Shakti have increased by 1]

[Kim Chin-Hwa physical capabilities have increased by 1]

[Kim Chin-Hwa Shakti have increased by 1]

[Kim Chin-Hwa physical capabilities have increased by 1]

[Kim Chin-Hwa Shakti have increased by 1]

[Kim Chin-Hwa physical capabilities have increased by 1]

Countless messaged such as that appears and disappeared but Chin-Hwa didnt get distracted and continued to do his training

For the next 15 hours, he continues to stabilize his Shakti throughout his body and removing all the impurities on his body by coughing out blood and sweating a lot

[Kim Chin-Hwa successful created Rank F Supernatural Heart]

[Kim Chin-Hwa stats have greatly increased]

[Unique Achievement: Strongest Rank F Level 1 Ever]

Kim Chin-Hwa has become the strongest Rank F level, 1 user, to ever exist in the world by having all his stats over 110.

Reward: Title "Ruler" (+5 for all physical stats)

He slowly opens his eyes after finishing his manual stats increasing training

He stretched his body and went for a nice bath then walked out of his room with a calm expression

Many men wearing black suits bow down as soon as Chin-Hwa walks out of his room and said "Good morning! Leader!" in one voice

There were men throughout the hallway on both sides beginning from his room to the stairs

'Uh... yes I forgot about this... well I am boss of one of the top mafia gangs in South Korea... or my father was until he was alive' He glared at them which made them sweat intensively with a thought 'Why does he have such an aura today?'

"You may raise your head... and tell the chef to bring me good meat today" After saying that his mouth became watery because after the middle period of the Purple Lotus era the world changed completely and the only thing everyone can eat was monsters meat which tastes like rotten chicken

"Yes sir!" Everyone raised their head and went down to prepare for the breakfast

'This is gonna be a pain in the a- I mean head' He sighed and went downstairs

He was sitting on the chair of the head of the family looking at the house works and his underlings with a cold glare

"What's with the aura today...?"

"I dunno... our leader is called flower in the mafia family but today he looks so cold... I am terrified... what happened?"

"You won't believe me but when I went to fix his room like always everything was a mess but today there was blood all over the bedsheet..."

"Seriously? what happened in a week to our leader? I miss our cute leader..."

"Nah this is actually better with this aura I don't think his brothers can bully him"

"Yes... he will never get bullied with that aura around him"

Everyone was whispering about Chin-Hwa with curiosity in their voice and being sad about losing their cute master who has flowers 🌸 around him but now they only see ice ❄ around him but they were also happy because... being gentle in a mafia family is quite bad especially if you are chosen, successor...

The maids serve steak in front of him and he slowly eats it with the same cold face and no change in his expression but after one bite he couldn't help but smile brightly

Everyone gave a thumbs up at the bright eye-blinding smile of their master while wearing sunglasses due to the light which emits from his smile

Looking at his underling's reaction he coughed softly in embarrassment with a soft blush on his face and said "This is good... very well" softly

"Thank you master" The chief smiles happily as getting complimented by her master is the best thing in the world for her

"Yo bro! your favorite baby brother Kyung is back!" A man broke through the main door and ran towards the dining table after saying that

Kyung was a handsome teen who had a very little muscular build but had a height of a giraffe (6'4). He has black hair and blue shining eyes who looked nothing like Chin-Hwa but he was his brother well actually half-brother but yes

Everyone clenched their first as they saw him coming with rage in their eyes because this guy takes advantage of Chin-Hwa kindness and bullies him but they couldn't do anything because they need Chin-Hwa orders for that

"Bro wassup!?" He takes a seat beside him with a smug on his face before saying that "What do we have today for breakfast?"

"Did I tell you to sit?" Chin-Hwa glared at him with a cold eye which was far more worse than any glare he has given to anyone since he has traveled back

A shiver ran through his spine as he looks at Chin-Hwa's eyes and his body suddenly started to tremble by the survival instinct of a human 'W-what's with this dumbass aura today?'

"I never asked before and you never minded that so what's today?" He tried to keep that smug on his face while speaking to him

"..." He stood up and walked towards him and said, "Is that so...?"

"Y-yes?" He looked up at him

Chin-Hwa suddenly grabbed him by the neck and raise him in the air "You dare to talk back to your elder brother aka the boss of the family?" He said with an angry voice

His tongue and eyes came out instantly as Chin-Hwa grabbed him due to his gripping strength and he tried to break through his hand by punching him on the arm but for Chin-Hwa, it was just the same as baby punches

His underlings were surprised at the scene because they have never seen their master act like this since he was a kid

"M-master please let him go or he will die" The old head butler said that as he walked towards them with a worried face

Chin-Hwa drops him after hearing those words and said "Very well... so what is punishment for disrespecting the boss of the family?"

He was coughing after Chin-Hwa let him go while on his knees on the ground trying to catch his breath

"If it is an outsider then death but if it's a family member then locked up in the family prison without food but just normal water for a week to three..." The butler said while looking down on the ground

"Throw him in the prison for three weeks then," He said as he walked towards his table and took his seat with a big devilish smirk on his face "Thats my order!"

At this everyone look at each other with a surprise but then with a big smile they all said "Yes Sir!!" in one voice