Pure love of Queen and twins Book

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Pure love of Queen and twins


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Her fate was complex, complicated and horrible and she knew that but she still did what she could to ease her pain and heal her wonder heart and troublesome life. She found solutions and medicines for plagues and diseases but all her good deeds were swallowed by the greedy people's. All the praises she should have recieved were other people's . But she didn't find back instead tried to find a way to live her life as normally as possible. But God didn't give her what she wanted. she found a man she would love but found out he betrayed her and was only using her . When she layed on her dead bed she thought she would not have to worry anymore who knew that her fate was not so simple it actually became even more twisted and all in all . She was reborn as the daughter of a cold blooded ruthless Queen, The twin sister of an adorable goofy brother and the fatherless princess Avalyn . Her fate became more twisted and now she has only one thought. "I bow before you fate now can you explain. why a normal life is so difficult for me?"


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