1 Good Bye



eyes wide open a pregnant woman opens her eyes. From the looks, she has been pregnant for 8 months. A person dressed in black from head to toe enters the room. he watched the lady who had fair skin, scars on her hands but her face was beautiful she looked like the human form of the moon. beautiful enough to make people nosebleed with just one smile. She looked mesmerizing despite the fact she was pregnant. But her face had no expression. After the woman fell asleep the man who was at the doorframe left, he came in quietly and left quietly without saying any words.


On the other side of the world, a woman is sitting on the window frame. Her face filled with scars but one could say she must have been a beauty in her days by her figure, she smiled but her smile was filled with loneliness, regret, and sad saying ' it doesn't matter now, it's over for the better'. At that moment she coughed and blood came out.

She thought to herself is it really over. Am I really not going to wake up if I sleep once. Whatever fate is destined and cannot be changed for such things. She walked towards her bed, lay down, and smiled once more but this smile was different it was peaceful, too peaceful. it was a different smile that was not forced but was a smile that was saying only one thing


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