Pure And Wicked Love Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Pure And Wicked Love


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Meet Maxine- the female lead. Has a very ditzy character. Smart but when it comes to jokes and love............ what can we say? the light bulb in her head light a little later then we'd expect. I mean imagine being in a group n someone cracks a joke and everyone laughs and when it ends suddenly the light bulb lights and oh the awkwardness. But that doesn't stop people from liking her. I mean who would hate an adorkable girl like her. Now let's meet the male lead. Arthur has dreamt all his life to be a man like his father and for that he needs to complete he education in peace. But we all know what happens when there is a school hunk present. Naturally all the girls gather around him but he doesn't give a damn. But who's this pest that keeps coming his way at the most unpredictable times and starts turning his life upside down. What will happen when the two collide in the most unexpected ways? What happens when they fall in love? N whats the deal with Maxines family?


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