3 Chapter 3: W-Are we friends 1/2


5 years later:

It had already been several years since the beautiful girl was born the baby was now 6 years old ... her parents came to her room with a tray of their favorite breakfast pancakes with lots of chocolate syrup and sprinkles of the same flavor

When the parents entered the room of the minor, they were not laughing with great sweetness and malice, they prepared to sit on the bed of her daughter ...

Mirandah (your mother)

Luxius (your father)

Mirandah: uhmmm where will my beautiful heiress be? I don't see her anywhere and you darling?

Luxius: no, my life is nowhere to be seen ... uhmmm, where is it eihm?

The little girl was on the ceiling trying to contain her laughter ... her gaze fell on the tray with a twinkle in her eyes, she devised a plan to take her precious food without her parents seeing it ...

Mirandah: ahh from what I see, she disappeared, uhmmm, and I should prepare her favorite food for her and now what are we going to do, darling?

The mother looked sideways to certain sides and could visualize her daughter crawling on the ceiling, she did not want to make any noise, her mother stifled a small laugh, her husband saw her expression and with her eyebrow up, the mother commented to her through her telepathia. gave him a wink to play along

Luxius: souka… .chotto how is it that you think to give me some of that delicious breakfast? Hey?

The father throws a mischievous look at his wife, they look sideways up but his daughter was not between the two of them again they stifled a small giggle .. waiting for her little one to appear

Mirandah: hey, how is he? Let's eat a little hihi

The mother cut a small piece of the pancake tower ready to give that piece to her husband but ...

T / N: nuu !!

The girl had made an exchange now she was eating that bite that corresponded to her father ...

Luxius: Hey! ... Your mother was supposed to give the food to me !.

The girl gave a laugh and when she finished eating that piece she continued to stick her tongue out and open one eye in a mocking gesture

Luxius: ah, what do you want to play with?

The older vampire pounced on his daughter and his wife, tickling and joking with laughter and laughter, the mother gave an idea

Mirandah: and how about going to the park?! ..

T / N: yes yes yes park !!! Come on father

Luxius: hmm it doesn't get much sun

Mirandah: come on count bla boa boa hahaha

Luxius: I already said that I don't say blah blah blah !! Ash..alright let's go

Y / N: yes, let's go !!

The girl continues to give her parents a kiss and run off to take a bath .. when leaving she was dressed in a black skirt, stockings and a button-down shirt .. that said the parents were waiting for her in the room when they saw their little baby They went to a small park near the mansion and for the luck of the little girl there were 3 children she had given her mother a look implying that she wanted to play because of this the parents returned her gaze giving her permission to play .. she ran to the park but he found a bad scenario a boy of about 6 years old was being bullied by two others, one with blue hair and the other with black hair who were verbally molesting him…