2 Chapter 2: somewhat explosive blood

It all begins with a 23-year-old girl in the hospital in labor… .Everything was perfect and with care and in the end they managed to make the mother asleep, already finished giving the last moan of pain, and finally from so much pain and loss of blood the doctor says with pride and joy that the child was born a healthy and strong male with almost yellowish ash hair and ruby ​​eyes capable of matching the color of the blood .. the nurses were in charge of taking the newborn to his ward in order to be cared for correctly… ..weeks later the woman was discharged and together with her husband she took her baby in her arms she was so happy to finally have her son… .the family living in a normal house had a normal job ...

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The years passed and the child continued to grow until one day suddenly the parents had heard an explosion when they came out like a soul that the devil carries, they went out to find their 3-year-old baby had blown up one of the trees that was in the yard…. the child was born with a quirk equal to the other quirk inherited from his young mother who looked with joy, fear and pride of her little baby as a child, she felt fear for not only causing an explosion but also bringing a great gift from her parents but it was not done, the child was very surprised to see his parents crying with happiness and hugging him for having awakened his quirk at a certain early age ... the explosion that characterized him a lot and he liked the child over the years He was 5 years old and he met who would be his idol and his goal to become the number 1 hero… .and the name of that little boy hoping to become the best of the best ever seen is… ..Katsuki… .Katsuki Bakugo

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