7 Woman In White

The woman in white stands with open arms from her swivel chair and walks at a fast pace towards me. "Don't you know how much I waited for you?", she hugged me tight leaving me startled.

She loosened her grip and put both her hands on my shoulder as she lowers her head to see my face clearly like she was inspecting it, "Wow, you're more good looking than the pictures I got, I expect a lot of girls swarming around you when you grow up", she holds my face with her hands "I don't want to ruin this face, I love it that I can't lose it.", she removes her hand on my face and look at Doctor Zhang. "I need you to make him something that can protect his face whenever he is on a mission".

"Sure do", Doctor Zhang replied as he nodded.

"I am Zhu Ling Lin also known as the BX of the XTRM, I managed and facilitate the members here", she said as she raised her arms as introduced herself.

"She's the big boss here", Doctor said as she looked at me.

"So why did you bring me here?", I asked her directly straight into her eyes.

"Good Question", she stood straight and turn her back on me, "XTRM is a black organization that takes orders from affluent people with evil intentions like kill for them, steal for them, get information for them, and all the illegal actions we can do for them. Once we took care of an order transaction will be received immediately", she explains as she walks in back and forth.

"What am I supposed to do with it?", I asked her with my eyebrows folded.

"You are going to be the one who will do that order and receive a huge award that's why you are our new X"

"Why should I do that?"

"Because you are going to. We will make you do it any means necessary", she said as she grins at me.

"I won't do it! I am outta here!", I yelled and went to the door. As I hold the doorknob to open it, "You will do it or not?", she said as she was sitting on the desk.

"I said I don't!", I said annoyed.

"Then, will you do it for your sister", I paused for a moment and face her from a certain distance.

"What do you mean by that?", I asked her while as I clenched my fist.

"Who will pay the large medical bills, for your sister? You can't earn enough to sustain it since you're just a kid. You know, I've paid yours and your sister's medical bills before you arrive here you know? So don't you think you should repay me?", she said as she cocked her head and grins. "Just do the first mission for me and consider it as your payment", she stood up and walks towards me with her arms crossed.

"I won't do it, I will pay you in other ways, just give some time", I said to her looking at her.

"Then you should die", her expression change. "If you don't do it, we will kill you. This is a secret organization and you know it, we can't just let you go freely outside knowing that our organization exists, Am I right?", she look at Doctor Zhang.

"Yes, all the people not related to our organization are killed", he replied.

"Right? That is our rule here pretty boy", she touches my chin with her index finger as she slowly lifts it. "If you are gone, then what will happen to your sister? Who will take care of her? Who will pay her for her treatment?", she crossed her arms grinning.

I think very hard so I can come up with the right decisions, "Then I will do a mission for you", I asked and gulp.

She smiled evilly, "You are bound to do it since the beginning but I am glad you agreed", she walks back to her seat. "TelL Wu Ming to come here", she said to Doctor Zhang.

"Okay, just wait a moment", he went out to call Wu Ming.

I just stood there as we stare at each other and she grins at me. "You're so handsome Liu Xian, I wish to have a son like you", she said to me as she smiles.

After a moment they arrived. "Yes, Miss Zhu?", Wu Ming said as he put bot his hand on his back.

"You are responsible for him. Train him, teach him everything you can until you know that he may be able to finish the final trial", she ordered.

"Yes, Miss Zhu. I shall follow the order", he agreed with no hesitation.

"Took great care of him especially his face", she added.

"Understood", he said like he on a military battalion.

"You may go now", she said and Wu Ming bowed his head. "Good luck Liu Xian, I am expecting great things from you", she said as she waves her fingers.

"Follow me", Wu ming said to me.

We went outside and took a glimpse from inside the room with glass walls as we walk and saw Zhu Ling Lin still looking at me with her smile. I followed Wu Ming until we arrived at a solid metal door He scans his fingerprint and the metal slide aside to open. As the door opening, I can already hear loud noises that come from a gun. We entered and stood there as we watch some people practicing their shooting, their handling with a knife, and other weapons.

"All of them are X like me which you are going to be soon. This is where we train to enhanced our physical abilities. You need to train so you can handle dangerous missions", he explains to me as we stride.

We went out and continued showing me around and arrived at the headquarters. "This will be your room, you can do anything you want here", he opened the door with a card, "Now, put your fingerprint here", he said. I put my finger on it.

"Room Vacated please state your name", a robotic voice said.

"Say your name", Wu ming said as he crossed his arms.

"Liu Xian"

"Identity confirmed. Welcome Master Liu Xian", the voice said.

"Now, that you have your room, let's proceed with your official registration", I nod my head.

After a while, we got to a huge quiet place that has a shining chandelier at the center and a big booth from a distance straight to the front of us. We went to the booth.

"Hey, Wu Ming", the woman said wearing a black short dress and looked at me smiling.

"Is this the kid?", she asked.

"Yes", Wu Ming replied.

"Your name's Liu Xian right?", she asked me smiling. I nod my head. "Alright, please wait a moment so I can create your X code", she said to me continuing to type on her computer.

After a while, "All done your code is X-16-28, remember that always. No one knows that code except in this organization", she hands me an I.D card and a folder then took it.

"Let's go", Wu Ming said and I followed him.

"Bye!", the woman said in a distance.

"Go to the headquarters and rest there, we will start the training tomorrow", he walks away from me without having my response.

I went to the headquarters and saw people like Wu Ming who have muscular builds and scar all over their body. They all look pretty skilled and strong that you don't want to mess with them. "Hey, are you the new kid?", said a man who was sitting on the bench wiping his sweat from his body, I nod my head without an expression. "I'm Ye Li Yang, you?", he asked me while wiping the back of his neck.

"I'm Liu Xian", I said..

"I see, you already registered and got your code", he said after seeing a folder and an I.D on my hand. "So, when is your training?"

"Wu Ming said it's tomorrow", I replied.

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"I see, Wu Ming is in charge of your training.. Wu Ming is a great X, he'll train you just fine. Just tell me if you want some help. I'll try my best to help you", he said.

"Okay", I said and entered my room.

I put the folder and my I.D on the table and remove my shoes. I laid down on the bed and fell asleep.


End of Chapter 7 - The Woman in White

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