13 Welcome to Hell

Hell was described as severe punishment for the sinners. Endless tortures, burning you in roaring flames, weeping you to death, gnashing of teeth, torments, and all the things people believed. It wasn't what they described. Hell is far more than that, much cruel and very deadly. It was a survival of fate.

I arrived at the bottom and the capsules opened. A person in a red suit with a black rose lapel was standing straight outside the capsule and greeted me. "Hi, I am Demon Vassago. I am your guide in Hell", he said to me and bowed. I looked at him clearly and he a black eyes and a red pupil. "Please follow me, I will be showing you around and instruct you". I followed him.

I look around the huge place and it was dark. It had dim orange glowing lights at the sides of the place, but it was enough to lighten the whole place to clearly see. On top of the place was glass and it was full of darkness. I can see several doors appearing out of nowhere and people going in and out like it was a portal. "This is the Hell lobby, this is where the sinners gather and hang out, it's like a game lobby", he said as he continued walking.

He stopped, "Please insert and register your virtual scroll so we can proceed to the next one", he stands by the side and I saw a machine. It was more like an ATM but it was really unique.

I did what he instructed. I inserted the card into the machine and it spoke, "Fallen Soul Liu Xian, your status will be changed to Sinner Liu Xian. Please scan your index finger here", an arrow appeared from the screen and pointing below. "Scanning, checking status".

I waited for a moment, "Registration complete", the machine said.

I took the card and saw an "H" in a cool-looking style font at the center glowing red. "Please open your virtual scroll", he said. I opened my virtual scroll, my name and my picture on top of it appeared from the screen with several featured tabs on the right side.

"The virtual scroll will be your item box, point wallet, and your virtual account", he said. "The virtual scroll had an item box. An item box is where you can store or get your items such as outfits, food, weapons, and special items", he explained.

"Weapons?", I asked him wondering why I can store weapons

"Yes, weapons", I want to ask him about it but he cut me off. "Please click the item box tab from your virtual scroll", I clicked the item box tab and it said empty. "Here, take this", he gave me a pen and I took it. "Please click the insert item button at the bottom right side of your virtual scroll", I clicked the insert item button and the screen became a small dimensional portal. "Please put the pen inside the item box", I slowly put my hands inside the portal and took it back. The pen was gone from hand. "Now press the "X" symbol on the top right side of the item box", I clicked the "X" button and I found a picture of a pen with the object's name on the item box. It was just like an item list from a game. "Do you fully understand how to use an item box?", he asked me and I nod my head.

"Let's proceed to the point wallet. Point wallet is the system that keeps track of your points. It records the process of all the points you have You can use your points by spending it on the hell market. Points are called CS which means Cleanse Sins. You can obtain CS by completing a game depending on the level you finished", when he said game, I wondered. "Do you understand how to use the point wallet?", he asked.

"Great, now I will tell you about your virtual card. Please select the character information tab", I clicked the tab and it showed my information and statistics. "Character information show you your profile and game statistics", I am curious about this game but I can't ask anything since he was still explaining.

I look at the screen and found words like completed games, games won, games lost, cumulative points received, points spend, recent game, recent item obtained, and progressional level. He explained all of it to me but he keeps mention games which I am very curious about.

"You keep mentioning games, what are these games you are talking about?", I asked him as my brows folded.

"I will explain the game later on", he smiled.

"Do you see the text at the top right side of your screen?", I looked at the top right side and read it, "3 ZS". He smiled and said, "ZS is Zoi Stones. Zoi Stones are your life points in a game, when you register in a game, you must bet your Zoi Stones to enter. If you lost a game or lose a round, your Zoi stones will be deducted. If you win, your Zoi Stones will remain the same", he explained.

"What will happen if you lost all your Zoi Stones?", I asked him seriously.

He smiled creepily, "If you lost all you Zoi Stones...", he stopped for a moment and his eyes grew bigger, "then you be sent to the eternal darkness of misery where your soul wander around at the ruins of despair and agony".

"Your Virtual Scroll also has Vivlio tab, please click the tab", I clicked the Vivlio tab. "Vivlio tabs are where you can message other sinners by adding them", This Vivlio is just like a social media app, but it was more unique.

"Now, let's proceed to the Hell Market", I followed him.


We arrived at the Hell Market and it was a pack of people. It has different stations and I can see all kinds of people. "This is the Hell Market. The market consist of a Hell Store, clothing store, and perks store", he said as he points the stations one by one. "The cafeteria is where you buy your essential needs, the clothing store where you buy your outfit suitable for your need and style, and the perks store where you can buy special items and perks. You can buy items from the market by spending your CS", he explained to me clearly.

"Now I will tell you the list of rules in the Hell Lobby", he pointed his fingers up-leveling his chin. "The rules are simple", he said and he lists all the rules out loud.

[Not playing a game for twenty-four hours will result in a penalty of one ZS]

[No transferring of CS, ZS, and special items]

[Violence outside the game is forbidden]

[Stealing will result in severe punishment]

[Entering a game without register will result in a penalty of one ZS]

[Defying the rule of a game is considered as disqualification]

[Ignoring the Demons request will result in punishment]

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"You can see the list of rules again in the Vivlio Tab", he said to me. "Here, take this", he handed out a glowing glass key to me.

"What is it?", I took the key from his hand.

"It's the key to your room", he replied.

"Where's my room?"

"In there"

"Huh?", I question him.

"Hold your key and say DOMATIO", he instructed.

I raised the key and said, "Domination". A white dimensional portal appeared from space. "Let's enter", he entered the portal and I followed.

I look around the room and it just average. It had a small kitchen, a small bathroom, and a bedroom. Too tight to even relax. "This your domatio, you can upgrade your room in the perks store by spending your CS. Upgrade means getting a lot of benefits of a domatio", he walks near the bed, "Now, I will explain to you the Game", he grinned.


End of Chapter 13 - Welcome To Hell

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