3 Vision of Deceptions

We strive on a long dark hallway and entered the elevator. The nurse pushed the 2nd-floor button, and the elevator starts moving.

After a while, the elevator stops at the 5th floor and a man in a black suit wearing a fedora and black mask enters the elevator. While entering I saw him stares at me and I notice the scar on the side of his right eye. He stood beside us and the elevator starts to move again.

The elevator arrived at the 2nd floor and saw the ICU Sign as the elevator opens. We get off and we saunter in the hallway of the ICU. As we stroll through the hallway, I notice a glass pane and notice the reflection of a man.

It was the mysterious man from the elevator, we didn't even notice that he also got off on this floor and was following us. We stopped and turned me around on the left side. We have arrived at the room where my sister was in. I look to the left side and the mysterious man also stopped. Our eyes meet and I know he was smiling behind that mask.

"Are you ready Liu Xin?", Doctor Zhang said to me and I snapped out away from his stare. He fixes his fedora hat and puts his right hand in his pocket. He winks at me and continues to walk.

"Can you hear me Liu Xian?", Doctor Zhang repeated.

"Oh? Yes, I am ready", I replied flustered.

"Then let's go", Doctor Zhang said, and the nurse opened the door.

The world starts to revolve slowly and the bright lights in the room blinded me for a while. I saw a back of a familiar little girl who stood from a certain distance in front of me.

The little girl turned her back, "Brother!", the little girl called out to me after she saw me, She runs toward me, and unknowingly my arm was lifted as if I am ready to hug her. My eyes are starting to adjust with the lights. I was overwhelmed with joy and assurance when I saw Liu Xing Xin completely fine and okay. My eyes get blurry that I didn't notice that tears are already falling. I hugged her tight and closed my eyes knowing she is alright.

"Liu Xian? Are you alright?", I heard the voice of Doctor Zhang and snapped. I opened my eyes then I was left confused. Liu Xing Xin suddenly disappeared from my arms.

"Huh? Where did she go?", I said with a bewildered face as I look side by side looking for her.

"What do you mean? She's over there", he points his hand at a close range, and I looked at where he's pointing. My excitement suddenly turned off after learning that it was just an illusion.

I saw Liu Xing Xin laying on the bed dead silent. A clean white blanket covering her whole body and an oxygen mask covering her face.

"Is she sleeping", I asked with a befuddled face. Doctor Zhang brings me further to my sleeping sister. It touched her hand trying to wake her up but she didn't even budge, she keeps sleeping like a dead person.

"Why isn't she waking up?", I asked Doctor Zhang while looking at him. Doctor Zhang and the nurse looked at each other for a moment with dismay.

"You see, Liu Xing Xin suffered a traumatic brain injury when the accident happened. She is in a comatose state and she may or never woke up but the chances of her waking up are quite low."

After Doctor Zhang's explanation, the scenes are starting to get blurry and the world starts spinning which makes me dizzy. I heard Doctor Zhang called out to me but the loud beat that Holter monitor makes is exceeding in my hearing. It is hard to breathe, and my head suddenly starts to hurt so bad that it feels like someone is smashing my head. I fell on the wheelchair and the scene abruptly turned to pitch black.


I felt a very comfortable and tingly feeling that it makes me think that I was laying on a soft cloud. I slowly opened my eyes; the place was full of brightness that which makes my sight quite blurry. "Liu Xian my brave son", I heard a familiar voice so dear to me. My eyes slowly adjust and finally seeing a clear vision. I get up and saw a beautiful woman that I love fondly, it was my mother.

"Maaaaaa!", I shouted with joy and hugged her tight. "I miss you so much", I added, and the tears started to flow.

"I miss you too my son, I'm glad that I finally see you", she let me go and put held my hands.

Her face was covered with bruises and cuts. She must have got it from the accident. "Where are we?", I asked her while I look around.

"Doesn't matter as long as I finally see you", she then smiled.

"I am here to tell you that mama and baba are very sorry for leaving you two early", she said, and tears won't stop falling on her face.

She put both her hands on my face, "You promise to protect and take care of your sister, right?", she said, and I nod my head.

"I need you to promise one more thing", she said. "What is it? I will do it for you", I replied with sincerity.

"Zinggggggggg!", a sound suddenly appears from nowhere that I unable to hear what mother said. "What?", I asked her, but she keeps talking like she was screaming but the sound keeps getting louder that is starting to hurt my ears. I covered my ears for a while and the sound faded.

"What was that?", I asked mother but she seems troubled.

When she is about to speak a sound of a bell suddenly came. I looked around wondering where that sound is coming from but all I see is the vast blue sky. When I looked at my mother again she abruptly disappears without me noticing.

Is stood up still looking for her "Ma! Maaaa! Where di you go!" I shouted and the bell stopped.

The white surface suddenly started to crumble, and the blue sky is started to crack. The place was shaking and piece by piece the ground suddenly drops below until reaches where I am standing. I fell facing the bright beautiful blue sky as I air passes swiftly through my body.


I landed on the ground hard and forcefully opened my eyes. I woke up as I stared at the ceiling still in shock. My body was soaked with sweat as I breathe heavily. It was just a dream that suddenly turns into a nightmare but it was just so vivid that it felt like it was real.

I got up and took a glass of water. As I drank, I stared in a blank space away from time. I came back from reality when I heard the wall clock strike. to twelve. I was baffled that I was unknowingly staring at nothing for a long time and my clothes were almost dry.

I changed into new clothes and went to brush my teeth. As I was about to brush my teeth a bloody print on my hand was marked on my face. I drop my toothbrush in shock and immediately washed my face. I stared at the mirror for a while wondering how the print got on my face.

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I notice that my reflection was moving and saw that my reflection was smiling back at me. I step back out of surprise and wipe both my eyes with my first and checks my reflection again. It was just one another illusion. I grab the face towel and wipe my face then returned to my bed.

I have so many thoughts in my head that I can't sleep. The feeling of sadness won't just leave me away. I covered my face with my arms and cried all night long.


End of Chapter 3 – Visions of Deceptions

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