4 Unknown Invitation

It was already dawn when I woke up. My head hurts so bad that I feel like someone is squeezing my brain. I got up while holding my head with my left palm. I grab the water container and fill up a glass. When I was about to drink, my head hurts even more that I drop the glass in my hand, and pieces of glass scattered from the floor. "Augh!", I squealed in pain and drop to the floor.

"What's wrong?" A nurse came in and immediately abetted me. "Are you alright?", she asked. After taking me to my bed she called the nurse station, "Please send a cleaner in room 102 for a clean-up".

"Does your head hurts?", she asked me. I nod my head in response.

"Wait for me here, I will call the doctor to give you medication that can lessen the pain", she went out of the room in a hurry.

I laid in my head as the pain makes me dizzy. I grinned my teeth and close my eyes tight.

A minute later, I heard a knock on the door and it opens, "Excuse me, I am here to clean up, may I have permission to enter", A guy wearing a medical mask and a cap asked me. "You can enter", the nurse said after coming back and entered first.

She was holding a medicine tray and put it on the side table. The cleaner entered with his tools and started cleaning. The nurse helped me back up. As she was trying to help, I saw a tattoo under her collar. She looked at me for a moment and grab a medicine from the tray. She grabs a glass and fills it with water. She hands out a capsule and the water. I took the medicine and laid on the bed again.

"The pain will lessen in any minute now. Just drink plenty of water and get some more rest"

"Okay, thank you miss... uhmmm?", I said as I look at her like I was asking for her name.

"I'm Ying Yan Li", she said. "Ah, thank you, Ms. Ying". I replied. "Just get some good rest and don't force yourself, okay?" she smiled.

"Please clean it completely, he might step on a piece of glass and get hurt", she said to the cleaner.

The cleaner stand up and replied," I will." He then continued to clean. The nurse went out the room and closed the door.

The cleaner suddenly stood up and lock the door. He removes his mask walks near me. "What are you doing?", I asked wondering.

He hands out a letter to me, "Here, someone wants to give it to you". he grins.

I got up looking uneased, "What is it?", I asked him as stared at his eyes.

"Just take it", his tone tightened.

I took the letter from him and then he smiled. "See you", he turned his back and walks out of the room. He winks at me before closing the door. "What a weird guy", I thought.

I look at the letter. The letter is black and had a red stamp on it. It has a symbol of an "X" on top of two cross guns inside the circle. I opened the letter and read it silently.

[To: Liu Xian]

[You have been selected as an "X"]

"What is this?", I mumbled.


I suddenly heard a knock on the door. I didn't respond thinking that it was that guy again. "May I enter?", the voice is different, "You can enter", I said after hearing her voice.

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"I'm sorry, I took too long. The elevator stops working for a moment that's why arrive late", she explained to me. "So that guy isn't a staff in this hospital", I spoke out my thought.

"What guy?", she asked.

"Nothing", I replied.

I look at the letter again still wondering what it means. The cleaner entered with a cleaning cart, "Oh, it's almost cleaned up?", she said. "Did you cleaned it up?", she asked me. I nodded without thinking.

"You shouldn't have, you are a patient and I am the cleaner, It is my duty to clean it", she said to me and I nodded as response.

She started cleaning near me. I immediately hide the letter behind the pillow.

Several minutes later, "I am done, next time just call on the nurse station if you have to clean up something, okay?", she said as she return her things on the cleaning cart. "Okay, I will, thank you".

She went out the room along with the cleaning cart.

I took the letter again and read the remaining contents.

[To: Liu Xian]

[You have been selected as an "X"]

[A week later, our constituent will come for you]

[Please get ready]

"What does this mean?", I murmured. "Whatever."

I opened the drawer and put the letter inside it. I laid on my bed and stared at the ceiling.


I didn't notice that I fell asleep and the sun was already shining behind the curtain. I saw the food of tray on the side table. "The food delivery staff must have put it here", I thought.

I heard the door slide open. "Oh, you're already awake?", Ms. Ying entered. She look at the side table then look at me. "You didn't eat your food yet", she said.

"I just woke up", I replied while I rub my eyes.

"Eat your food and take this after, okay?", she puts a capsule and fill up the glass with water.

"I will, thank you Ms. Ying", she smiled then went out the room.

I took the food tray and checks the food. It has chicken soup, sliced watermelon, a piece of banana, steamed fish and a cupful of rice.

I ate a small portion of the food. I don't really have much appetite. I place the food tray on the table and took the medicine. I got up on the bed and went to the bathroom, I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I stared at my reflection. It took me a minute and suddenly remembered something. "Fuck! I forgot Xing Xin being a coma, why did I suddenly forget that!", I punched the mirror out of anger. I got mad on myself for not remembering her.

The mirror cracked and my fist was bleeding. I removed IV canula in my hand without hesitation and immediately went outside to go to my little sister.

I stride on a long hallway, "Where are you going?", Miss Ying saw me. I ignored her and continue to walk on fast space as blood drips on both my my fist. "What happened to your hands?", Miss Ying asked. I still ignored her and run. The elevator opens right on time and I entered then immediately pushed the the 2nd-floor button and the close button. The elevator closes before the other nurses catch up to me.

After the elevator closes, I saw me reflection on the clean elevator door, I stared on my reflection with anger inside of me. I clenched my fist as I look to my eyes, This isn't the person who I used to see. It's a different person with the same face as mine. My reflection suddenly smiled at me.

"What do you want from me", I said to my reflection like I was not surprise at all. He still keeps smiling back at me. "WHAT DO YOU WANT!", I shouted with anger as I smack the side of the elevator with my bloody left hand.

The lights suddenly flicker and the smiling reflection of mine disappears. I arrived at the 2nd-floor and went out. I stood outside with a blank mind looking at the white walls. I slap myself on the face again in again. Then I turned at the right side looking down and clenched my fist with a furious face. I look up and saw myself smiling at me.

He walks towards me and put his face beside mine to whisper, "We are one now and you can't do anything about it", I turned at him but he disappeared like a bubble.

"Hey kid", I heard a man's voice. I turned around and saw the mysterious man who had a scar on his left eye.


End of Chapter 4 - Unknown Invitation

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