10 Final Trial

We arrive at the hospital and hurried to the entrance. "You only have one hour and go back hereafter!", Doctor Zhang shouted. I didn't reply and went in.

I haste to the elevator and waited for a while. The elevator opens and entered. I pushed the 2nd-floor button immediately. I was eager to see Xing Xin and wondering if she is okay all alone. I went out to the elevator and hurried to her room.

I opened it and saw her still laying dead frozen and grabs a chair to sit to her side. "I am sorry that brother was gone for a while", I held her hand. "I promised mother that I will take care and protect you, no matter is the cost", I said looking at her snoozing face. "I will always visit you here, and I will always think of you wherever I am, brother will promise you that, I love you".

A nurse opens the door and went in, I look back and I saw Miss Ying.. I felt so happy seeing her and I thought to myself that I like her to be my big sister." Liu Xian, it's been a while", she shouted with joy and went near me. "I am so happy seeing you again", she hugged me. "I am glad that you are doing fine", she added.

"I am glad to see you again Miss Ying", I smiled at her.

"So, where are you staying now?", she asked me as she was checking out the equipment.

"I lived with my uncle", I looked down for lying.

"That's great! but why are you not going with him to visit your sister? Your uncle goes here every night to check on her", she looked at me with wonder.

I was surprised for a moment, "Oh, he said I can only see her once a week to be able to relax on what happened. He cared about mental health", I lied again.

I look at my sister with a pitiful face that there's something weighing my chest. "Don't worry about anything about you sister, I am in charge of taking care of her, I was ordered to take care of her by the hospital's committee and I didn't hesitate to agree because she was your sister", she explains to smiling. "Oh look at the time, I gotta go now. It was nice seeing you again Liu Xian bye! Take good care of yourself", she said and went out in a hurry.

"This organization must be bigger than I thought", I mumbled.

"Brother's going now, be well Xing Xin", I smiled sadly.

I walk out of the room and glance at her through the glass with worry then went inside the elevator.

I exited the hospital and went back to the car. "You, done?", Doctor Zhang inside the car. I didn't reply and went inside the car. The car started and on our way to the lair again.


We arrived and it's already dark of day. I saw Wu Ming was waiting for me at the entrance, I went out of the car and meet him. "I heard you went to the hospital to see your sister", he said.

"Yes, I did", I replied with a low tone.

"Don't worry about her, I checked on her every day to see if she's doing fine. I will tell you her state every day, just focus on your training", he then etntred.

I stride on my way to my room and fell asleep without changing my clothes.



I am sixteen years old now and I feel so different than the last years. I accepted my fate and manage to let go of my old self. I improve a lot and manage to get cope up with the other exis. I can see the difference in my body structure. All the intense training, harsh trial, and hard sessions were worth it.

I went to the dining hall and Cheng Yun wraps his arm around my neck, "Hey, buddy! Got a good night's sleep?"

"Yeah, I think this day will be the day that I will defeat you"

"Let's see about that!", he smiled at me brightly.

Cheng Yun and I grew closer as days passed. His unending annoyance catches up to me and we became friends. He replaced Ye Li yang as my spar partner, he also teaches me all the things he learned.

He still the same, eating first before the BX's announcement. I grew quite attached to this organization that I respect this place now. It was still the same since I got here. BX's announcements and Exis bowing their head then eat. "Oh, Liu Xian are you ready?", she looked at me in the distance with a weird smile.

"Oh, is it today?", he said smiling that it creeps me out.

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"Yes, Cheng Yun. It is today", she said as she walks near us with her arms crossed.

"Oooh, can I watched?", his eyes sparkled with excitement as he was holding a fork.

Miss Zhu think for a while and said, "Sure you can, since it's you".

Cheng Yun jumped out of excitement. All the other exis was looking at us and I glance at Wu Ming, he seems to be troubled.

"What is it?", I asked her.

"The Final Trial, you need to finish it to become a real member of the XTRM", she smiled at me and holds my upper arms with her both hands. "You need to finish it, okay?", I look at her eyes and all I can see is the wickedness of herself.

"I'll try", I said with a low voice.

Miss Zhu clap her hands one time, "Great! That's the spirit Liu Xian!", this woman has changed. "Well, I gotta go now, I have a business to deal with", she then walks out from the dining hall.

"Don't chicken out and just do it", Cheng Yun creepily smiled and walks out of the hall.


I entered my room and drop myself in bed with a big sigh.

"What is the final trial?", I mumbled and think hard about what it is. I entered the bathroom and took a shower still thinking what is that I stared in blank space. I got out and rub myself with the towel and looked at the mirror. It has been a long time since that guy myself showed up or speak to me. He didn't come back.

I closed my eyes for a moment and was surprised by my reflection smiling back at me. He showed again but still thinking why did he show up now. "If you do the final trail, then we'll really become one", he grins at me.

"There's no way we will become one", I replied calmly.

"Let's see about that", he then disappears and my reflection went back to normal. I heard a ring outside my room. I changed my clothes fastly and opened the door.

It was Wu Ming, "Let's go, you're final trial is ready", he said. Wu Ming was always calm and always putting on his poker face but today it's different, there is worry on his face.

I took my mask and put it on, "Don't wear it, Miss Zhu said that you'll do your final trial with your bare face", he said then walks. I put down my mask on the table and followed him.

We entered a room that I have never seen before. I saw Miss Zhu, Doctor Zhang, Cheng Yun and some other people inside it. There were monitors so they can spectate me. Cheng Yun was smiling in excitement. Miss Zhu approached me with her arms crossed. "Are you ready?, she said and I nod my head. "This is the kid I told you about, he has great skills and perseverance and you will like him", she said to the people I never met before.

"If he can do it then we will hire him", one of the people said.

"Oh you won't be disappointed", she glanced at me.

Wu Ming and I entered a dark room and heard some tingling noise. "Try to calm yourself or you'll fail. Hide your true self and just finish the trial fast so it won't hurt you much further", he said to me with concern.

"Good Luck", he then left the room and I was left alone in the dark or not.

I hear noises, "Is it an animal, do I have to kill it?", I murmured.

The lights suddenly covered the dark that blinded me for a moment.

A monitor went on, "This is your final trial, Liu Xian. If you can finish it then you will officially become one of us. If you fail, you will die", Miss Zhu threatened me.

"Fighting! Liu Xian!", I heard Cheng Yun from the background.

"Now, pick up the gun on the table and proceed in front of the black curtain", she instructed.

I picked up the gun and walk near the black curtain as she instructed. The noise suddenly got louder as I grew closer.

"Let's begin!", Miss Zhu shouted and the black curtain dropped.

At that moment, I understand everything. Why this organization was founded and why this organization existed. They were preparing this since the beginning. Out of shock, I can feel trembling in my feet as I hold the gun. I just couldn't believe what I see in front of me.

It was Miss Ying...

A dear friend, a big sister and I like her. "Miss Ying?", I said still in shock.

She was tied to a metal chair with her mouth taped. She was crying and the tears soaked her beautiful face. She was looking at me with her pitiful eyes that I drop the gun.

"This your final trial, Kill her and you'll succeed if you fail you will die", the world started to blurry and I feel like going to lost my consciousness out of shock. "You have two minutes to finish it".

I fell down on my knees looking at the ground and looked at poor Miss Ying. One minute has passed and reaches my decision "I don't want to do it", tears fall in my eyes.

"What did you say?", I can feel the anger in her voice.

"I said I don't want to do it!", I yelled.

"Okay, fine", she said.

A monitor behind Miss Ying turned on and I saw a guy pointing a gun at a little girl. It was Le Yi Yang pointing his gun at my little sister's head.

"If you don't do it, then you and your sister will die in her place", she laughs.

I gulped hard. My heart is beating so fast that I can almost cannot breathe.

"Thirty seconds left Liu Xian, if you don't do it when the timers up then your sister will die!"

My mind was blank white and I cannot think anything. I looked at the gun and picked it up. I stood up slowly with weak legs and pointed the gun on Miss Ying's head. I cannot feel anything, my body is moving on its own. Miss Ying trying to shout out of despair with her mouth tape begging for her life. Her eyes were swollen that it became red.

"ten seconds left Liu Xian!", Miss Zhu shouted.

I heard the timer ticking and that ten-second, the world revolves very slow.







"Kill her now!", Miss Zhu shouted.




"Shoot her now!"



On that day I lost myself not able to get it back, the other me was right, we completely became on this forth. I cannot feel anything now. All of the nice things in my heart turns to pitch black and were frozen solid. Unable to show any kind of affection and was wandering around, lost in the darkness of despair. I was trapped inside and I can't get out. This is the fate that was given and I can't change it back.


End of Chapter 10 - Final Trial

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