11 Final Mission

I woke up sweating a lot as I breathe heavily. I dreamed about a horrendous memory that haunts me like a nightmare. I was holding my sister's hand and look at her face. It was already twelve years since that horrible moment happened. I become empty and cold inside, trapped in a solid glass cage, and couldn't do anything to stay alive. Wandering around in the dark, like a fly searching for a light. There was nothing left inside me but sorrow and regrets.

My sister is already twenty-two and I am already twenty-eight. I did anything that the organization order until now, just to keep my sister safe from them. I got my final mission today and I learned a lot, to make our lives back to normal. I can't turn back now, what I did was already done. We have to move on like a bird flying in the blue sky. "I'll be back after I am done with this, we can live a normal life, I promised", I then kissed her hands.

I went out of her room while looking at her with worry. I always hope that she will wake up before I am still here. Even I am empty inside, Xing Xin and the promised that I keep are always knocking in my heart that it strengthens me to be awake.

I exited the hospital and went home to get ready for my final mission. I just wanted to be free from this leashed once and for all. I don't want Xing Xin to see me as a bad guy when she woke up. I want to live a normal life. I don't care about anyone else or who I kill, all I need is her. I can kill anyone just to make my sister safe.


I got home and change my clothes. I wore a black and white suit and bought the new mask I received from Miss Zhu. She said that I have to wear a brand new mask since this will be my final mission. Miss Zhu said they'll throw me a farewell party after my last mission. I'll just go there to say my farewell nothing else. I want them to cut me loose and I don't want to be back from there again.

"Fu Nao, send me the location of this target", I scanned the QR code and send the picture to him.

"Alright, just wait a moment", I took my case and went outside. "There, I send you the location"

"Thanks, I'll keep in touch with you if I need help you", I canceled the call button and entered my car. I checked Fu Nao's message and look at his information once again.

[Information of the Target]

[Name: Wang Lewis]

[Age: 32]

[Task: Eliminate]

[Ordered by: Number 07 "Black Mamba"

[Time of Completion: 3 days]

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[Reward: 20,000 dollars]

[Current Location: New Xianglai Hotel, Floor 32, Room 454]

I started the car and headed to the hotel.


I have arrived at the hotel and it's really classy. I called FU Nao, "Fu Nao, make me an employee card on this hotel", I said to him as I fix my necktie.

"I already did, check your suitcase", I opened my suitcase and the card was already ready. This case can make 3D items in an instant, magic? no, it's technology. I took the card and pinned it on my right chest. I closed the case and went out of the car. I walked by the entrance and showed my card to the staff. "You must be new", one of the staff said. I nod my head and let me enter.

I entered the employee room, took one of the uniforms, and wore my mask to disguise myself, exiting the room and my case. I entered the elevator and went to floor 32. I exited the elevator and stride into a hallway on my way to room 434. I put down my suitcase and opened it. I took the gun and knocked. "Room Service", I said.

After a minute the door opens. I entered and locked the door. I searched for the target in the room but he wasn't in there. I feel the tingling in my neck that alerted me of a danger. I hurried to the door and opens but it was locked. The door was locked tight. I heard a hissing sound from above and smoke began to come down from the ventilation. I hold my breath, trying not to inhale the substance. I shot the doorknob but it was solid that I barely made a scratch. It was a high technology security door so I called Fu Nao to gain unlock access. "Fu, Nao? Fu Nao!?", I made a call but it didn't get through. The signal was blocked.

I hurried to the glass window and shot it multiple times but it didn't break. I threw the chair from the glass but it was solid hard. I began to lose my consciousness, my sight began to blurry and I can't maintain my balance. I tried to go to the bathroom step by step with all my strength left. I locked the door and dropped myself from the bathroom floor.


I opened my eyes but it was dim. My head was covered with a cloth, dim lights coming in inside of the cloth. My hands are tied in my back and my feet were wrapped with something adhesive. I could feel something on my neck, something rough like a rope. I couldn't see anything it was too dark. The color of the light is orange. Is it fire? I breathe heavily and sweat a lot. Where am I?

"Hey, my lovely pretty man", I heard the voice of Miss Zhu.

"Miss Zhu? What is the meaning of this?", I replied.

"This is your farewell party, are you surprised?", she giggled.

The cloth in my head was removed and saw a man pointing his gun at me. It was Wu Ming.

"Wu Ming? What are you doing to me?", I asked as sweat coming down from the side of my forehead.

"Stand on that chair", Wu Ming threatened me.

"Why? Are you going to kill me and rule it as suicide?"

"Just stand there!", he yelled.

"I don't want to!"

"Fine, then we'll kill you and your sister", Miss Zhu walks near me looking me in the eyes.

"Don't you dare hurt my sister!", I yelled at her face.

"Then stand on that chair. If you are willing to sacrifice your life for her", she grinned

"Why are you doing this? You said I can get off in the organization if I finish the final mission.", I asked her.

"Do you remember the first time we met?", I looked down and tried to remember. "I said that all people who know the XTRM but not a member or related will die. Since you already decided to cut off on us then we don't have a choice but to kill you", she grinned.

"Damn you!", I shouted. I took several breathes and said, "I won't leave, just let me go", I said with a low voice as I looked down.

"Too late Liu Xian, there are no second chances in the XTRM", I looked at her with wrath. If I am loose, I could have already shred her to pieces. "So, will you stand or not? That is your only choices"

I think it through, I can't keep the promised mother gave me. I couldn't care for her as long as I live but I will protect her as long as I live. I didn't hesitate and stand on the chair of death.

"Good boy, what a waste of a pretty face. You are really actually dumb, the love for your sister is stronger than your will to live", she looked and crossed her arms.

"Just don't hurt my sister", I said.

"Of course! I'm not the kind of a person who broke promises except for this one", she smiled.

She took something from my suitcase and proceed near me. "Here, wear the mask I gave you. I want you to wear it before you die", she put on the mask on me and I didn't contradict. If I anger this woman, she will really hurt my sister. "There, Wow! You are still handsome even if you wear the mask on. I gave you a mask that looks good on you!", she claps her hand one time. "So, are you ready to meet death?", she said as she cocked her head as her eyes get bigger.

"I am ready, just keep your promise", I said to her without feeling anything. I wasn't afraid to die as If I was always ready. "Wu Ming, do the honor", Wu Ming walks near me as he pointed my gun.

"I am sorry, Liu Xian", he said to me with a low voice that only I can hear.

"It's okay, I know you're just following orders. You are just like me", I assured him and he gulped.

"Don't you worry, we will take care of your sister", she said.

Wu Ming kicked the chair and I was left hanging by my neck. I can't breathe but I didn't struggle, I just let myself hang while I closed my eyes. They say all the good memories will bloom before your death It really is true. All of the good things keep flashing in my head at my final moment and I died smiling.


End of Chapter 11 - The Final Mission

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