6 Black Organization

I keep staring at the clock sitting beside my bed without a state of mind, it was already six-thirty in the evening. I look at the door waiting for someone to come in. "Who am I waiting for? Do I really want to meet those guys? Do I really want this?", I thought to myself.

"It's because you are one of them now", I heard a voice from nowhere.

"Who's there?", I said as I tilt my head to look around.

"You are actually interested in them but you keep denying it", the voice came back. "I know you Liu Xian, I've been with you since you were born? I know the deepest desire you have". The voice continues.

"Show yourself!", I yelled and I stood up.

"Why do you keep hiding your real feelings? your nasty desires? your true self?", the voice said.

"You don't know anything about me!", I continued looking around.

"Oh yes, I do"

"You don't!", I yelled. I look around and finally saw him.

"I know because I am you", he was on the mirror hanging from the wall. It was my reflection talking to me. He guffawed and his laugh is getting louder. The world started to spin slowly and I covered both ears and closed my eyes as I squat slowly.

"Stop!", I shouted. "I said stop!"

The voice continued to laugh loudly until...


The laughter stops and everything went to normal again as nothing had happened.

"I am here to deliver your food", the staff opened the door. "Are you alright?", he asked me.

"Yes, I am fine", I said as stood up and I can feel my knees weakened.

"You're sweating a lot", I look at my shirt and I was soaked in sweat.

The staff entered and put the food tray on the side table. "I'll leave it here", he said.

"Okay, thank you", he went out of the room.

I inhaled deeply, I didn't know I was holding my breath. I step back and sit on my chair. I hold my head with both my arms thinking about what just happened.

"Hey Liu Xian, are you okay?", I didn't notice that Miss Ying came in. She pats my back.

"Oh, Miss Ying? Yes, I am fine", I replied to her as swear to keep dripping on the side of my face.

"Why are sweating so much?", she immediately took a t-shirt and gave it to me. "Here, change or you'll get sick. You don't want to stay here much longer right?".

"Thank You Miss Ying", I said as take the t-shirt. I took off my wet shirt and then changed to a new one as Miss Ying writing on her notepad.

"Oh, your guardian will be here soon, he said he will get you to go home with him", she said.

"Guardian?", I asked in confusion. I don't have any other relatives except my father's brother Liu Yi Lang but he already passed away last year.

"The one who keeps visiting you here, isn't he your relative?", she wondered.

" Yes, I am his relative", a certain man entered the room.

"Oh sir, you've arrived, are you here to get Liu Xian?", Miss Ying asked.

"Yes, I am here to get him so we can go home", it was the mysterious man with a scar on his left eye, I met last week. He didn't wear a mask and I can see his face clearly. He also has a scar under his lips and at the bridge of his nose.

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"You—", I glared at him.

He walks towards me and puts his arm around me. "Let's go?", he said. I tried to get him off but I can't.

Miss Ying went near me and hold both my hands. "I will miss you Liu Xian", she said with a blissful smile. "Remember to take care of yourself and visit your sister frequently, okay?"

"I will Miss Ying, thank you", she let go of my hands.

The man dragged me forcefully but I didn't resist.

"Goodbye Liu Xian", Miss Ying said as we go out to the room.

The man eases his arms around me so I can turn my back. "Bye, Miss Ying, thank you for everything", I waved my hand and she also waves her hand and smiled then we continued to walk.

As we entered the elevator, "Can I go to my sister first?", I asked him.

He pushes the 2nd-floor button and the elevator started to move.

We arrived at my sister's room and I entered. The man waited for me outside. I walk near her and hold her hand. "I will come back for you, I promise", I steadily put her hand back and went outside.

"You have done", the man asked. I nodded. "Then let's go, they are waiting for you".

"They?", I murmured,

"Yeah, they", he said as he grins.

We finally arrived outside the hospital. "Follow me", he said. I followed him without hesitation.

We arrived at his expensive-looking black car. "Get in", he said.

As I was about to enter the car I saw my reflection on the car's windshield smiling like a lunatic at me. The windshield suddenly opens, "What are you doodling around for?", he said

I opened the car and the engine started. "Where are we going?", I asked him as I put on my seatbelt.

"To the lair", the car started running and went on our way. I took the game console Miss Ying gave me as the drive goes on. The whole ride was silent.

After a while, I feel nauseous and my head hurts. I laid my head and look at the car's window watching the other cars we passed by.


"Ha Ha Ha", I heard a peal of laughter and I opened my eyes. I fell asleep on our way. I look outside and it seems the car is already park. I look at the driver's seat and the man wasn't there. I opened the car but it's locked.

"Ha Ha Ha", I heard the laughter again.

"I was right Liu Xian, this is who you really are", someone spoke from nowhere. I look around and find my reflection talking to me again from the front mirror.

"You were right about what?", I asked him as I glared back at my reflection.

"You, being true to yourself, you are wicked and you wanted to get your deepest desire Liu Xian"

"That's not true, you don't know anything"

"If it's not true, then why did you willingly went with the man who you think is dangerous?", he grins.

I paused for a moment after what he said and clenched my fist.

"See, you're getting guilty?", he chuckled. "You want this ever since you got that letter but you keep pushing away what you really want, what a hypocrite you are", he laughs. "Why don't we become one and achieve our true desire?".

"What do — kid — you say?— wake up kid", my reflections keep changing poises as if he was glitching.

"Wake up", I felt a hand shaking me. I opened my eyes took a deep breath. It was just a dream. I look at the man as sweat drips at the side of my face. "We are here", he said. He went out of the car and followed him.

I look around and the place was dark and had dim lights, "Where are we?, I asked.

"Just follow me", he said.

As we were walking, I saw a solid metal gate from a distance. We keep walking towards it and arrive. He went to the side and pushed a button and a voice appeared from nowhere, "Code Confirmation is needed".

"X-13-21", he said.

The light suddenly turned on and the metal gate opens. "Let's go", he said to me as he gesture.

We strive on a dark path and saw bright lights on our way. The light became bigger and what awaits me was something I didn't expect.

Multiple large monitors, dozens of computers, and people coming back and forth holding papers.

"What is this place?", I asked.

"It's the lair, it's called the XTRM", he replied crossing his arms.

"Why did you bring me here?", he didn't respond.

"Hey, Liu Xian! You've arrived", someone called me it was Doctor Zhang.

"What are doing here?", I asked as my brows folded.

"Of course I am here because I am part of this organization too you know", he said as raised his hands leveling his chest as he looks around and saw the man. "Oh hey, Wu Ying".

"I'm surprised, you actually convinced this kid", he added.

"He just followed me obediently", he crossed his legs.

"What do you really want from me?", I asked Doctor Zhang.

"Come follow me", he turned his back to me and walk.

I followed him and entered a room with glass panes as walls. Upon entering, I saw a desk and a back of a woman in white sitting on a swivel chair then she turned around.

"My new boy has finally arrived!"


End of Chapter 6 - Black Organization

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