2 Bitter End

A warm and comfortable feeling circulates through the back of my body. I clenched my fist and felt a thin cloth. I slowly opened my eyes, and the sun shines brightly. I tilted my head to the left side and saw a glimmer of light and the beautiful sky from the window. I turned my head to the right and found a woman wearing a white uniform entering the room.

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She walks immediately near me, "You woke up!", she said.

"Where am I?", I asked with a low voice.

"You are in a hospital kid", she answered as she pushes the call button.

"The kid from room 102 regained consciousness, please call the doctor". She said while looking at me.

"Where is my little sister?", I asked as tried to get back up.

"Easy", she said as she was trying to help me.

"Where is she?" I asked her again.

"She's fine", she replied with a smile and the burden of fear inside my chest disappears as I sighed in relief.

"I want to see her", I asked her with a pitiful face.

"You can, but you still have to recover first before you see her, just leave your sister to us and just don't worry about anything, okay? Because you two are fine now", she said with a soft voice.

"Okay", I replied then looked down.

The doctor arrived along with other nurses. "How are you Liu Xian?", the doctor asked me.

"I am fine", I replied as I look at his face.

"I am Doctor Zhang Pi Ying, nice to meet you", he said as he offers his hand. I looked at his hand and refuses to do a handshake. He puts both his hands on his lower back then smiled.

"Do you remember what happened on that day?", he asked me with a concerned face.

My heart starts to ache, and my chest started to get heavy. I nod to answer back.

"Okay, just get more rest and try to conserve your energy, we can talk about it next time, okay?", the doctor said with an assuring expression and I nod my head again.

"Okay, good. Just tell us if you need something", he said.

"Okay", I replied as I slowly drop my head.

The doctor nod his head and went out to the room along with the nurses. I look at the window as the feeling of sadness was devouring me and tears started to drip on my cheeks knowing that my father and mother are already gone in this world.


Several days later, I recovered enough and got all my strength back, but my heart is still in pieces and I am expecting if seeing Liu Xing Xin will lessen the pain and suffering inside me. I watched as the birds fly in the blue bright sky from the window and heard a knock from the door.

A guy wearing a brown leather coat holding a small notepad and pen entered the room. He closed the door and started to walk near me. He grabs a chair and sat beside me. He took something from his chest pocket and showed me his identification card.

"I am detective Peng Lung Min from the Traffic Investigation Division, I am here to question you about the incident that happened to your family", he said as I look on his identity card.

"Is that okay with you?", he added, and I nod my head in response.

"Now, shall we begin?", he stated and I nod my head again.

"Do you remember everything that happened that day?", he said, and I nodded.

"Good, you were on your way to a resort, right?" he said as he prepares to write. I nodded again in response.

"So, you were driving on a narrow road, right on the edge of a hill and a truck crashed onto your car and fell in the ocean, Am I right?" he pointed his pen to me. "Yes, that was right", I replied with a shallow voice.

"So, what happened after you fell onto the ocean and how did you two get out on a sinking car?", he asked with an expression of concern and I looked down with despair in my eyes.

"It's okay, you don't have to tell me if it's too hard for you", he said as he put his hand on my shoulder.

I look at him and said, "I can tell you everything that happened", I said to him trying to fight back the fear covering me.

I told him everything that happened as he wrote down what I said.

"Wow, you are very brave and smart Liu Xian. You manage to get out on your own together with your little sister", he said as he taps my shoulder.

"I don't remember anything after that, All I remember is I tried to reach the shore, but I lost my consciousness and sinks into the ocean, I don't know how I survived", I said to him with a wondering expression.

"Oh right. This is what happened after you lost your consciousness. Fishermen nearby heard a loud crash and saw your car rolling down the hill. They wandered at first but then saw your sister floats on the surface then they immediately row their boats to get her but after a minute later, they saw you up on the surface. They tried to call you as they see you still moving, but I guess you did not hear them about your current state at that time. They hurriedly went to your location, but you swim away to get to the shore. They saw you sink and one of the fishermen immediately jumps to the water in an attempt to save you. After saving both of you they immediately moved you to shore. They called the rescue team for assistance then you end up here", after telling me what happened, tears in my eyes began to fall.

"I must thank those fishermen for saving me and my sister's lives", I said to him as continued to sob.

"You can thank them but after you recover completely", he said to me as he hands out his handkerchief to me.

"Okay, I will do that", I replied as I wipe my tears.

"Here, drink some water to calm you down", I took the water bottle and drank it.

"Are you feeling better now?", he asked.

"Yes, thank you detective", I replied and my tears began to dry.

"Good, Just take care of yourself", he said as he taps my shoulder and I nod my head for a response.

"Okay, thank you Liu Xian for cooperating. I'll try my best to investigate the incident, just get a good rest for now", he said and he stands up.

"I will, thank you Detective Peng" I replied.

He turned his back and walk out of the room. He waves his hand still turning his back on me to say goodbye then closed the door. I look at the bright blue sky from the window then I heard a sliding sound of the door opening.

"Oh, and one thing, the doctor said you can visit your sister after this. Just call on the nurse station to get assisted", he said as he peaks on me behind the door. "Okay, I will. Thank you, detective", I replied. "Good, see you next time, "he said then closed the door. I pushed the call button immediately after he left and called on the nurse station.

After a while, Doctor Zhang Pi Ying together with a nurse enters the room. "Hello, again Liu Xin. I just wanted to tell you that you are much better now and I think it's time to see your sister, do you want to see —", I cut him off and said, "I want to see her now".

"Okay, get ready and hop on the wheelchair.", I get up on my bed as Doctor Zhang and the nurse tried to help me. "Thank You", I said.

"Okay, let's go, are you ready?", he said then I nod my head. "Okay let's go", he grabs the wheelchair and move it forward, and went on our way to my sister.


End of Chapter 2 – Bitter End

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