1 Accident of Misery

It was already eight-thirty on the evening when I entered the hospital entrance carrying a bouquet of pink tulips and a basket of fruits for my confined little sister. The nurses greeted me with a smile for I have become a familiar person here in the hospital. I just smiled back at them and went on my way to my sister's room. I pushed the elevator button and waited for a while.

The elevator opened and entered then pushed the 14th-floor button where my little sister is confined. When the elevator closes, I erase my smile and go back to being emotionless. I look at my reflection on the clean elevator door and stared at my dead eyes. The elevator stopped on the 7th floor and the elevator opens. A child licking his big round lollipop entered and stood beside me.

As the elevator started to move again, the child looked at me and asked, "Are you Liu Xian, Mister?" I did not respond and still looking at the front.

"X-16-2 -8", the child said slowly. It caught my attention after hearing him say it and look at him, "What is it?", I asked him with an expressionless face.

He removes the right strap of his bag on his shoulder and opened it. "You see, a man wants to give you this letter", he said as he opens his bag.

He hands out a letter to me. He closed his bag and put the strap on his shoulder again. I put the fruit basket on the ground and put the flowers on top of it. I took the letter from him and checks it. The letter had a symbol that I know. The symbol was small and round, it has a letter "X" on the top of two cross guns inside it. Knowing that the letter was really for me, I opened it. I read the contents of the letter silently.

[Information of the Target]

[Name] Wang Lewis

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[Age] 32

[Task] Eliminate

[Ordered By] Number 07 "Black Mamba"

[Time of Completion] 3 days

[Reward] 20,000 dollars

I closed the letter and put it in my coat pocket. "Such a simple mission, all I have to do is give that letter to you", the child said and look at me. "See? I got ten dollars and this big lollipop for this mission", he added while showing me the money he got.

"Do you know that man mister?", he asked looking at me while licking his lollipop, but I did not respond. "If you know him, tell him that I can accept more missions for him", I looked at him for a moment and I replied with a cold tone, "No".

He nodded his head back up and down. He pushed the open button, and the elevator stops on the 12th floor. "Bye, Mister!" he said while walking out of the elevator. The elevator closes and starts to move again.

I arrived on the 14th floor and went out of the elevator. I walk through the corridor and go to the room where my little sister was confined. I opened the sliding door and entered. I found her still laying on her bed and proceeded to go near her. I place the fruit basket and the flowers on the side table. I took the wilted flowers from the vase and throw them away in a trash bin. I took the vase with me and went to the bathroom to pour the dirty water inside then replace it with a clean one. I went back and took the tulips to put them inside the vase. I took a chair and sit beside my sister. I hold her cold hand and look at her face.


My little sister was confined since I was fourteen years old. We were a happy family back then that has nothing to worry about. We made a lot of beautiful memories together and love each other a lot, but one fateful tragedy was coming to crush our happy family. We were on our way to a resort near the beach to have fun and relax together. My father was driving, and my mother was sitting beside him. I and my little sister were at the back seat of the car while watching the wonderful view of the ocean through the window.

"Do you like the view Liu Xian?" Father asked me while looking at the front mirror.

"Yes Baba, the view of the ocean is very beautiful!", I replied to him.

"Is that right sweetheart?", mother asked.

"Yes mama! Listening to the wave crashing, the wind rustling, and the seagulls chirping is like a beautiful harmony". Mother and father look at each other and smiled. Father turned on the radio and a familiar song was playing.

"Listen kids it's our favorite song!", Mother said while looking back at us from the front seat. It was Fairy Tale by Guang Liang.

"It's Guang Liang's song fairy tale, Mama!" Liu Xing Xin shouted with joy.

"YEY!". We happily shouted together while mother and my sister clapped their hands. We sang the song together cheerfully. I put my head and left arm outside the car's window to feel the gentle breeze and continued singing. It was a great time, and we were so happy back then.

We thought our endless happiness and memorable moments will never end. That the future ahead of us is bright and clear but thinking all of that was wrong, we didn't expect that a cruel tragedy was coming to meet us and will destroy the happiness we built together.

We were driving on a narrow road on the way to the beach. The memorable moment singing of my family suddenly became a disaster for us to remember when a speeding truck coming our way was about to crash to us. I hurriedly held my sister onto my arms and close our eyes because of the shock.

Father avoided the truck win a short time and manage to get away from the disaster. I slowly opened my eyes and took a deep breath but my heart was still beating loudly. I look at my sister's face who is about to cry and was trembling.

"You, okay?" I asked her still holding her in my arms. She looked at me with agitation and sobs.

"What the heck is wrong with that driver!!!", Father shouted angrily.

"You kids, okay?", mother said looking at us with a concerned face.

"Yes mama, we are fine", I replied as calmness comes back to me. It's a good thing my father had quick-thinking decisions and fast reflexes that we were able to avoid the truck that could have a crash at us.

Father sighed in relief and tilt his head to us then said "Pheew! I thought we were a goner back there, good thing I—".

"PAAAAA LOOK OUT!!!", I shouted so loud that fear comebacks to get me.


The tranquility of Calmness suddenly exchanges with unsettling blaring noises that make me hear a loud ringing in my ear and the world starts spinning around me rapidly. Our heads were swinging back and forth as our car rolled on the rocky hill. We fell onto the ocean and the water started swallowing the car slowly to the depth.

I still have a faint of consciousness and the ringing in my ear gradually started to fade. I saw mother's hanging tilted head looking at me as blood drips onto her poor face. I heard mother calling my name with her weak voice. "Xiaan, Xiaa—ah, Xia-an, wa-ake up Xian".

The ringing in my ear fades away and regained a little amount of consciousness. "Maaa—", I replied to her with a shallow voice while I put my left palm on the side of my forehead.

"Sa-ave your sister", she said as she breathes heavily.

"Ta-ake your sister and protect her no mat-ter what okay?" she said while trying to keep her eyes open. "Promise?", she added.

I glanced at my unconscious little sister and look at my mother again. Tears were falling on my eyes as I sob. "Promise me Xian, okay?", mother repeated.

I nod my head for a response. Mother smiled at me with her pitiful face and her head drops suddenly. She lost her consciousness. "Ma? Maaa? Maaaa!?" I called her but she didn't respond.

I drop my head for a moment and cried. I raised my head slowly while looking at the car's window. The water was swallowing the car fast. I have no time to waste, we must get out of here.

I immediately unfasten my seat belt and change my attention to my sister. I hurriedly search for items that can float in the water and I found the life vest that we bought and grabs it. I grab the wrench below the seat where my father was sitting and took the blanket that my sister was using.

I unfastened her seatbelt and laid her head on my legs then cover her with the blanket. I started to break the car's window with all the strength left in me. Pieces of glass flew away, and blue water started to enter. I broke the window completely and the water enters much faster. I remove the blanket on my sister and start putting the life vest on her. I tied her left hand and my right hand with the blanket.

I held her and tried to let her out the window. I check on my little sister if she is already safe and found her floats steadily on the surface. I look at my father and my mother for one last time with my miserable face," Thank you for taking care of us, Mama and Baba, Liu Xing Xin, and I love you so much. Goodbye", tears drip again on my face as I said it.

I attempt my escape. I hold my breath and go out of the car. I managed to get out at the last second before the car sinks completely. I look below and witness the car sinking completely to the dark ocean knowing my beloved father and mother were in there.

I swim up to the surface having the feeling of agony and arrived on the surface. I finally meet the ray of hope from the shining sun.

I catch my breath heavily and grabs my little sister. I swam with all my might to get to the shore, any minute now and I will lose my consciousness. I did not think of anything besides sending my sister to the shore. My eyesight began to blurry and without knowing my strength have already been snatched away. I slowly lost my consciousness and sinks into the cold dark ocean.


End of Chapter 1 – Accident of Misery

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