Psycho Siblings Book

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Psycho Siblings


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The siblings are so normal. "AAHHHH!!!!! STOP IT PLEASSSSSEEEE!!!!!!!!" They are so adorable and innocent. "WHAT HAVE I DOOOONE!!!!! GAHAAAA-!!!!!! They go to school, get good marks, have promising futures, are sociable, likeable, have good relationships and are even funny. "HEEEEEELP!!! SOMEO-GAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" It makes most people envy the family that consists of such children. "PLEASE...........Just.......Kill.......m....." "Well, that is what most people view us as. What do you say?" A psychotic grin turned to look at the source of that voice and replied confidently. "Of course they are right. We are someone that everybody wants. Don't you think?" ..................... The cover image is art is by Daniel Danger. Please do read it and tell me your honest opinion. Point any grammatical error without hesitation and if you like it, support my work. Thank You For Reading It!!!!


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