Psychic Inventor In Cultivation World
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Psychic Inventor In Cultivation World


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What is Psychic Inventor In Cultivation World

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The Cultivation World is filled with countless treasures and heart shaking mysteries but even the most holy places are built above bottomless darkness, this is a world where strong eats the weak, the strong rules and the weak is ruled, weak have no rights and that's how it always had been until he made is debut. Ye Tian was a cultivator with an average innate talent but he was born with a rare defense type physique and for him it was like a poor man treasuring a jade ring, betrayed by his own first love and the master he respected like a father, he tried to escape as far as he could but his destiny was not that simple. At the brink of death Heavens showed mercy on him and the dormant mystery hidden in his soul got released... He got his memories from his past life when he was a Peerless Genius on Earth, although those memories still belongs to the time when he was a mortal named Rex Andrews but memory was not the only thing he got from his past life. Ding.... [System’s requirements met] [ System initializing 1%..2%…10%…30%….80%..99%..100%] *** Discord: - 1) https://discord.gg/wu5jWHF 2) https://discord.gg/fTVyP33

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