Psychiatric Evaluation of The ProblematicsPsychiatric Evaluation of The Problematics

Psychiatric Evaluation of The Problematics

by LyingCrowPromises

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Institute of Mental Health Management. It is one of the organisations with the most influence on the public opinion, taking second place immediately after the President. They deal with everyone who needs medical attention related to mental diseases. Their patients are not differentiated by age, gender, status, race, religion, sexuality. Only evaluations matter. River Wooldam, a former mentally ill patient himself, has climbed up to be the head of the psychiatric department after a scandal related to embezzlement came out in the open. After five years of struggling, he achieved his desired position. From the patient to the psychiatrist. ______________________________________________ Crime: Arson Reason: The house reeked of dried up blood First evaluation: Mentally ill, strong caution advised Final evaluation: Empathetic, willing to help, mentally stable, suited for care related professions, no danger of reverting His goal? Find the Problematics. Everything reeks of foul blood. Please help me by donating to my Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/maralynx Twitter: CrowLying

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