90 Worthy Descendant?

The conversation with Black Zetsu was as simple as it would get in terms of content, merely lengthy as the night set upon them and the moon shined brightly in the sky. Pretending that Kaguya had "appeared" in his dreams and guided him was the excuse that would explain Kei's early success in life. Specific knowledge was not required, not even knowledge regarding manipulating people… all he needed was to explain to Black Zetsu how Kaguya's life had shown him the true side of humanity, and how he took advantage of that side, that greed and betrayal.

"Betrayed by her husband and by her children… Bugs that fear the power they cannot wield themselves. They fear what is out of their reach and fight against it. Truly pitiful isn't it? To unknowingly live in fear of something bigger than you?"

"Are you saying you are different? Quite hypocritical, don't you think?"

"It is isn't it? But then again, I have never felt fear, even for things outside of my control. After all, without Kaguya, Kei would have been but a name in a long list across time, forgotten after a while as all things are eventually. Knowing the worst is already behind me, what else is there to fear? I do not fear something bigger, stronger, or grander than me. Quite the contrary, I welcome and even admire it. I want to see it with my eyes, feel it myself… even if I was to be destroyed by it in the end, it would be quite the worthy ending, wouldn't it?"

"And what about the village who looks up to their God of Warfare?" – Black Zetsu asked as he turned to look at the village below.

A look of contempt and disgust passed over Kei not going unnoticed by Black Zetsu as he responded.

"Leeches who hold onto my leg and ask for my protection. They even badmouth their founder, because what is kicking a corpse to earn the favor of the one who's alive. The moment I hit the ground it will be my corpse they kick around. That said, even leeches have their uses at the end of the day."

"And what uses could they possibly hope to have so that you continue to allow them around you?" – Black Zetsu asked with suspicion, probably thinking of this "purpose" as an excuse on my part.

"The construct that demolished Iwa's defenses, wall, and barrier. The more advanced one that demolished Konoha's eastern border together with its defensive forces."

"That contraption might be powerful, but it is also extremely restricted in just as many ways. What do you hope to even use it for?"

A grin appeared on Kei's face as he raised one finger, the image of the moon resting just above it.

"I know neither how she was sealed, nor a way to reach her so I can study it… so I'll use the simplest method. How do you release a tailed beast without knowledge of seals… you simply kill the host. Kaguya is the mother of all chakra, much higher than simple beasts made of chakra… so I have faith that merely destroying her prison won't kill her."

"So you plan to…"

"Turn the moon into space dust."

'That is indeed very simple, very straightforward and also very, very…'

"Insane. You might be more insane than I thought." – 'Though it might also work. It's so simplistic and yet it does make sense that I cannot say for sure it would fail. This boy is obsessed with mother, willing to even blow up the moon on just a chance that he can meet her.' – Black Zetsu thought as he glanced at Kei.

A chuckle and a shrug came from Kei as he waved him off.

"What about the interference with Akatsuki? You were the one who sent Jiraya after them like a hound.. though it seems that was only a distraction at first…" – Black Zetsu asked once again.

"He learned that Madara was the one behind Akatsuki… at least that's what he called himself, but that alone spoke volumes of his ambition. The Uchiha scripture was incomplete if that was the case, that much was clear, and given the fact that he was after tailed beasts would eventually bring us to a confrontation. He wanted a pillar of power that kept Konoha's and therefore my reign secured. Granted I had reached the limits of my eyes at that point, few things could propel me forward anymore… so I took another approach. If I can't match his pace…"

"Then you would drag him down below you. Break off the pillars of his foundation… you made sure to pick off Akatsuki members one by one and are unable to get back the already captured beasts… you denied him any further ones, and now you work to annex the ones that remain. But how will you do that in a war?"

"Akatsuki… I would leak to them the exact route that Kumo's Jinchuriki is taking, prompting them to jump at the chance of obtaining two at the same time. My forces will be close enough, moving in after the fight and letting them go back only with the eight tails… but Kumo won't know that. The civilians' council members in Kumo I've placed, will suggest calling a meeting between the villages to combat the rising Akatsuki threat. Normally whatever they say will go unsaid, but with all the commotion of two of the greatest protectors of Kumo getting kidnapped, the people will push for diplomacy instead of a questionable chance at war, even the shinobi. They'll think to use all the other villages to do the work for them and probably restart the war once the retrieval is finished, or push their high ground in diplomatic negotiations after they retrieve the Jinchuriki. After all, if we do not participate we'll be deemed as warmongering, lowering the opinion of other villages and possibly having more jump on the war-train of Kumo and Kiri to take a piece of us. If we do participate only Kumo will benefit. This will undoubtedly please the Kumo higher-ups."

"Why not keep the eight-tails?"

"Because that will keep Kumo's hope alive. To normal people, eight and nine tails are barely different. But two and nine… even a civilian can do the math."

"You plan to take out everyone at the meeting, put her as a puppet head of Kumo, after taking out all the Kage's… but how will you get away with it? How will you not make an enemy out of everyone there?"

"I have something that will serve as undeniable proof in painting me as innocent."

'If he actually does it… he'll have complete control over the shinobi world. At 17 years old he'll have the world on his palm. Not to mention… if he really wants to help mother… we'll have complete control over the ensuing war. Madara will be the only wildcard, one that I can find a way to bring down enough so that Kei can face him. Enough for me to have the chance to release mother. Those three were a waste of space in comparison… not to mention, the fire, the conviction, and the belief he holds in what he says, it's genuine, not something a person can [portray at will. Mother, at least your children did not completely disappoint, they brought forth a descendant worthy of you, unlike themselves.' – Black Zetsu thought as he smiled widely.

"Then, let me give you something to work with…"- Black Zetsu trailed off as he stared at Kei with fervor in his eyes.

'This never gets boring… and it certainly never gets harder.' – Kei thought as he portrayed a questioning look toward Black Zetsu.

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