16 Saktan Night Shadows

"What did you use the money for?"

Trevor brushed his hand through his head, "uhhhh....I helped someone pay off her rent."

Master Soimacho was considerate, besides he had enough money, he made a lot of money back in the day when he taught in his dojo but he had nothing to spend it on.

He walked to a cupboard near the window and picked out another bag of coins," Anyway here is more, go buy what I sent you for." He walked back to Trevor and placed the bag in his hand.

Trevor and Jack bowed, "Okay master." then turned to leave.

After about 10 minutes walking, a group of stray kids, about 19 years old and grumpy faces walked up to them..

They surrounded Trevor and Jack and formed a circle around them throwing menacing looks on them as they hit their fists against their palms in repetitive rhythm.

"Oh well, well, well. What have we got here." said one of the boys, he was the tallest and biggest among them.

He snatched the bag of coins tied around Trevor's waist.

"I here these outsiders paid rent for that girl. I reckon they are rich!" he said shaking the bag as the sound of coins hitting against themselves filled the air.

"Hey give that back." Jack said authoritatively.

"Hey look kid, you're in our turf now and whatever is in it is basically ours. So get lost if you don't want to get hurt." he bent down closer so he was about at the same height as Jack, "But anyway, since your just kids, I don't mind giving you a little pocket money you know."

He opened up the bag in his hand and picked out five copper coins.

"No! That is our money and no one has a right to it so give it back. All of it."

The boys around Trevor and Jack laughed like they were watching a comedy show.

But the fact was no one was playing any funny jokes. This bemused Trevor and Jack.

"Hahaha.....this kid is a funny one." the tall boy touched his stomach as his chest bobbed up and down dying of laughter.

About 5 seconds latter, the atmosphere returned back to the serious one.

"How about this? Just give us the money and we won't hurt you." Trevor rolled up his sleeves.

The tall gang leader put on a frown clearly displeased at they way these minors disrespected him.

He clenched his fists and threw one with all his might at Trevor.

Before he knew it, he was already on the ground and now Trevor rested his foot on his back.

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He clearly got enraged by this and quickly got up to attack Trevor again.

Just as he landed on his feet, he felt a sharp sting on his neck and immediately fell to the ground and closed his eyes.

Another boy who was in panic attacked Trevor out of an adrenaline rush but he soon met the same fate as his leader.

The rest of the gang all attacked at the same time.

Trevor dodged a fist that aimed for his face by making a swift step to the right and looked at the fist pass by this face.

It landed on another boy who was attacking from the opposite side.

He then grabbed the boy who aimed at him fast and placed him in front of him and the latter was greeted by a kick to his abdomen by his mate.

Trevor grabbed the attacker's leg before it touched the ground and placed he's heel into another gang mate's mouth.

The boy lost balance, since he was now standing on one leg, and immediately fell on the ground with a thud.

The boy who had swallowed his mate's heel was in a shock as a shoe stuck out of his mouth.

He spat out the shoe and a couple of teeth followed with it, he got scared seeing his blood on the ground.

The blood was his, he immediately placed his fingers in his mouth and that's when he realized he was missing a few teeth now.

'Oh no! How can this kid be able to beat us up like this!' he exclaimed to himself.

By the time he raised his head again, all his mates were lying on the ground groaning in pain.

He quickly knelt down and pulled together his hands looking up at Trevor with pleading eyes and asked for forgiveness.

Jack, who had found himself a seat watching the fight, walked to the gang leader who lay on the ground unconscious and picked up the coin bag, "What a waste of time!" he said while strapping the coin bag to his waste, "Trevor let's go."

Trevor ignored the person pleading in front of him and walked past him to go meet Jack.

The two re embarked on their journey to the market after that.

"Sir, please add carrots to the list" Jack pointed at a basket of carrots.

"Alright. Alright. You two seem like very nice people. You must be new here." said the food stall owner placing carrots into the shopping basket.

"Hmmmmmm" Trevor checked the items again.

The food stall owner reached out to his side pocket, "I hope your visit here won't be ruined by the night shadows. Sorry if I scared you." he flashed a teasing smile. Then removed a handkerchief and wiped the sweat of his head.

"Huh? What night shadows?" Jack asked intrigued.

"Well, here in Satan, people go missing every now and then and we don't know where they are till now. Some say night shadows abducted them. They claim to have seen some dark creatures in the night but not clearly just their shadows, hence the name. That they posses some kind of magic. But I don't believe in such. " he said with a bemused look then laughed a little.

Trevor threw Jack an " Are you thinking what am thinking? " look.

The food stall owner saw this and seemed to regret what he said," You shouldn't believe in that nonsense. I didn't mean to scare you. " he pleaded.

He seemed to misunderstood them but Trevor and Jack weren't planing on explaining them selves so the whole thing just slid by like that.

"Uh... The total is 10 copper."

"Okay." Jack reached into the coin bag strapped around his waist and counted 10 coins then handed them to the food stall owner.

He received the coins happily and bid the two of them a fair well.

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