14 Your mother or Athena

(Storm's POV)

So here I am in Mr. King's office. He's sitting in his chair while sitting opposite of him. He is just staring as if he doesn't know what to say to me first.

"Um why am I here?" I ask. He stands up from his chair and walks around his desk. He leans his ass against his desk and crosses his arms and says "I told you we need to talk." "I'm guessing this is about me and Athena and what happened yesterday." He nodded.

"I'm going to ask you a question. Is it true of what you said yesterday about my daughter?" he asks me. Without any hesitation I replied "I meant every single word I said."

After I said that he just started at me with a stone cold look. "So you are the boy she saved when she was young? She put her life in danger just to save you." He then says to me. I nodded.

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"You know because of yesterday, it's obvious that she won't change her mind about you. Since I am Athena's father, I do have to warn you. If you ever hurt Athena, I will personally seek to it that you die a hundred deaths. Am I clear?" He said to me.

"I would never intentionally hurt her. She means everything. It's honestly like I have known her my whole life. I will cherish her and be by her side." I said to him staring right into his eyes.

He pushed himself off his desk and comes close to me. "Your father or Athena?" he asks. I was confused and he seemed to understand my face. "Which would you choose Your father or Athena?" "Athena" I said without any hesitation.

"Your pack or Athena?"


"Your Wolf or Athena?"


"Life or Athena?"

"For God's sakes Athena. The answer is always Athena."

He leaned back against his desk again. He looked curious. He looked as if he was trying to figure me out. He picked up a folder, opened it to look through it and closed it.

Then he asked "Your mother or Athena?" That's when I stood up from my chair, letting it fall back to the ground in rage and went to his face. I became so pissed. How dare he mention my mother.

"Oh did I hit a nerve?" he asked with a smirk on his face. "Don't you ever talk to me about my mother again." I said to him with a cold murderous tone.

I turned around and walked to the door. I stopped when I held the handle. I then said "And to answer your question, I will always choose Athena no matter what." With that I pulled opened the door so hard that it startled everyone in the office.

I walked out of his office and passed through everyone even Athena who was calling my name. I was beyond pissed. I had to leave and get my anger out or else. So I left on the bike.


(Athena's POV)

When I saw Storm coming out of my dad's office looking really mad, I was confused. I tried calling his name but he just kept walking. What did my dad say to him?

I walked into my dad's office and shut the door hard. My dad looked up from his desk and started said "Oh Athena, I was just about to call you. Listen I'm sorry about yesterday. I didn't me--" I interrupted and said "I don't care about that. I have already forgotten that. I came because of Storm. What did you say to him?"

"I just warned him, since you weren't going to change your mind about him. I told him if he hurts you, I will hurt him." he replied. I gave him a stern cold look into his eyes because I knew he wasn't tell me the whole story. He shivered a little and said "Okay okay."

My eyes softened a little and he continued. "I asked him questions on who would choose between something or someone and you and I might might have mentioned his mother."

As soon as I heard he mentioned his mother to him, I grew angry. "Are you insane! You mentioned Storm's dead mother to him. No wonder he looked pissed when he went out of the office dad. Unbelievable! Why can't you just let him be. Why can't you understand that we are happy together. I'm going to tell you this once. Either stop your stupidity and leave us be or I'm gone...for good."

With that, I walked out of the office and went to, my own. I called Storm and left a message. I apologize about my dad's stupidity and for him not to do nothing dumb and to be careful.

I really hope he is okay. I went back to work but couldn't concentrate. I was very worried. Man I really hope he is okay.

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