20 Taken

(Athena's POV)

Ugh why is there beeping? Why does my head hurt? Why the hell am I in my old room?Oh..wait I remember now. Those stupid people kidnapped me the day after our date. It happened after I went after Storm in the morning. Why didn't he tell me he was half vampire.


(24 hours earlier)

The morning after our date, I woke up really happy. I got up from my bed and went into the bathroom. His door was open so I took a quick peek and saw he was still sleeping. I took my toothbrush and started to brush my teeth.

As I was brushing my teeth, started to feel a pair of arms wrap around my waist. It was definitely Storm. I know his scent of a campfire. I finished brushing my teeth and turned around to face him. He had a smile on his face.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a small kiss on the lips. I pulled away and said "Good morning." He replied "good morning." He released me from his hold and went to the sink to brush his teeth.

I walked downstairs and went to the kitchen to start cooking breakfast. I grabbed some ingredients from the fridge and set it down on the counter. Looks like I'm making omelettes. I grabbed a knife from the drawer and started dicing some tomatoes.

Storm came downstairs and snuck up behind me to take a piece of tomorrow. I was so focused on him sneaking a piece that I accidentally cut my finger. I winced in pain and he looked to see what happened. Then suddenly he started to back away.

I sucked on my finger to help stop the bleeding and noticed him acting strange. "Storm are you okay?" I asked him with concern. His head then started to twitch a little. He turned around so I couldn't see his face and his head kept twitching more.

I walked up behind him and turned him around and was became shocked. His eyes were blood red and he had fangs popping out. 'Vampire?' I thought to myself. He backed away a little and said "stay back." It was like he was trying to fight it or something. I walked towards him to try to calm him down, but he just yelled "STAY BACK!" and just bolted out of the house.

I didn't know what was going on with him but that didn't stop me from going after him. I ran and ran really deep into the woods until I stopped because he was long gone. 'Storm is part vampire. Why didn't he tell me? I would have understand. It won't change how I feel about him. Maybe he was scared of my reaction.'

I sighed and started to turn back around when something passed by me real quick. Then another. Then another. I grew my nails out waiting for whatever it was to come at me. All of a sudden I was tackled to the ground and was held down by multiple hands.

I looked up to see the girl from the club standing over me and their were other vampires holding me down. The girl looked so familiar for some reason up close. I tried to free myself, but they were really strong.

They lifted me up from the ground and tied my hands and legs. Then they picked me up and carried me to some cave.

When they put me down, I started to blow fire so the could get away from me. They still came at me. While I was blowing fire at one vampire, another snuck behind me and put a needle in my neck. I screamed really loud and then slowly I couldn't feel my body.

My eyes started to close and I swore I caught a glimpse of Storm before I fully shut my eyes.


(Storm's POV)

(24 Hours Earlier)

After seeing that blood on her finger, my vampire side started to react. I tried to get away from her but she just kept getting closer. I didn't know what to do so I ran. I ran away far from away from her to calm my vampire side down.

I don't how long it took me to calm down, but once it finally did, I started walking back home while thinking of how I was suppose to explain to Athena what had happened.

That was until I heard a scream from a long distance. Hearing the scream, my face instantly went pale. It was Athena. I started to run and run towards where the scream came from. I ended up near a cave.

As I got closer, I started to hear laughter. I quietly took a peak into the cave and saw Diamond, the girl from the club, and a couple of other vampires surrounding something on the ground. I took a closer and saw Athena on the ground slowly closing her eyes.

"Yo Diamond let us have some fun with her before taking her to Alpha Blade." one of the vampires said. 'ALPHA!.. BLADE!... MY!.... FATHER!.' I said internally in anger. My blood started to boil with anger. Not just the fact the father tried to kidnap Athena but the fact that these mother fucking vampires wanted to touch her.

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"We are not supposed to harm her." Diamond replied to the Vampire and he replied in amusement "Who says we are going to harm her." Hearing him say that, made my blood boil out of control. I could feel my golden wolf eyes merging together with my blood red vampire eyes.

The vamp was about to touch her when I started to make a dark cloud over a couple of the vamps heads and struck them with lighting. They were instantly dead. I teleported to the vamp that was about to touch her and picked him up by the throat and slammed his head against the ground. I then stomped on his head, completely crushing every little bone. He blood drenched my whole leg.

Another vamp came at me from behind but before he could touch me, I grabbed his neck and lifted him off the ground. I grew my nails out and started to claw his throat apart. His blood was all over me, but I didn't care. He was dead and I dropped his body on the floor.

The last of the Vamps was Diamond. Even though I wanted to kill her so badly, I decided to bring her in and interrogate her for information.

She tried to run when she saw my face, but I used my vampire speed to block her way. I hit her really hard on the head and knocked her out.

I untied Athena and tried to wake her up but it wasn't working. I picked up Diamond and Athena and we teleported in front of Athena's parents house. I yelled for help and I felt myself being really exhausted. I dropped to the floor with them in my arms.

Once I saw Athena's parents come running, I dropped Diamond and told them to tie her up. Then all of a sudden my body gave out and I fell to the floor with Athena in my arms and completely passed out of exhaustion.

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