3 Meeting Again

(Athena's POV)

     Here I am. Standing in front of my parents house. Wearing a black top, some gym shorts, sneakers, and the camo hat from the army. I don't know if I should be nervous or happy. I mean I haven't seen them since my grandparents funeral three years ago.

    My grandparents died in a car accident. They were on their way back home from seeing me when it happened. It was sad and they weren't the only people who died in the accident. Many people died from the pile up.

     I took a deep breath at the door and knocked. I waited for a couple of minutes until the door opened. The person who answered the door was Kana. She had a big smile on her face and she gave me a hug. "Welcome back." she said as she let me in the house.

    "Is my parents home?" I asked and she nodded and replied "They are in the study." I took my duffle bag full of my clothes and walked towards the study. The door was opened and I saw my parents and Nathan in the room talking about company business.

     I entered the room and said "I thought I was supposed to be apart of this company meeting when I got back." They turned to me and had a big smile. My mom was the first one to run to me and hugged me real tight, followed by my dad and then Nathan.

    After all the hugging, my back began to hurt. They need to learn how to not kill someone when hugging then. "Well this is a surprise. What are you doing back? Are you just visiting?" my dad asked. I shook my head and replied "I wanted to come back home. So I'm here for good this time." Looking at my mom she was more than happy. She couldn't stop grinning.

     "Oh you must be hungry. Come on let's gets some food." my mom said. I was about to decline before she grabbed my hand and dragged me to the kitchen. She told the chef to cook something for me for dinner.

    The chef did as he was told and cooked me dinner. Throughout the whole time I was eating, my parents and I just talked. They offered me my old room but I said that I would take the guest house in the back. They didn't argue with me and let me.

    After I finished eating, I grabbed my duffle bag and went to the guest house. It was an average size house. Two bedrooms, one conjoined bathroom, one big kitchen, and a living room with a tv. I took a shower and went to bed.

     A couple days flew by and I was hanging out with my siblings outside in the woods when I suddenly heard gun fire. 'Gun fire? That's very unusual in these parts.' I thought in my head. I turned to my siblings and said "GO GET MOM AND DAD! NOW!" They ran towards the house and I ran towards the gun fire.

    I slowed down when I started to see people. Looking at the situation, the people shooting were going after one guy. The guy was throwing shards of ice at them and teleporting everywhere. He had multiple powers too. No fucking way.

     I turned invisible and went behind the guys shooting. I yelled out "YOU ARE IN KING TERRITORY!" The people shooting turned around and looked shocked when they couldn't see me. I went in front of the man they were shooting at and said "don't move". He looked startled at first, but listened to what I said.

   I went in front of him and I yelled out "GET OUT OF OUR TERRITORY OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES!" They turned back to us and I reappeared. When they saw I was a girl, they started to laugh. They raised their guns to us and one of them said "Get out of here. This is not your concern." I laughed at them and said "That is where you are wrong. See you brought your business on my family's property, so that makes it my business."

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     The guy who spoke made a signal with his hands and they all began to fire. I didn't move an inch and had a smirk on my face. All the bullets ricosheted of my body and the bullets went back to some of the guys shooting and killed them.

    The men who were still alive stopped shooting and looked at me in shock. I laughed at them and looked at the guy behind me who was also in shock. "What other powers do you have?" I asked and he snapped out of his state of shock and said "I can manipulate storms." "Create a tornado now."

    He did as I said and started a spinning motion with his finger and created a tornado and put towards the men. I then blew fire from my mouth to the tornado and created a fire tornado. The fire - tornado tore those men to shreds. The guy pulled the tornado back and it disappeared.

     I turned to the guy and looked into his eyes. This guy had like a silver like colored hair and had really dark blue eyes  My inner wolf Angel started to speak. "Mate"

    While he looked at me with a weird look on his face. Then his face turned into shock. "I know you." he said.

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