4 Meeting Again (2)

(Storm's POV)

Ever since I left the army 3 years ago, I have been living in Guenivere. I haven't been doing that bad. The Sergeant Major has been supporting me, but I have a job on the side as a DJ. I have been doing real good.

Today I needed to do some shopping so I went into town. It felt like just a regular day. I greeted some of the shop owners like usual and just did my shopping.

As I was walking back to my car looking down at my phone, I bumped into a group of guys. I looked up from my phone and was about to say sorry when one of them spoke. "Well look who it is guys. Storm you know your father has been looking for you. He hired us to come get you." They pulled out their guns to show me. I dropped the bags I had and started to run.

They started to shoot at me as I ran. I dodged the bullets coming at me and started to run into the woods. They kept shooting as we all ran deeper in to the woods.

When I was far enough, I turned around and started to throw shards of ice at them. I teleported back and forth throwing shards at them. Some of them fell, while the rest dodged them.

Then out of nowhere, a loud yell came from behind the guys saying "YOU ARE IN KING TERRITORY!" The guys turned around and saw no one. They were in a shock.

A voice then whispered in my ear. I was startled at first but the voice spoke "Don't move." I did as the voice said and did not move. "GET OUT OF OUR TERRITORY OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES!" the then yelled and all of the guys turned to face me.

Out of nowhere, a girl appeared in front appeared in front of me. Seeing her, the guys started to laugh and one guy came forward and said "Get out of here this is not your concern." She started to laugh. "That is where you are wrong. See you brought your business on my family's, so that makes it my business."

The guy who came forward made a motion with his hand and they started to fire their guns. I crouched down behind the girl waiting for the bullets to hit me, but they never did. I looked up to see the bullets hitting the girl in front me and going back to some of the people shooting them. They were dead.

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The guys who were still alive ceased fire and was in shock and to be honest so was I. This girl in front of me had more than one power like me. "What other powers do you have?" she asked me. I snapped out of it and answered "I can manipulate storms." "Create a tornado" she commanded.

I did as I was told and started to do a spinning motion with my finger and began to create a tornado. When the tornado was made I pushed it towards the guys and she started to blow fire to the tornado. She made a fire-tornado. I was so amazed at it. The tornado tore those men to shred. To keep it from getting out of control, I pulled it back to me and made it disappear. It was so awesome.

The girl turned to me and our eyes locked on to eachother. My inner wolf, Sting, started to yell out "MATE". I looked at the girl's eyes and swore they looked familiar. I then notice her dark black hair. My mind instantly went to the girl who saved me. I looked at her face and realized it was her. I was shocked, but managed to say " I know you."

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