16 First Date

(Storm's POV)

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Well it's been two weeks since that whole incident with Athena's father and the surprise kiss and run from Athena.

Mr. King had come by and apologized because he didn't know about my mother and he even offered me a job at the company as a Recording Studio Engineer for Luna, or I mean LK. He says that "LK's" engineer quit for I don't know why.

Athena was suspicious about and she reminded him of what she said last time. He assured her that it wasn't a joke and I accepted the job. I mean who wouldn't. I get to work with LK and I get to see Athena more.

Also, Athena has been giving me more kiss and runs lately. Everytime she does it I just laugh while watching her run away. She not going to keep it up though because I will get my kisses back.

Anyways, today while we were having lunch, I told her that we will have our first ever date. I already have three places that I will take her. I told her to be ready by five.

When she asked me where I was taking her, I told her that it was a surprise. Her lips pouted when I told her that and she said "fine" and walked out of the engineering booth. It was an adorable reaction.

Athena's mom helped me with all of the date,even helped me choose a dress for her. She was honestly more excited than me. I thought it was impossible,but nope. Luna let me go early so I could have the date ready.

I had extra set of clothes prepared already so I could do what you are technically supposed to do which was actually pick up your date. I know cheesy right, but that's who I am.

I changed into a really nice midnight blue buttoned up shirt with a black blazer, a pair of black jeans and some nice shoes. I had to admit, I looked good.

When it was time, Luna let me borrow a car from the garage to have for the date. I chose an awesome classic car. The 1969 Boss 429 Mustang. I walked up to the house with a couple of roses in my hand. I don't know why I feel so nervous.

With all my courage, I knocked on the door. I waited for a couple minutes until I hear a click on the door and it opened. I was completely astonished by the woman before me.

I thought I looked good but compared to her, nope not even close. She was wearing the dress that her mother helped me pick out. It was a tight red dress that is just above her knees with a little belt in the center. Her hair was straightened but had curls at the end and she had no make up. Pure natural beauty.

I literally stopped breathing when I saw her. This woman will be the death of me. I snapped out of it when she giggled at me. I cleared my throat before I spoke. "Wow... you look amazing." She giggled again and said "Thank you. You don't look bad yourself."

I handed her the roses I had and she smiled. I held out my hand for her to take and said "Shall we go?" and she nodded and held my hand.

We walked to the car and like a gentleman, I opened the door for her and helped her in the car. I ran to the other side of the car and got in. I started the car and she quickly began searching through radio stations. She stopped when the song High Hopes by Panic at the Disco came on.

She started to sing the song and my God her voice was so beautiful. She kept on singing along then started pressuring me to sing along. I told her I didn't want to but then she started doing a puppy dog face.

I sighed and started to sing along. I was never really much of a singer but she said that I sounded awesome. I assumed she was lying but she kept stating that she was telling the truth. I just shrugged. Soon after, we arrived at our first location which was a nice restaurant.

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