52 Final Chapter!

*Five years later*

(Athena's POV)

Wow has it really been five years already? Time seems to go by fast. Let's see what have you guys missed. Okay um well after the wedding, Storm and I went to Maldives for our honeymoon. We were going to pay for the honeymoon but my parents already paid for everything before we were able to. We stayed in an underwater hotel and it was so gorgeous. Especially the rooms. I loved every minute of it. It was so... Adventurous.

Okay. What else happened? Oh for the past five years there have been a lot of babies being born. Diamond and Daniel had a baby. They had a baby girl and right now she is only four. Her name is Kaia and Storm and I are her Godparents. She is so damn cute and my son just loves to be with her.

Jered and Adriana also had a baby. They had a baby boy and his name is Leo. He is three years old and he loves to be with my daughter. He never wants to leave her side. It's cute. Let's see who else. Oh my uncle Ian finally found his mate after a long time during a trip to Japan and they just had a little baby girl not that long ago. My new little cousin's name is Hikari. It means light in Japanese and I just think it's gorgeous.

Let's see what else? Oh like I mentioned before, Storm and I do have kids. Right now we have two children and expecting a third. Our first child is a boy. His name is Ares, like the Greek god, Jerametrius Dreyer and he is five years old. Our second child is a girl. Her name is Anastasia Dema Dreyer and she is two and a half years old. Our third child is in my womb at the moment.

We just found out a couple of weeks ago that i'm pregnant again. Right now I am five weeks pregnant and Storm and I have already started discussing names. If it's a girl, her name will be Electra Marie Dreyer and if it's a boy, his name will be Jordan Zacharias Dreyer. We are so happy and the kids are surprisingly happy too.

Also if you are curious, yes my children are half vampire and half werewolf like their daddy. In fact, Ares just figured out one of his powers not that long ago. He can do stuff with ice just like his father. When Storm is able to, he helps him practice his powers. I have a lot of pictures of them practicing. It's just too cute.

Anyways, what else have you guys missed? Let me think some more. Oh my father has had more difficulties running the pack due to his back injury so he is still Alpha, but Storm runs the pack with the help of Nathan. My dad's excuse for this was that it was getting harder to keep up with pack stuff while still being CEO so he asked Storm to run the pack. Like I said, my dad still is Alpha, but Storm does most of the work. So he is like a "Co Alpha".

When my dad asked him, he didn't even argue with him about it and just accepted it because he knows how much pain my dad has been going through. I'm proud that Storm is helping out my dad and accomplishing so much while doing it.

Oh I almost forgot. My new father in law, Gabriel, finally met Jack and he thanked him for taking care of Storm and everything. They are now really good friends. They both do not stop playing with the kids. Ares loves to hang out with Jack. Everytime they are together, we have to be prepared for some kind of water gun shoot out. It is fun, I admit that but it does create a big mess.

Anyways I think that is it. Now back to the present. Right now me and Diamond are in the studio dancing when the door opened and in came Storm and Daniel with the kids. "Mommmyyy" Ares and Kaia cried out. I paused the music that was playing and turned to see my Ares and Kaia running towards us with a big smile. They hugged us and Storm carrying Anastasia and Daniel came up to us. "Hi Baby" Storm said and he gave me a small kiss.

"What are you guys doing here? I thought we weren't going to meet up with Jered and Adriana for another hour." I asked. "Ares said he wanted to talk to us privately right now." he answered. My face went confused. I kneeled down in front of Ares and asked "What is it you want to talk to us about sweetie?". Ares smiled nervously and started to fidget with his fingers. "Mommy can I marry Kaia?" he asked softly.

Me and Storm looked at our son in shock and Storm was about to say something but Ares continued. "I asked her and she said that I should ask you guys and her parents. Please mom, I really like her."

I couldn't help but laugh a little and said "Why don't you go ask uncle Daniel and aunt Diamond." He smiled and ran over to Diamond and Daniel and Kaia. "Uncle Daniel will you give me permission to marry Kaia?" he asked Daniel and Daniel went into shock while Diamond laughed. "Did Kaia say you could?" she asked and he nodded and said "She said I have to ask you guys."

Daniel gave Ares a serious look and then turned to Kaia. "Kaia is that true?" he asked with a raised eyebrow. Kaia started to blush a little and nodded. Me and Storm slightly chuckled a little. Then Daniel looked back at Ares and said "Well since you asked then I give you permission, but if you hurt her you will hear my words". Ares punched the air with happiness and said "Yes sir I will protect her with my life." as he saluted him.

He ran up to Kaia and had a big smile on his face. He took out some kind of wrapper and he opened the wrapper and took out a ring pop. Then my son went on one knee. I covered my mouth in with a surprised look and watched this unfold. "Kaia Shaw will you marry me." Ares said as he held out the ring pop to her. Kaia smiled and nodded and Ares put the ring pop on the finger.

Kaia gave him a kiss on the cheek and Ares jumped up and started to run around the room yelling with happiness. Then he stopped in front of Kaia again and using his ice powers, he made a little rose of ice and gave it to her. She smiled and hugged him.

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We all watched the two in awe. I turned to Storm and whispered "Your son seems to be as romantic and whipped as his father." and he whispered back "You already know Mrs. Dreyer". I laughed a little and gave him a small kiss. We turned back to the two kids and watched as my son stare at Kaia with love in his eyes. This is so cute. We shall wait til the future to see how they turn out.

--------------------------The End-------------------------------