1 Athena King

Hi my name is Athena King. I am 21 years old. For those who don't know me from the previous story I am the daughter of MonaLuna King and Jacob King. I am a werewolf.

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    My mom is a special type of werewolf. She is a Banshee werewolf. She is believed to be the last of her kind. As a Banshee werewolf she has more supernatural abilities than a regular wolf.

    As a result of having her as my mother, I have multiple powers as well. I can do anything that involves fire, I can turn invisible, I am indestructible as long as it's not a needle or something sharp like a knife, and recently I have found out that I can walk through objects.

    My father is the CEO of a entertainment company called King Sights. My mom is one of the artists that have a contract with the company. And before people say anything, she did not sleep her way to the top. She earned it from hard work and actual talent. My dad has talent too, but he really doesn't show it to people other than my mom, my siblings and I.

   Oh that's another thing. I have two siblings. A boy and a girl and they both twins. My brother's full name is Liam James King and my sister's full name is Artemis Moon King. Nice names right. I came up with them when they were born. My siblings and I somewhat close with each other. And trust me they can be so God damn annoying that I want some space from time to time, but I still love them.

    Anyways back to my parents. My mother and father both saw that I had talent from a young age and they wanted me to work at the company once I finished high school. I didn't want that though. Instead I wanted to join the army first and then if I wanted to after then I would work at the company. After a while of me trying to convince, they finally let me do it.

     So after I graduated high school at the top of my class, I went into the army. I specialized mostly with interrogation. Interrogation in the army is very brutal just saying. Also in the army I was made Sergeant. Which was a pretty high ranking in the military.

    After being gone for almost five years, I decided it was time to go back home. I missed it and I knew they missed me.

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